Meeting the bad boy rebels

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Chapter 6

Since the shock that I have just learned from my father is from Caroline.

I try to stay away from everything their thing is anyway I did not have the head to think of that.

I wanted so much to see henry even though his words were hurtful i always want to see him again.

I know he wants me to take care of my business is that I leave him I can't.

Leaving my house to go to high school I see Caroline talking on the phone she is happy, when she turns around she gives me a smile but I don't want to smile back at her.

Then I leave the house.

When I arrive in high school I notice I have never made friends yet.

When the court starts I see that without henry I really feel lonely.

Suddenly a girl who was sitting behind me waves to me, she looks nice.

During midday she came to me.

_ Hi .

Zoe: hi

- Me, it's Lisa, I didn't know that you know Henry, I see you often seen together.

Zoe: yes

Lisa: so you must know are secret.

Zoe: secret

Lisa: of course you must know Him, he's the one telling it to me.

Zoe: when?

Lisa: oh so you know

Zoe: do you know where he is?

Lisa: yes, but it's too dangerous for a human like you to go there.

Zoe: were you like him?

Lisa: yes.

Zoe: please bring me to him I want to talk to him

Lisa: do you love him?

Zoe: I ...

Lisa: I'll see if he wants.

Then Lisa gone I can't believe she's like him I thought he was the only one like that but then he's got a lot

The next day I receive a message

"Said you wanted to talk to me come find me in the forest I'm waiting for you henry"

I'm so happy I could see him again.

After high school I head for the forest.

Then I saw henry sitting on a tree branch.

Henry: so you wanted to talk to me, talk to me.

Zoe: I see you're not happy to see me.

Henry: you said you wanted to see me here I am so talk.

Zoe: I .. why ... had you agreed to stay with this woman.

Henry: you mean my mother

Zoe: .. yes

Henry: I don't know I would like to know what Thing do you love me?

Zoe : ..

Henry: If so I want you to stop having feelings for me.

All the words that say to me pierce my heart.

Zoe: you .. hate me that's it ... I think .. that I .. will come home sorry to have disturbed you again anyway I will not disturb you anymore ..

Henry: at.. wait!

Zoe: why you wanted me to leave you alone I'm doing it now.

Henry: I ... let it go, it's better that way.

Then I leave the forest With a broken heart I didn't know that the feeling of a broken heart really hurts.

Maybe it's better this way.

Since my last meeting with henry i haven't talked to lisa again anyway she avoids me like henry not what i am human.

Leaving high school I see a car parked in front of the car window, I see Caroline.

Since when she has this car she's waving me up.

Caroline: I came to take you.

Me: I could go home on my own.

Caroline: are you still mad at me?

Me: I didn't know it was your car.

Caroline: yes, she is mine, she is new, I want to prepare everything for the baby 's arrival.

Then I took my phone is but put on the headphones.

I don't even want to talk to her when we finally get home I go up to my room.

Why i am like this is not what henry rejected me that i have to be bad with everyone.

I have to change I can't stay like this for a boy I've never dated.

I have to change everything about me making friends is also going out with boys.

make me a new life without problem.

Today is a new day for me i will go make new friends and forget about this whole thing with henry.

Arriving in high school, like making friends in my old high school, I had no friends.

I have to change go ahead you can do it they don't make you eat go go for it.

I see a girl all alone sitting reading a book why not her.

I move closer to her, she is reading a book about supernatural animals.

When she notices me she smiles at me I smile back at her.

- hi this is the first time i see you here?

Me: yes, I wanted a change I never come from this side of the school.

- Oh .

Me: without being indiscreet what kind of supernatural animals do you read?

- the vampires

Me: vampires are supernatural animals?

- no, but they are also supernatural.

Me: oh.

- are you passionate about supernatural things?

I do .

Me me too !

What am I doing!

- finally a person who can understand me my name is Claire.

Me: delighted Claire, me, it's Zoe.

Claire: it tells you that have become friends.

Zoe: yes with pleasure in fact you're my only friend here.

Claire: oh, for me too.

Zoe: cool.

When the bell rings we go to our class.

In fact Claire was in my class but I never saw her.

At the time of starting the course the principal returns to our class.

We are getting up .

Student: hello Mr. Director.

Director: you are going to have a new student in your class.

Between .

When he comes home everyone looks at him, especially the girls.

Director: introduce yourself.

- hello everyone I'm Marcus.

Teacher: go sit next to Claire.

Marcus just moves to that place that they read.

All the way through the class the girls in my class don't stop looking at Marcus

It is true that he is beautiful.

A little while ago when he passed in front of me I felt chills.

When he notices I'm looking at him he smiles at me.

Let what's going on with me calm down it's just a new one.

I see Claire who looks at me laughing.

Claire: don't tell me you're already falling for him.

Zoe: no, not at all!

Teacher: shhh!

After class I say hi Claire is headed for the house suddenly I hear a voice behind me when I turn around I voice Marcus.

Marcus: sorry would you know how to find the bus stop.

Zoe: yes, I'm going to do over there

Marcus: could I follow you just that to the ridge?

Zoe: of course.

We are heading towards the bus stop but in silence.

When we get to the bus stop.

Marcus: thank you very much tomorrow is Zoe.

How do you know my name.

Then he gets on the bus.

How does he know my name?

I should have asked for it tomorrow.

I made a new friend Claire she likes supernatural things if she knew that I know a lot of things that I had already seen a real one she could take me for a crazy maybe not.
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