Meeting the bad boy rebels

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Today Caroline is entering her last trimester of pregnancy in two days it's my birthday I'm going to be 18 I want to leave where I am I can't stand all things around me Caroline Marcus' mother's sister.

I have my mother's big sister who lives in Canada and I would like to go to school there and maybe come back here after.

I need to talk to my father, I don't know if he would agree with my proposal, but I have to try.

but it is not that Caroline in this crazy story Marcus is also for her thing in the fact that I want to leave, this story between me is him even if we never went out together I remained something for him but he is not but after he left with that real mother he told me that i get away from him after which month he reappears like that is to say that he loved me i can't believe it.

There is also a positive thing in my story I also made a friend who loves supernatural things.

Going down the stairs I go to the dining room to see if my father was there, instead of finding Caroline.

Caroline: How are you, Zoe?

Zoe: where is my father?

Caroline: why went to work?

Zoe: ok.

Then I turn around and leave the dining room.

I'll wait until he comes back.

"What hour after"

I hear the front door open that must be him I actually come back down it was him.

Zoe: papa what minute do I want to talk to you?

Daddy: honey, I just arrived.

Zoe: Dad that's very important.

Dad: no problem, I'm listening.

Zoe: not here dad in my room.

Daddy: how are you darling you are really weird.

Zoe: please dad.

Dad: okay so then.

When we arrive in my room I turn to my father, it's okay, Zoe you can do it.

Daddy: what's going on honey?

Zoe: daddy I ... I would like to go live what time with Aunt Barbara is doing my school year there.

Dad: why my darling?

Zoe: I want to change my horizon, it's not that I don't like living with you I like living with you but ...

Dad: I understand my darling I'm going to call aunt.

Zoe: I called him before.

Dad: you are really fast, when do you want to go.

Zoe: in a week time to prepare my things.

Dad: you ... my daughter has grown up!

Zoe: you are going to make me cry dad.

Daddy: I'll tell Caroline she'll be sad to hear it.

Actually I don't care what Caroline might say, now that I have my father's permission to leave I just have to say goodbye.Today is my last day

Is also my last day at this high school it's going to be hard to say goodbye to the only friend I had.

When I arrive I see my friend approaching me.

- hi Zoe

Zoe: I have something to tell you.

- which ?

Zoe: Today is my last day in high school.

- Why ?

Zoe: It's a bit complicated to tell you, I wanted you to be the first to know.

- I'm sad you're leaving.

Zoe: it's going to be okay.

- do henry know?

Zoe: not yet.

- you have to tell him he has to know.

- know what ?

- oh henry!

Henry: talk to you well about me, don't you?

- yes Zoe has something to tell you

Henry: which one?

- I'll let you chat quietly.

Henry: what do you want to talk to me about?

Zoe: I'm leaving school

Henry: why?

Zoe: It's personal.

Henry: for how long.

Zoe: I don't know.

Henry: Can you tell me anything Zoe is that it's because of me that you're leaving school?

Zoe: no !!

Henry: I hope everything is going well for you where you are going.

Zoe: I was afraid of your reaction.

Henry: I mustn't have told you that I love you and that wouldn't change, even if you left.

Zoe: ... you can't love me between us know impossible you said yourself.

Henry: I know I'm sorry I told you.

Zoe: It's in the past like for us, now I'm going to go.

It's too hard this story between me is him I think it's better that I go far is forgotten.

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