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The Sex Doctor Book 3

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This is just a snippet of what is to come. A bit of a teaser. The final book of the series is underway and coming to an exciting close.

Thriller / Erotica
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The Interrogation

The Sex Doctor: Book 3

“Where is my family?”

The man Jason knew as Christavo Tate from his sister was pacing the floor as he sat handcuffed to the chair, comfortably and calmly. This wasn’t his first rodeo in the interrogation room, but he thought about Alyssa and his son being in the same situation terrified for them. Now that Rebecca Fairchild was found dead everyone in the whole unit was looking for her killer. It was safe for them to assume the Sanders and company because they were the last ones to see her alive.

“Your family is safe. You need to be worried about yourself, Jason. Let’s go down the list of murders around you.” Christavo placed down a file of dead bodies on the table in front of Jason. His eyes only followed the folder as it plopped on the table in front of him. “Abagail Hawthorne, Tracy Van, Frank Roberts, Wilson Fitzgerald, Melissa Saulsberry, and now Rebecca Fairchild one of our own. I won’t lie to you Jason. It’s not looking good for you and your family. The business you run will be shut down if we have to tear the place apart. Think about your legacy you are leaving for your son.”

“I am thinking about them. Where are they?” Was all Jason replied, after looking at the deaths of his former colleagues and clients, and enemies.

Christavo sighed. “I want to help you. I need to know what happened that night at Dan’s house. Rebecca was last seen there.”

“I told you. I don’t know what happened to her. All I know is I left to get firewood for the fireplace for my son to have light and I came back and she was dead.”

Christavo held up Alyssa’s wedding ring. “This was found on Rebecca’s body. This is your wife wedding ring is it not?”

Jason swallowed hard as nervousness began to settle in. That was indeed his wife missing wedding ring. She told them she slipped and lost it by her body. There was no way Alyssa would’ve killed Rebecca. Especially not as brutal. His wife wouldn’t harm a fly.

“And the murder weapon. Her finger prints were found on the knife.”

“My wife didn’t do anything.” Jason said very confident.

Christavo nodded. “Maybe not her then what about you? Am I supposed to buy you were gone to get firewood while your worse enemy was in the house. Every person there had motive to kill Rebecca. You as well. She brought you back from your paradise, threatened to kill your family. At least that’s Janet story.”

Jason shook his head. “Janet told me about you.”

Christavo’s eyebrows rose in curiosity. “Oh.”

“Yeah. You donate to charities right?”

The weight on Christavo’s shoulders lifted as he thought he was going to bust him out about Janet sucking his dick in the café bathroom and him spilling classified information to her. That would’ve ruined his job for sure, knowing all the higher-ups were watching. The FBI were now on the death of Rebecca and the mystery of The Strangler. He didn’t know how far he could question the family before his own sins were laid out for everyone to find.

“This isn’t about me.” Christavo replied. “I’m trying to help despite my questioning Jason. People were murdered here an officer.”

“I’m sorry, Mr.Tate. I can’t help you.”


Christavo folded his arms as Dan sat arms folded and unbothered. Nothing could rattle this family it seemed. Quite frankly Christavo was growing tired of interrogating them especially Dan who was uncooperative to him. Anything he asked Dan had some slick comment to say getting them nowhere.

“Tell me about Bianca Withers. You were rather close with her. What was it between you guys?” He asked. Dan remained quiet. Christavo inched him more by placing pictures of her dead body in front of him. Dan only closed his eyes as he inhaled and exhaled trying to keep his composure.

“Get that out of my face.”

“The Strangler killed her who we pieced together that Rebecca had done it. It seems only fitting that Dan Sanders took what was his and took vengeance into his own hands. We could cut you a deal…”

Dan scoffed as he leaned back in the seat. “Don’t bother. I would have gladly boasted about killing Rebecca if I had been the one to kill her, but I didn’t. None of my family did.”

“Your family meaning Jason and Janet?”

“Certainly you’re not accusing my one-year-old grandson.”

Christavo sighed. “There were other people there. Rock, your daughters assistant, Julissa and Antonio your daughter in law even.”

Dan sighed. “I account for them.” He replied simply.

“Your grudge against the Saulsberry family might have been a great motivator. Perhaps another set up. It seems your family is keen for that.” Christavo needed to get anything out of Dan in anyway he could. He suspected somebody. It was clear in his eyes that he had someone in mind, but wouldn’t say. Again Christavo thought about Alyssa. All the evidence pointed to her. “Gerald has quite a huge chip on his shoulder when it comes to you, Dan. Perhaps he got his daughter to finish the job.”

“It has crossed my mind, but Gerald isn’t that smart. He hates me sure, but he has never been a mastermind.”

“Could someone else inside be pulling his strings then?” Dan eyes squinted to Christavo as he knew exactly who was pulling the strings, but it was his issue to deal with and would be damned if he snitched to another police officer. Family matters had to be dealt with in the inner circle. No one outside would be able to handle the devastation that was coming.


“Tell me, Julissa. Where is your father? We have tried to reach him, but haven’t had heard a word. Mind telling me where he is?”

Julissa looked at Christavo with her hands folded in her lap trying to keep her calm as he sat in front of her on the table more relaxed than he was with others. Julissa was the newest member to convert over to the Sanders shenanigans and didn’t know what the hell was going on or what to do. Her loyalties also didn’t rely on them. Why she was even there was the hardest thing to figure out.

Her hands touched her stomach then giving Christavo a little sign of his own question. “I haven’t heard from my father in some time.” She leaned a little closer seeing the suspicion in his eyes. “You think my father had something to do with Rebecca?”

“You have the most hateful motive for Dan. Perhaps another setup or a cover-up.”

Julissa shook her head. “I want Dan to pay for his sins the right way. I wouldn’t…”

“What about Gerald? You will do anything for your father right? Since you lost your sister he is the only thing you got left…”

“That’s a pretty huge assumption you make of me.” Julissa replied, offended. “My father has nothing to do with this and neither do I. If all you have are motives then you will be here interrogating people for years. The Sanders have made plenty of enemies. Anyone could be behind this. I feel bad for Rebecca Fairchild…I do, but she was involved in some shit that made her less creditable in her career and as a person. Getting involved with the Sanders first of all was her first big mistake…” She paused and looked down with a sigh. “It’s mine as well.”

“Tell me about that night once the lights went out.”

Julissa sighed as her memory went back to the night in the house. “I followed Antonio once he and Janet left the table. The last time I saw Rebecca Fairchild was at her last supper sitting stupidly with Dan Sanders.”

“So you believe he did it?”

Julissa scoffed, shaking her head. “Out of everyone in that room, Dan Sanders has the most motivation to kill her…”She paused looking away though then back at Christavo. “I don’t think he did it.”

“Are you afraid of him, Julissa?” he asked sitting on the edge of the desk.

Julissa let out a laugh. “Please. I have been watching the Sanders for over a year. Dan would’ve held himself a party for killing Rebecca and gloated about it to anyone who dared listened. The fun part for that narasstic prick would be getting away with it.” Christavo couldn’t argue with that as he nodded his head with a sigh. He was getting nowhere.


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