Meeting the bad boy rebels

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Chapitre 7

Since she week I started to get used to this new life in high school.

Claire: how are you, Zoe?

Zoe: great but don't you find the new one weird?

Claire: who Marcus?

Zoe: yes

Claire: no, he's really handsome.

Suddenly we saw Marcus with a boy, but we never saw him.

Claire: Zoe see they come and do us.

Zoe: what ?!

When I look towards the clock direction

I noticed the boy Marcus was talking to was Henry.

Henry !!

Zoe: come let's go

Claire: why?

Zoe: if they ask you why I left tell them that I don't feel well that's why I left.

Claire: Zoe tell me what's going on

Zoe: nothing later.

Then I leave quickly.

Claire: hi boys

Marcus: hi, you were with Zoe just now, where did she go?

Claire: she said she was not feeling well

Marcus: oh you remember henry

Claire: oh henry we all thought you left high school.

Henry: no not really.

During this time I hide behind a tree to be able to see what is happening.

Why is henry there I thought he went and stayed with that mother is not coming back here anymore.

Suddenly I feel a hand behind me when I turn around I see henry.

Henry: hi

How does he do that ah yes it's a hybrid.

Henry: I ..

Zoe: sorry I don't have time

When leaving henry takes me in his arms

Why is he doing this?

Henry whispers me in my pillow

Henry: I missed you so much.

Zoe: let go of me!

Henry: no.

Zoe: why are you doing that!

Henry: I ...

- oh lovers !!

When henry lets go I see Claire is Marcus looking at us.

Zoe: I think I'm going to go

Henry: wait!

Zoe: you know what I do not understand you you told me to leave yourself alone now that you come back ....

Just leave me alone.

Then I ran away.

Marcus: henry are you okay?

Henry: yes

Claire: was going out together?

Henry: ...

Claire: I think I'll go find Zoe.

Henry: no wait, I'll go myself.

Why henry came back i don't want to see him i have nothing to do with him like he said.

As I walk I feel my hand grabbed me.

Zoe: let go of me!

I don't want to have anything with you anymore

Then he lets go of me

Is I continue my road without looking behind me.

Since henry came back i do everything to avoid it for me it is old fashioned i don't want anything to do with it.

Going home I want henry's mother what is she doing I don't understand henry has come back and why is she with us.

Qaund I come into the living room my father was sitting with henry's mother is Caroline what's happening again.

Caroline: oh here you are henry's mother thanking you.

Zoe: thanked me why?

Mom henry: for everything thanks to you my son came home.

Zoe: I don't understand?

Mom Henry: Henry told me that this thanks to you that he wanted to come back.

Zoe: ah I didn't know it's good when he came back.

Dad: Zoe, are you not looking happy that he came back?

Zoe: if daddy I'm really happy.

Going up to my room I took my phone to called Henry.

Zoe: hello

Henry: Zoe, is that you?

Zoe: do you have time?

Henry: of course You want me to come to your place?

Zoe: no, let's meet in the woods

Henry: uh ok.

After which minute I arrive in the woods I see henry sitting on a tree branch.

Henry: you wanted to talk to me I'm here?

Zoe: why did you come back? Didn't I stay with your mother?

Henry: I can't say anything

Zoe: So why tell your adoptive mother that it's thanks to me?

Henry: she doesn't stop asking questions

zoé: since you don't want to talk to me, it's no use for me to stay so I'm going to go.

Henry; waits !

Zoe ; why i don't have to stay there with you anyway thats the thing you wanted me to stay away from you.

Henry; I'm sorry for the words that I could say that I don't mean them

start all over again?

Zoe ; I can't after all the things you told me I can't forgive you like that Henry as you said nothing is to pass between us.

at the time of leaving i feel something that is not going i felt that have been looking at me

all of a sudden somehow coming out of a bush

Henry; stop hiding, i have already seen you come out of there.

- so how is it between you?

Zoe ; Marcus !!

Marcus; sorry I didn't want to scare you.

Zoe ; are .. you like henry?

Marcus; Yes

I'm completely lost there

Zoe ; I think I'm going to go back I don't feel very well.

Henry; I row you.

Zoe; no it is going to be fine

then I part leave Henry is Marcus in the woods

so Marcus is like Henry.

Ever since I heard Marcus was like Henry.

I try to avoid them both I don't want to have to do with supernatural things anymore.

On returning home I see a black car parked in front of my house.

When I come home I see my father is Caroline sitting with a woman I can't see her well I just see her back.

Father: oh my darling there you are.

Then the lady turns around I remain speechless

This there real mother of Marcus that she does in my house.

Caroline: Zoe, this is my sister.

That sister I'm lost there

Father: come say hello to your aunt my dear.

Zoe: sorry dad, I have a lot of homework to do, I'm going to do it quickly.

Then I go up to my room.

Marcus' mother is Caroline's sister so that's why Caroline didn't want me to approach Marcus she is also she knows the nature of Marcus

Maybe she's like them too.

I have to find out.

If she was like them my father, how will he react is for the baby.

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