The Devil's Highway

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Sometimes there is a reason why the shortcut isn't the way people go.

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The Devil's Highway

I was riding down US Route 491 in New Mexico when I came across what looked like a short cut on my map. As I swung my big V-twin Harley onto that piece of blacktop I felt a strange chill come over me. I didn’t know what to make of it so I just kept going. This stretch of highway seemed empty so I just leaned back and let the wind blow through my hair as I cranked the throttle open. I was flying along when I suddenly heard the roar of a souped up Hemi V8 engine over the sound of my own V-twin. A quick glance in my mirror showed me a raven black Cadillac coming up fast, so I drifted over to the edge to give the driver plenty of room to get by.

As the sound of that big engine grew louder something made me glance back again. He was not pulling around but aiming for my rear tire. I gunned my bike and tried to pull away, but he was closing fast. The front bumper of that car tapped by rear wheel and I fought to keep my bike up as he suddenly slowed down.

I got my bike under control and pulled off the road and the car pulled off about a hundred yards behind me. I began to swing off my bike and he gunned his engine and came flying towards me. I dived over my bike to avoid getting hit and he sped off down the highway.

He had missed my bike so as soon as I calmed down, I rolled it further off the road. I pulled out my cell phone and tried to get a signal, but found out I was in a dead zone. Checking my map, I saw I had about another two miles before the next exit.

Having no choice, I got back on my bike and pulled out. Almost as soon as my rear tire hit the black top the Caddy came down the highway straight at me. I gunned my engine and flew at it.

At the last possible second, I swerved and passed by the driver’s side. I was going around 80, but I swear there was no one behind the wheel. I twisted my throttle all the way open and prayed I would make it as I heard the squeal of tires behind me. I did not even waste my time looking knowing the car had pulled a U-turn and was coming after me.

I saw the exit coming up fast, but the sound of that Hemi told me the Caddy was just about on me. I leaned down over my gas tank and prayed to God my big chrome beast could win this race. I could almost feel that raven black Cadillac coming up on me as I came up on the exit and swung my bike at the off ramp.

I got to the end of the ramp and saw and old rusted sign ‘Route 666’ and sprayed painted on it was ‘The Devil’s Highway’. I stopped my bike and looked back at the Caddy which was sitting at the other end of the ramp revving it’s engine. Now I can’t be sure but I feel that it was challenging me to try riding the Devil’s Highway again, but only a fool accepts a challenge from the Devil after getting away with their soul once.

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