Meeting the bad boy rebels

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Chapter 4

I'm running I don't want them to drink my blood.

When I stumble I fall on a stone and sprain my ankle.

I can't move, I don't want to die.

Henry !!

then I wake up screaming.

What a dream

I can't believe I just dreamed of these two man.

I just had a nightmare I never thought I could dream of these two men wanting to drink my blood.

When I go downstairs to have my breakfast Caroline I come towards me she sees that I am not in my normal state it is normal after the dream that I have just had I do not think that I will be able to have a very good day while my dream I saw it in real life it is two men exist in real life It is two men wants to drink blood Henri is not mine.

Caroline: Zoe you don't seem to be on your plate something happened do you want to talk to me about it you know I'm here if you need me.

Zoe: It's okay, I just slept very badly, nothing serious.

After having finished my breakfast I took the bus to the school when I finally arrived I saw Henry in his car but this time I am not going to go to him I know he will say nothing I know he will not want not talking to me anyway i think it's none of my business but i dun know i feel like i need to help him but i know he doesn't want my help.

When I walk towards the doors I feel a hand behind me when I turn around I see that it's Henri is he going to talk to me at last.

Henry: come with me

He took me hand in hand and brought me in that car

Zoe: what are you doing?

Henry: do you want to know if I'm like them?

Zoe: if you haven't finally you won't oblige I don't want to bother you anyway you never talk to me.

Henry: because i hate myself i don't want to be like them hand i was born like this.

What then henry is like these two men.

When I look out the window I see that we are in the forest I hate this place.

Henry: go down

When I get out of the car I walk towards Henry.

Henry: stay there!

All of the sudden i see henry's body


These eyes change color these teeth grow like these men

There I remain speechless

He turns into a big dog

Its what that

I'm heading quickly in the car

I hide my eyes

the car door opens.

Henry: open your eyes

When I opened my eyes Henry's eyes were red.

Zoe: what are you?

Henry: a hybrid, you're afraid of me

Zoe: no, I'm glad you trusted me to show me this.

As Henry drives us back to school I see a police car in front of the house.

When I get out of the car, Caroline walks towards me.

Caroline: Zoe !!!

Zoe: what's going on

Caroline: I called the police not what your high school called to say you hadn't come.

Zoe: I was with henry

Caroline walks up to Henry

Caroline: stay away from Zoe !!

Zoe: why are you yelling at henry !!

Henry: I'm fine, Zoe, thank you for today.

Then he gets back in that car and left.

Furious I come home and go up to my room.

She was not allowed to do that she is not my mother

I'm glad henry main told his secret

I finally know more about hybrids.

I took my computer is hybrid tape

Hybrids are crosses from different supernatural species. The term is mostly used to describe werewolves then turned into vampires, but however, there are other types of hybrids. (: Like half-wizard, half-vampire hybrids called heretics.)

Oh vampire is a werewolf both I can't believe

It finally gives me more to know about henry.

The next day, I didn't have my breakfast I'm still angry with Caroline, she wasn't allowed to yell like that against Henry.

Today I am going to pass my driving license I could finally go to the I want without always asking my father.

Qaund I arrive at the center to pass my driving license I see a black car in the distance I know this car.

Qaund I go in the building I go to the secretariat to go to register.

He gives me a paper to fill in, I had to wait until it was my turn to go do my exam.

- Miss Zoé Tudors

Zoe: yes it's me.

- come with me .

We go behind the center building I can't see anyone it's so dark.

Zoe: madam I don't understand I don't see anything

Qaund I turn around the lady was gone.

Zoe: madam? !!

The I stretch a see behind me

When I turn around I see a woman with red hair.

Zoe: who are you?

- I am Catherine vampirloupgara.

You know my son.

Zoe: no, I don't know your son

- if you know my son henry

Zoe: henry is not your son he already has a mother.

Catherine: this human !!

Isn't henry's real mother that's me he's my son.

Zoe: what did you want from me

Catherine: bring me my son to me

Zoe: go ask him yourself.

Catherine: I knew you were going to say that hand now, you have no choice, your nice daddy

Zoe: my father? !!

Catherine: you don't want to see him die

Catherine turns around me.

Zoe: you are a monster !!

Catherine: thank you very much I prefer hybrid than monster, I will leave you 2 days no more to bring me my son brought him in the forest I will find you there.

Zoe: what are you going to do to her? !!

Catherine: my son is the successor he must begin his reign soon.

Zoe: hand what to talk to you

Catherine: my son is the next kings of hybrids.

Zoe: kings !!!

Catherine: you don't know anything about that, bring me my son that's all you had to do.

Suddenly I hear my name behind I turn around this my father I look behind me that Catherine was no longer there.

Dad: what do you do the lady expects you.

Zoe: sorry dad

Qaund we arrive I see the lady already in the car waiting.

I get in the car put on my seat belt

I apologize

Then I start my practical exam

I'm totally lost, I'm trying to keep my cool to fix the road without thinking of anything else.

I don't know what I'm going to do with Henry tell him where not to tell him hand my dad's life is our game.
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