Meeting the bad boy rebels

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Chapter 5

It's night, I couldn't sleep, I'm completely lost, my father is very important to me.

But I'm also scared for Henry, I don't know what this woman is going to do to him.

I continued to research the internet to find out more about these hybrids.

Immortality: Hybrids cannot die of old age or disease. But on the other hand, they can die the price snatched or by beheading.

He's never gonna die.

the next day

In wakes me up this morning. I no longer had a choice, I only have 1 day left.

my father's life is at stake. I know I have to choose my dad hand, I'm also afraid for Henry, he doesn't know this lady, I don't know what this woman is going to do to him.

I don't trust this woman at all.

When I get to high school I find myself looking for Henry, but he's not there, he may well be where.

Today is not the full moon. I now know all about hybrids.

When the teacher arrives, I raise my hand to inform her that Henry is not there.

She tells me that she already knows.

No, just today I need him today. I have to talk to him, but I don't have his phone number, it's very difficult for me to communicate with him.

After my first class, I go to the office to tell them that I don't feel well that I want to go home.

When the lady leaves on the phone, I see a piece of paper left on the table with Henry's address on it.

I am lucky to come across this, I took my phone and took a picture.

When she returns, she tells me that he has no one at home. I tell him I'm a little better.

After high school, I decide to go to Henry 's place, I did not know that he lives next door to my house two steps away.

I feel a little silly and look for him like this then where he lives next door.

When I arrive at Henry's, I ring the doorbell.

I see Henry's mother coming out furious at me.

Henry's mother: I don't want to see you with my son I told your mother that she doesn't have the right to speak like that to my son.

Me: it's not my mother.

There henry comes out of the house.

Henry's mother: make it home.

Henry: you are not a mother.

Henry takes me hand is, we leave.

When we come to a corner, he stops.

Henry: I didn't feel you coming what do you want from me?

Me: I .. is this your real mother?

Henry: adoptive non-mother.

So the lady is Henry's real mother.

Henry: do you want to tell me something?

Me: I met .. your .. real mother, she wants to see you.

Henry: I don't want to see her.

Me: please meet there, she says you're the next king.

Henry: I am not a king! I don't want to see it there.

Me: my father's life is in danger.

Henry: like that.

Me: yes she said if you don't go meet her she will kill my dad is, I don't want that to happen.

I start to cry.

Henry, these turns to me, is hugging me.

I let myself be.

Suddenly I hear my name.

Henry lets go of me.

I turn around, I see Caroline.

Caroline: I told you to stay away from her.

Henry comes closer to me and whispers something to me.

Henry: Where do I have to meet her?

Me: in the forest, she said said she would find you.

Caroline comes closer to us and pulls me away from henry.

Henry looks at me with a smirk as if this was the last time we saw each other.

When we arrive with Caroline at the house.

Caroline: don't come near him anymore, understood.

Me: you're not my mother then, leave alone.

But who does she think she is, she doesn't have the right to these my lives, I decide what I want to do with who I want to see.

Suddenly I see a message from Henry.

Like he got my number.

Message henry: I think I'm going to go with my real mother to know more about me thank you for everything. I will never forget you.

I answer him.

You don't have to go with her.

But he doesn't answer. I don't want him to leave. I am doing everything so that tomorrow he does not go with this woman.

The next day, I rush to henry's place I mean to his place.

When I ring the bell, Henry's adoptive mother opens the door for me, crying.

No, he's really gone with this woman who's a real mother, but he doesn't even know her.

Me: sorry to bother you ma'am I'm really sorry about yesterday.

Adoptive mother henry: it's your fault he left by your fault my son ran away.

Then she slams the door in my face.

I have to find henry.

I pick up my phone I try the called but it does not answer.

I can't believe he's gone, I can't believe no.

Returning to the house, I see Caroline making the table to eat.

Caroline: oh hi, slept well.

I just watch him and I go up to my room

My father who was at the show doesn't know anything about what happened yesterday with Caroline Henry.

I think it's better I just want my dad to be happy like now I don't want to spoil his happiness.

I still try to call henry back but nothing he does not answer.

I can't believe I would do it again anymore I can't believe.

Even though I did not know him well, he even showed me his true face

He was the first boy to hug me

Is i never forget

Since which day I start looking for tracks on animal passages, I want to find more henry, I don't even know what they are doing to him down are, I don't like it, i just hope he's ok even though this mother but he doesn't even know him.

Suddenly I get a message.

I don't want you to look for me, I am there or I am not worrying about me.

this message must have been from Henry, but since he wants me to stay calm, I don't know anything about what is going on down there.

After reading the message to come down to go out suddenly my father stops me before I go out.

daddy: that goes my daughter since what day you seem a little distant with Caroline.

me; no-it's ok, daddy don't do you, everything's going well, i can go.

dad: yes but come back to me is caroline, we have news to tell you afterwards.

me: as you want, dad, I'll come back quickly then.

then i leave, the house, i go back to the forest where henry was supposed to meet is that mother when i arrive i see traces of blood on the tree, did they fight it drive me crazy do not know anything are, I do not like

that at all.

Suddenly, I feel an underground presence when I turn around, I see, a man covered in blood handling, I know where this blood comes from as long as it is not that of henry everything happens to me, but for me no.

me: what did you want from me, I don't know you.

man; you smell very good my dear.

me: let me pass.

man: oh! my dear you will stay with me.

the man walks towards me.

Suddenly, I close my eyes the footsteps of the man stops when I open my eyes what was in front of me I could just see his back.

- what you wanted from him.

man: oh! had to be .. wait a little henry, that's it.

me: Henry!

henry: yes I know he wanted you.

man: his blood of course

henry: you will never have his blood you hear nobody can touch it understood.

man: oh! is your girlfriend.

henry: is not it!

man: why are you protecting her like that.

henry: like that then, go your way.

man is looking in my direction.

man: see you next time pretty.

After that man left.

Henry these come back to me.

henry; why did you come here, you know it's dangerous here.

me: I had come thinking that I could find you.

henry: you did not receive my message, I did not want to be found, I am good or I am.

me: but.

henry; but what it is not, your business then forgotten all this forget me for your safety no longer come here.

me: I thought ...

henry; returns.

me: I miss you.

henry: impossible we hybrid, we can't like humans.

I'm sorry back home is forgotten this day, erase me from your mind.

Then Henry De in the forest, I stay a moment on the shocking words of henry then I go home.

my had told me he had something to tell me, I wonder, what could it be.

when i come home, i see my father caroline in the living room.

daddy: there you are, my dear, sitting down.

me: what's the news.

dad: caroline, Is pregnant.

me: oh !, I can now I can go

daddy: aren't you happy?

me: congratulations caroline.

caroline; thank you very much you will become a big sister.

I get the worst news today.

henry who wants to see me at all is the news of Caroline pregnant what a day.
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