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Chapter 10

Shahrah-e-Faisal, after the Friday Prayers…..

Two teenagers Hameed and Ahmed were at Zahid Khan’s residency, they were sent to him by Zahid’s handlers, four two months they were getting training of hit and run, after Aslam’s death Zahid and his handlers had become extra cautious, they had kept both the boys in high surveillance. Hameed at age of nineteen was to drive the motorbike, while Ahmed, the eighteen years old was to shoot the target. They both had just passed their college and waiting to be admitted in some reputable university. Both of them were traced by agencies from their social media posts, and were motivated to work for them.

Ahmed was the most desperate one during his college days, he started attending lectures of a newly formed religious party “The Rightly Guided Path” founded by Dr. Abrar Ali, who was a medical doctor and then became a religious scholar, though hard-liners of Islam, this group claimed to believe in peaceful agitation. It was very rapidly corrupting the minds of young Sindhis through their literature, some of which was distributed free of cost.
Most often this organization distorts the historic facts especially that of Arab invasions and glorify it as the golden period of Muslim ummah, a fabricated word for Muslims of the world. They firmly believe that all the Muslims of world are one ummah, while they don’t support concept of nations.
According to office bearers of this group, Sindh chapter, having an office at Qasimabad, Hyderabad, they don’t believe in the concept of nation states, whole earth belongs to Allah, and by hook or crook they would impose the divine law in entire would, one caliph would soon rule the whole world, and that is the only way to peace.
Engineer Asghar Ali, heads the Sindh chapter of The Rightly Guided Path, he believes that it is the duty of well learned Muslims to come forward and strive for Islam, he used to think the organization should reach the youngsters, he also thought that present education system was corrupting minds of young Muslims, it should be changed, it was time to promote Islamic values in the society. He used to think capitalists and seculars have played devil’s part in downfall of Muslims.
The hard-liners of The Rightly Guided Path, also firmly believed that Jews are engaged in a conspiracy against Islam since its beginning, and they don’t mind spreading conspiracy theories if these theories serve their purpose.

According to latest statistics The Rightly Guided Path has approximately 13000 members all over Pakistan. However, Dr. Abrar Ali has remained a controversial scholar, his famous controversy arose when he made a comment against Hazrat Ali’s (the fourth caliph of Islam) personality on a national TV. This comment was condemned by the Shia’a community, while in 2008 Sindh government decided to file a case against Dr. Abrar Ali on making an ill-comment on highly respectable Islamic figure. He died in 2010.
The organization holds number of offices in various cities of Sindh like: Karachi, Hyderabad, Jamshoro and others. Amongst many activities, from past two or three years the organization is trying to promote anti-valentine day on 14th February, trying to convince Muslim youth that such activities are as though following the footsteps of devil and in the end will lead them to hell fire or anti-April Fool’s Day, because there is no provision of a lie in Islam, even if it is joke.
According to the office bearers of organization in Sindh, Late Dr. Abrar Ali predicted that Since Sindh is known as the “Gateway of Islam” it would be Sindh where this so called Caliphate Model would be established and made known to the entire world.

Though both the boys were inspired by the ideology, yet they believed peaceful agitation was not the solution to the problem, someone had to wage the holy, so they started posting about great works done by Osama bin Laden and the Al-Qaida and got traced. Ahmed was diverted to religion after his failure in the music industry, he wanted to be a singing star and to fulfill his dream he even participated in the “Pakistan Idol” a singing competition announced by one private Pakistani channel, but he was rejected in the very first round, this broke his heart and he stopped singing. He even stop socializing with his friends and then he changed his way by becoming a hard-liner of Islam.

They both sat with Zahid Khan, who cleared his throat by coughing and started to brainwash the boys for one last time.

“Every revolution needs blood, sometimes you give your life for the cause and other times you take lives,” he told them, the boys nodded in agreement, he continued and started narrating evilness of Kaffirs against Muslims during the Iraq war:

“Most soldiers of the Allied Army were engaged in Afghanistan, when they heard about a new battle field from their crazy leader, the Afghan dispute was yet unsettled, but to invade another country was also important, the junior officers and soldiers didn’t know what was the reason behind this attack, but for a soldier an order is an order, without any if or but!

“To seek the weapons of mass destructions,” was the excuse given by high-ups. Going to a battle field, and seeing armed enemy face-to-face is a dream of every soldier. Iraq was their new destination; the trouble maker claimed to be the peace-maker, and all he got was a shoe on his face in a press conference as a reward for his efforts to see world peaceful; it was too merciful but that was all a poor helpless journalist could do. From the mountains, now suddenly the plan was to move in sandy land, which held the ancient secrets of human civilization. There were the Ramala oil fields, and a never ending desire of Jews to have a ‘Greater Israel’ on the face of earth. Sergeant Menis was a young handsome man of American Army, in his early thirties, with bony clean shaven face, enjoying his vacations in New Jersey, when he received the letter to report immediately at Quarters, spitting out his drinks he came out for war, which had already begun.

Of the 50 odd tanks 3 R.T.R, standing ever ready to fire at enemy at Baghdad and Basra, Sergeant Menis was too in the streets of Baghdad, once the center of art, literature and civilization. Evil Saddam’s Palace was already captured, his statue tore to ground, he was arrested and his family executed, no WMD was found, the streets of Basra, Kuffa and Karballa heard silly noises of allied force, uncomfortable soldiers in their camps. Unfortunately too many regiments employed the same gallant treaties; they were learning the hard way. Regarding the advent of new tanks with a good deal more vital interest fuel was to present a new problem of supplaying services, as the engines ran efficiently only on high octane aviation spirit. Bearing the expenses of the army fighting at two different battlefields crushed the mighty economy of America. Sergeant Menis in his open four-wheel army jeep was out there to visit Baghdad that was under air strikes and rain of bullets, smile ran over his face when he saw blank faces of Arab women and children in the streets, perhaps waiting for Sinbad to come and rescue them. As most army men Menis too was an agnostic, knowing only one thing: “all hail to America, conquest is their destiny…..”

“Make a few fast turns,” he ordered his driver, on the second turn he saw an Arab young blonde girl in veil, and looking at her lustfully he said to his driver:

“Well Haley, what do you think of her?”

“She is honey sir,” the driver replied joyously, the sergeant took out his tin of wine and took a large sip from it.

He had heard about alarming stories going about what biological weapons were and could do to massive turrets. A more or less automatic procedure followed if the circumstances were favorable. The objective was to get close enough to enemy and destroy. The battle practice convinced Menis that he was right, and that in tanks that were out gunned and out armored, mobility was an essential element in survival. The sun had set down and the sky was becoming dark, only thing Menis wanted now was to relax his mind without thinking of any further killings, he wanted to escape the battlefield for a while, the light was failing, there was a threat of guerilla fighters who can come out from nowhere and attack. There were rumours at camp that Hizbullah leader Nasrullah was prepared to attack Israel, which at that time seemed to be a big joke for a well-equipped army. Menis had just reached his camp when he heard radio transistors buzzing the voice: “some movements at northern side have been noticed.” A battalion was order to drill in that position and find out what was going on, it was just a peaceful operation, not at all like the beginning of the adventure, when soldiers were ordered to kill everyone, destroy everything. But the young sergeant was excited for he was going to see the enemy for the first time. Not just about the substantial things of war-tanks, guns, infantry, and armor piercing shells, there was an extra-ordinary inquisitiveness that always possessed Menis in strange new places and circumstances, but above all there was this curiosity about the immediate future and what could happen in it…….what would happen to him! The information was correct, there was a movement, but it went normal, it was a family going to destroyed city.

The first important thing for Menis was to adjust in the camp, adjusting with seven soldiers using one toilet, watching and washing dirty under-wears, passing the wind while sleeping and avoiding homosexuality, there were more than many of this kind especially Blacks with their large tools. Lack of water, might force them to drink their own urine, was also worrying thing for him. But he was becoming used to of all that, things at large were under his control. There was a civil war now in Iraq, once again the radio buzzed and he heard:

“35 unknown people are seen in an under-ground place at the middle of the city, find out who are they?”

“Oh! God damn it, not again,” he exclaimed in anger becoming fed-up of all these silly orders from the control room, when he reached the mentioned place with his company, he found more than 30 people hiding to save their lives, men, women and children, there were shouts of cries when the people saw soldiers in uniform.

“Don’t panic,” Menis cried loud moving his binocular back: “we are here to rescue you,” few of the children were infected with diseases as bio-weapons were used, who were immediately sent to safety camps, Menis’ eyes met with a young girl that was trying to hide herself behind an old lady, probably her mother, after spending days with crazy soldiers, look of a blonde brunette girl moved his heart, desires aroused inside his heart, lust overcame his head, ignoring everyone he came close to her, she was crying, he wept her tears, she became more tensed and frightened, though Arabs can be horny but culturally and religiously they avoid sex without marriage, it is taken as an insult and offense to touch a body without marriage contract.

“Don’t cry my dear,” he told her, she threw away his hand.

“I won’t kill you, I want to use you!” he said with lustful smile on his face, she spat at him, the soldiers loaded their guns Menis with his hand stopped them, but there arouse an emotion of insult inside his heart tiring it like a sharp tack.

“Bring them to camps,” he ordered cleaning his face with sleeve of shirt, the soldiers obeyed him, people started to walk in queue, the girl attached to her mother was in the end, Menis pulled her from arm, she cried out of pain.

“For God’s sake, leave her,” the old lady pleaded, but she was kicked out of the way, the gesture of Arab men was that of anger, they wanted to kill that bastard but were helpless. She was brought to the camp; “leave us alone gentlemen,” Menis told his soldiers, they went out.

“Please leave me,” now she pleaded.

“I will, when I am finished with you,” he said with a mocking smile, which was as sharp as tack.

“No please, leave me,” she cried again.

“Even the god can’t help you;” he said coming near to her: “ask him, what you call him….” And answering his own question with that same smile said: ah! Allah.” He tore her veil, she cried: “no, please.”

“Come on you bitch,” now he said in frustration and slapped her, as he tried to hug her she bit his hand.

“Aoch! The bitch bites,” he exclaimed, and slapped her again, she fell down on the ground, he came upon her.

“It would be better for you to give up willingly,” he told her in rough tone: “I don’t want to rape a girl like you.” After few kisses here and there he took out his cane of wine and drank from it, also forced her to drink, she denied, he forcefully opened her mouth and put some wine in it, she vomited immediately. The sergeant threw her on the mat and started to lick her neck, she started to move her legs here and there, crying and trying hard, but escape was impossible, he removed his trouser and came over her again, she first closed her eyes, and prayed in her heart for death, when she opened her eyes, she saw guns, pistols and grenades, one of them was placed near the lamp, she thought if she can reach it she would kill her along the bastard over her virgin body, so she stopped resisting, Menis commented:

“Nice baby; it’s good for you to cooperate.” He carried on kissing, her cloths were torn, he started fondling her firm breasts, all she could to was to move in the direction of the grenade, when a hand touched her slippery thighs she closed her eyes, but kept crawling in that direction. Menis was aroused so much that he was unable to understand why the girl was moving, he took it normal as was used to of it in his country, girls moving in different directions during the intercourse that made the whole baldy thing interesting and full of pleasure. At last she neared the grenade, Menis was engaged kissing her neck and playing with her soft breasts, and she pulled the pin out of grenade and threw it in other direction, when Menis heard the voice of something falling he looked there, and in the next moment there was a large explosion, few soldiers waiting outside were also injured, but the sergeant and the girl were dead on the spot with parts of their bodies falling here and there, fire raised high as though it was touching the sky, but it only took fifteen minutes overcoming it. Parts of Menis’ body were collected and put in a casket, after which it was rolled in American National Flag, news in the media broke:

“A terrorist attack on allied camp in Iraq, it being said it was a suicide attack, even the Iraqi ladies are ready to kill American soldiers………” and then there was a question roaming in the media:

Can America win this war?” After this little story, Zahid said with enthusiasm:

“Based on Objectives Resolution, this sacred document was a “Tajdeed e Ehed” a renewal of our promise, that we shall complete Pakistan by implementing the original resolutions and nation building guidelines of our founding fathers, and revive the true spirit of Pakistan’s creation; to carry out its takmeel, or completion,” after a little pause he said:

“God has chosen you and me for this purpose, it is clearly mentioned that: Glad tidings are for those who kill and get killed in the way of God.” Zahid moved his right hand on his grey beard and continued: “And why should ye not fight in the cause of God and of those who, being weak, are ill-treated (and oppressed)? – Men, women and children, whose cry is: “Our Lord! Rescue us from this town, whose people are oppressors; and raise for us from you one who will protect; and raise for us from you one who will help!” The boys were listening to him carefully, he continued:

“But remember today you have to kill only and not killed, that bitch is an enemy of Allah, enemy of our country as she is promoting Indian and Israeli ideology, when we are again and again told that the Jews or mushriqs would never be your friends, we Muslims are destined to rule the entire world and for that we have to kill the Jews, mushriqs and their agents. You must know the strength of a believer, one faithful is equal to ten mushriqs.” There came a pause and then Zahid said: “see what they are doing to us in Karachi, they are promoting their false ideologies through their agents, our well-trained law enforcing agencies have arrested hundreds of RAW and Mossad agents in this city, they are at war with us, I ask you my children: are we Muslims helpless that we even can’t defend our country, shouldn’t it be our duty to fight these evil-mongers?” these were rhetoric questions and Zahid himself answered: “yes, we have all the right to kill them, we even went into their cities and killed them there, don’t go far in the history, just look few years back, how beautifully the city of Mumbai, the mother of all evils was attacked by our great holy warriors, never for once fear entered their hearts when they were killing Jews and the mushriqs, I call them our truly committed faithful, who gave their lives for a cause, no man could choose a person to do work of God, it is God, who chooses them and you are also chosen by God.”

The blackie and the fair one had entered the room, they carried black leather bags and passed them to the boys, and the blackie gave them keys of the motorbike. As Zahid stood up, the two boys were also on their feet, Zahid came closer to Ahmed, hugged and kissed his forehead.

“May God give you the strength to pull the trigger at right moment,” Zahid said holding the boy’s arms, the boy nodded in agreement. Zahid faced Hameed, hugged and gave him a kiss. They picked up their bags and walked out from the room.

“Zahid sahib get ready for new assignment,” said the fair one with a smiling face.

“Sir the servant is also ready to serve you,” the blackie passed a leather bag to him saying:

“Carry on the good work.”

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