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Chapter 8

To hate India and preach against it, was always a personal matter for Zahid Khan, he was just trying to fulfill the promise he’d made with his father on his death bed. The fifty five years old man was dying of cancer and he’d called his entire family including his two living sons, two daughters and a wife. At that time Zahid was fifteen years old boy, his father Zahil Khan had become feeble due to ailment and it was hard for him to speak, that particular night of 1969 was a stormy night, the wind bellowing from south was shattering the wooden windows, Zahid has never forgotten that night and he often sees his father in dreams reminding him of the family promise to hate and propagate against India, his father had told the family in dying tone:

“My father gave me a promise to hate India and work for its destruction, for my I entire live I lived with this promise and even participated in war of 1948 against those kaffirs, my elder son Shahid gave his live serving the Pakistan Military in the war of 1965 against the very same kaffirs, now my children…..” he paused for a while; everyone started to recite verses of Quran over him, he spoke again: “it is your turn to make a promise with your dying father that you’d work for the destruction of India that land of kaffirs till it becomes a land of believers.”

“Yes father,” the entire family said in one voice, well their mother stood in one corner hiding her face in white duppata and crying, the children said: “we promise you to only live for destruction of that evil land,” all of them including Zahid repeated this mantra in one voice, this brought a pale dying smile on Zahil’s face, later that night he died, and it was said that he died in peace.

Zahid’s father Zahil had promised his father Nawab Chuttun, who owned a tiny state in UP. Their family tree started with a certain Jamal Khan, a fair skinned Turk with blue eyes, who had come to India from Ottoman Empire, soon Jamal was recruited in the Mughal court, he was well versed in the holy Quran and traditions of the prophet, and with his intelligence Jamal got an important position in Zaheer’s court, he also joined Emperor Zaheer-ud-din Babar in various campaigns, Zaheer was so pleased with Jamal’s efforts that one morning he called him at open ground and said:

“You see this open ground,” Jamal nodded his head in agreement: “bring your horse at dawn and let it run till dusk, wherever it would stop, from this point to that point entire land would be your property for your services,” said the emperor, hearing this Jamal fell upon Zaheer’s feet and kissed them, Zaheer was so pleased by this humble act that at that very moment he announced two sacks of gold and a virgin concubine from his own harem for Jamal Khan. Early next morning Jamal Khan brought a fine health horse with himself, and made it run, the horse ran from dawn to dusk and when it stopped at dusk, that entire land was allotted to Jamal Khan as promised, thus he was able establish his own tiny state at UP, some hundred and twenty small towns and villages came under his hands and thousands of acres of agricultural land became his property. He like the sandy town called Nang and stayed there and changed its name to Jamalabad, and ordered his men to build a huge mansion for him which was to be named as Khanmahal. Within two years the mansion was built and he moved into it with his wife Nargis, for the chores of the house he recruited dozens of healthy and young concubines and slaves, everyone who cultivate on the lands in his state became his peasant, being the chief of the tiny state which was also called Jamalabad, everyone came to him to settle their disputes with each other. Within few years Jamal Khan started to build his own force that would be only loyal to him and act on his command.

Old Nang was a town of twenty temples and one mosque, one day after the evening prayer, the fat, dark skinned cleric of the mosque met him outside the mosque and said:

“Nawab sahib, it is your responsibility being our leader to convert your people to Islam,” Jamal Khan stared at the fat cleric and saw something fishy in his eyes, the cleric continued: “besides there is gold and other wealth in temples of kaffirs, while the house of the one true God is empty,” there was a pause, Jamal Khan didn’t respond but the ugly cleric continued: “Nawab Sahib, ask everyone to become a Muslim by hook or by crook and be awarded in hereafter also.” Jamal Khan left the cleric and started walking to his mansion, at first he paid no attention to that non-sense uttered by the ugly cleric, but that night in the beautiful arms of Nargis, he dreamed of being burnt in the hellfire, he woke up petrified, his entire body sweating and recognized that God had warned him to pay attention to what the cleric said….

The next day he stood in the main bazaar of Jamalabad and announced in firm tone:

“I own this state and by the grace of Allah, I am a Muslim…” after a small pause he continued: “I hereby, announce that all the citizens of my state embrace Islam or leave this state otherwise they would face a painful death.” This brought a mocking smile on ugly clerics face, those who were Muslims became happy and started praising Jamal Khan, while the Hindu Population was petrified, he ordered his fifty armed men to attack the twenty temples and collect all the gold and silver for him, within half an hour the temples were attacked and looted, while the pundits there were killed, those who didn’t want to leave this state embraced Islam halfheartedly only show their Nawab they were loyal to him, but the practiced their old faith in homes secretly. Few Hindu families left the state and went to nearby state of Tilknagar owned by a Hindu Nawab Kual Das, when he heard what misery Hindus had faced he prepared to attack the state of Jamalabad, but Kual Das was defeated in the battlefield, Jamal Khan took away his sister and two daughters with him. Anyhow, Kual Das’s younger brother Mohan Das retained the state and since than things never came to normal between the two states.

From Nargis, Nawab Jamal Khan begot four sons, the elder was Hamid Khan, then came Shahid Khan, then was Hatim Khan and the youngest was Yaqoob Khan. But at the age of forty six Nargis died of brain tumor, Nawab Jamal Khan begot eight more sons and five daughters from his three wives of Kual Das’ family, who were converted to Islam shortly after they were detained, but his sexual urges were never fulfilled in the company of women, and then one day he saw a young lad working in his land, he sent his men to bring that young lad to his guesthouse that was opposite of his mansion, the young fair skinned boy Nazir was brought there, he was waiting for him anxiously, when he was there, he ordered his men to leave them alone, as they walked out he closed the door of room.

“Listen to this carefully boy and never mention it to anyone,” Jamal spoke in firm tone: “if you agree to have a sexual relation with me I’d allot that piece of land to you and also pay you some gold and silver,” Nazir’s face shined brightly and bringing a smile on his face he came closer to Jamal and touched his organ, Jamal hugged the boy and kissed him furiously, he enjoyed the whole act as though he was having sex for the first time in his life, since than Jamal spent most of his time, with his new lover, before the act, he used to ask Nazir to dress like a lady and dance for him, on one particular night old Jamal himself was dressed like a lady, and coming closer to Nazir he said: “treat me like a wife,” and Nazir indeed treated him like a wife.

At the age of eighty five Nawab Jamal Khan died, all his sons were given the due share, though Hamid the elder was to become the new chief, but he was fond of women, wine and gambling and never showed any interest in the affairs of the state, and in the end died as a beggar. Yaqoob Khan was cunning of the lot and became the new nawab, he even cheated with his brothers and killed two of them over dispute of the property. He even trained his six sons and told them that they were the ones to carry on the family tree of Nawab Jamal Khan. Nawab Yaqoob even built a shrine over Jamal Khan’s grave, and then an annually people started to pay visit to the shrine. Within fifty years of his death Jamal Khan became a celebrated saint of the area.

It was Yaqoob’s elder son Asad Khan’s idea to have a Sufi musical program at shrine for three days on the anniversary of this newly born saint, who had died some fifty years back, Asad’s idea clicked and now a festival for three days was celebrated on shrine of Saint Jamal Khan, while fabricated stories were concocted about the greatness and piousness of Late Jamal Khan, he was also introduced as a great miracle worker of his time. Asad Khan wrote and compiled a book in Persian language titled “Saint Jamal Khan: A true miracle worker,” this book was translated into Urdu during the last days of Bahadur Shah Zafar’s rein, who happened to be the last Mughal ruler of India, before East India Company conquered it.

One amongst many miracles of Saint Jamal Khan mentioned in the book was when he set his holy feet in this evil land, there was evilness and wickedness everywhere, the idolaters and prostitutes roamed freely here and there, the prostitutes used to walk absolutely naked in the streets mocking that there was no man in the area, then why should they hide their shame…..?

As Saint Jamal Khan set his holy feet over this land, immediately dark clouds gathered upon the sky and for several days there was heavy downpour that took away sins of people, when it stopped raining the prostitutes came out in veils hiding their bodies completely, while the idolaters were found died in their houses and worship places.

However, Asad Khan took over the responsibilities of the shrine, while his younger brother Owais Khan took over the political responsibilities and became the new Nawab of the state. Nawab Owais Khan paid his salutation to the British Raj, even during the mutiny of 1857 and retained his tiny state as a reward from White lords for his services. Things started to change oddly and within ninety years the sub-continent was under complete political chaos and turmoil. The English rulers had decided to leave sub-continent, communal riots broke all over India, Hindus started killing Muslims, Sikhs started killing Muslims, while Muslims started killing both, properties were being occupied, women being raped and murdered. India became a river of fire and blood, partition was announced, Hindus were to get India and Muslims were to get Pakistan.

It was January 1947, Jamalabad was under rule of Nawab Chuttun Khan, who had just one son Zahil Khan, and prior to him four of his sons had died as infants, while his wife had three miscarriages. Nawab Chuttun had three wives, two virgin sisters, his brother’s family and elder sister’s family lived with him in the mansion built by Jamal Khan. Nawab Chuttun had retrieved to his bed, in the middle of a cold night he woke upon shouts: “we have been attacked…..we have been attacked……” The Hindu nawab was decendant of Kual Das who had been attacked few centuries back by Jamal Khan and now it was the time to settle old debt. Nawab Token Das had gathered several Hindu and Sikh rajas to attack Jamalabad at the stroke of midnight. Nawab Chuttun’s guards had seen a mob riding horses and carrying torches moving forward to Jamalabad. Few days back, Nawab Chuttun had assured his men nothing would happen to them, the state still belongs to him, and he or his people won’t be harmed by partition, but this sudden attack had shaken everyone, Nawab came out from his hot bed and ran towards different directions of the mansion crying: “wake up, we have been attacked by the kaffirs….wake up……hurry up……” The guards took their positions, the ladies came out from their rooms carrying their children on hunches, and everyone started to run here and there in terror, the nearby houses, corn and wheat fields were set on fire, due to which there was redness everywhere, people outside were shouting, children screaming and those who were inside the mansion were petrified. Nawab Chuttun gathered his entire family, collected some gold and silver and escaped from the back door. A mob with torches moved towards the shrine and set it on fire. The nawab’s loyal guards fought with their attackers and were killed within ten minutes as they were outnumbered by Token Das’ men, victorious Nawab Token Das carrying a sword blood dripping from its tip entered the mansion with broad chest, he was told that no one is in here, he became outrageous and ordered his men to spilt in all four direction and find out the nawab’s family, he also ordered to bring all members before him alive, so that he could give each of them a painful death.

In the darkness of the cold night Nawab Chuttun and his family kept on walking in eastern direction, soon he realized he was being followed.

“Move faster,” he ordered in chaos, the womenfolk walked in front of the males, yet Chuttuns two virgin sisters Saleema and Hameeda were left behind in this escape episode, they were caught by Token’s men, more than twenty men raped them and then they were killed, their bodies were thrown in the nearby lake.

For few days Nawab Chuttun and his family carried on walking, wherever they found a forest they would stay and hide themselves, after the sunset they would started to walk till the sun came out. On the fourth day Nawab Chuttun with family had reached an army camp that was established for refugees, who’d lost their homes during the communal riots, Nawab was also given the protection, but there was uncertainty in the air, moving from one camp to another they were looted many times, so that they lost all their wealth, finally the reached a camp somewhere in Punjab, which was to become part of future Pakistan.

As the communal riots started Gandhi, the naked faqeer announced to fast till Indians don’t stop killing their brothers, he urged the entire nation to remain peaceful and non-violent. Though being a leader of masses, Gandhi was opposed by many fractions, and some Hindu fanatic organizations wanted to kill him, even the plan of his assassination was prepared. Lord Mountbatten, the last viceroy of India had announced: “by the month of August English masters would leave India, but its partition is inevitable.” The White rulers had already decided that Hindus and Muslims could not live together in peace any longer and to stop this bloodshed, India must be divided.

In the month of July monsoon rain started and made refugees’ life a living hell, but looting, killing and raping continued during the heavy downpour. Every day one or the other camp was attacked by rioters, one evening when darkness was overshadowing light, Nawab Chuttun lay on the ground in the camp urging with God, why He had thrown him such a misery….? He heard cries coming from outside, he came out from his tent and saw that the camp was under attack, furious men were looting everything, stabbing young men, who came in their way, Nawab Chuttun’s two daughters were kidnapped and raped by fifteen wicked souls, they were even raped anally and were thrown unconsciously. The elder one Afshan, who was seventeen years old lost her mind and used to walk naked, calling every man even her brothers and father to come and rape her, from that day onwards Nawab’s eyes never went dry, they always shed tears, he got dark patches under the eyes, the patches later on started to bleed. On 14th August, birth of Pakistan was announced, the Muslim refugees were sent to main camp installed at Lahore. Nawab Chuttun blamed Hindus for his family’s destruction, one night during the diner at main camp he put his hand forward and said:

“Promise me you would take revenge of this disgrace upon us, whenever you get a chance?” All the male members including Zahil gave him the promise, the Nawab also started cursing India for being ungrateful to the services his forefathers had offered, one day they were loaded on lorries and shifted to Karachi, the capital of newly born Pakistan, almost eight percent immigrants were shifted to Sindh, while only twenty percent, whose mother tongue was Punjabi or they were somehow connected to Punjab, were asked to stay in Punjab. Being the capital, Karachi had to take burden of everyone, city’s demography changed overnight, within six months Nawab Chuttun died in disgrace.

The newly formed Pakistani government had announced for the immigrants to bring forward one rupee stamp papers to claim properties left by Hindus, Christians, Jews, Parse and even the Sindhi speaking Muslims, who were kicked out from Karachi. At that time Zahil was thirty two years old, he along with his cousins got property in claim. In 1948, when Zahil was thirty three first war broke between India and Pakistan over Kashmir issue, to fulfill the family promise Zahil and his cousins took part in that war and killed few kaffirs, when he returned from the war he married his cousin Naila, who at that time was twenty seven years old. He begot three sons Shahid, Hamid and Zahid, while two daughters Raheela and Firduos, Zahil started his family business and installed a factory of plastic toys, though it was an income generating business, but Zahil’s heart and soul weren’t satisfied he wanted to kill as many Hindus as he could….. In 1965, another Indo-Pak war broke, Zahil wrote to General Ayub to allow his elder son Shahid to take part in this war, within one week he received a confirmatory letter and Shahid was recruited in Punjab Regiment. On the fifth day of war Indian forced was nearing the BRB River at Lahore, a battalion of ten soldiers and one officer was sent to safeguard the river, Shahid was also in that battalion, the entire battalion got killed after fighting for two days when it lost all of ammunition, at the end of war, the army paying tribute to Shahid’s services allotted twenty acres of agricultural land in Badin to his family, and recruited Hamid in the army as a captain.

In 1969, the family doctor Aftab Ahmed confirmed Zahil of his cancer ailment, and within three months he died, but before dying he asked his sons to give him promise of killing the Hindus. Two years later, in 1971 another war broke Pakistan and India, the Indians claimed to liberate Bengal, known as East Pakistan at that time, Captain Hamid was killed during that war, and ninety thousand Pakistani soldiers were taken as prisoners of war. General Naizi surrendered to his Indian counterpart. Zahid felt this surrender as stab in back. During his college days Zahid became fond of literature and was immensely inspired by Iqbal’s Shaheen, while in Islamic literature he found something called “Ghazwa-e-Hind” that motivated a lot, that he started to believe that sooner or later Muslims would once again conquer India, this made him a fundamentalist believer. Zahid was also thoroughly inspired by Naseem Hijazi’s novels about Islamic conquest of the world, which were nothing but aggregation, and within no time he started to write op-eds in different newspapers and followed the pattern of Naseem Hijazi. The only thing he hated other than Hindus and India was the rule of Bhutto in the country, as he believed democracy was to fall in Satan’s trap.

When General Zia, in 1978, toppled Bhutto’s democratic government, Zahid was the happiest man in the entire world. He congratulated General Zia for such a wonderful move and also wrote Zia’s was the only man who could safeguard Pakistan from all evils. He was also inspired by General Zia’s idea of making Pakistan an Islamic ideological state, he even praised general’s statement, which said:

“Pakistan is like Israel, take Judaism from Israel and Islam from Pakistan, both would fall like house of cards.”

Zia entitled himself to be “Amir-ul-Momineen” (the leader of the believers), the walls of entire country were painted with words like: “mard-e-momineen…..mard-e-haq…..Zia-ul-Haq….Zia-ul-Haq….”

Zahid even wrote an open letter addressing General Zia that he was ready to offer is services for Pakistan Army, during that time Allied Nations were fighting against the curse of communism, General Zia was given a signal from mighty USA to stop the red army entering Afghanistan, to fulfill this mission the general called for hold war jihad, against communists, and asked young people to join and take part in this jihad. This was the golden opportunity for Zahid, he went to Afghanistan and took active part in the war, and here he met talibs in different camps. In 1989, the red army was defeated, USSR split into different nation states. But with his discussions with talibs especially those of Arab origins Zahid got an idea to establish the “United States of Islam” and to revive the Islamic Caliphate. Since in the time of Ottoman caliphate people used to were red caps, Zahid also started putting a red cap, and he was also able to write a book about his days in Afghanistan, later on he became a self-proclaimed defense analyst, he returned to Karachi, but he was not satisfied, he wanted every Muslim to be a warrior of Islam, apart from India and Hindus, he included Jews, Christians and west in the circles of his enemies and became an explicit orator, he concocted an idea that conspiracy were being made for destruction of Pakistan and also became a conspiracy theorist, one of his major conspiracy theory was regarding paper currency, he thought paper currency was introduced to loot wealth of Muslims….. He thought to be the only true Muslim and only patriotic Pakistani, anyone differing with him was an agent of RAW or Mossad. There were many officers of army who supported him and raised funds for his mission.

It was the last evening at Islamic conference at Marriott Hotel, and the guest speaker was a fifty six years old Asif Ali, who was fully dressed in white grab and turban, while his eyes were hidden behind black glasses, he came to the microphone and started his lecture on “Signs of Doomsday.” Zahid was sitting amongst the audience and listened with keen interest. The most interesting part of the lecture was when the speaker started speaking about Al-Mehdi, he quoted more than forty traditions regarding Al-Mehdi, who would lead Muslims in a battle after which he would establish an Islamic state. Zahid’s curiosity was on its peak and he wanted to meet Asif Ali in person, he went to the organizers and asked them:

“I want to meet the Shaikh in person,” the organizers looked him from top to bottom and refused him, but he kept on insisting them and finally he’d to use his non-civilian sources, he was granted the permission on just one phone call.

Asif Ali was staying in Room 420 of the hotel, and after the lecture Zahid was brought to the room, he found Asif Ali already there, as he entered the room he greeted loudly:


“Walllikumsalam….” Asif replied sitting on the sofa drinking some yellow liquid and pointed to Zahid to sit on the other couch, they were left alone in the luxurious room.

“I’ve never heard such a wonderful lecture in my whole life, “Zahid said with all sincerity.

“It is a mercy of Almighty Allah,” Asif said point both hands to the roof.

“What is my role to establish Islamic caliphate?” Zahid asked without wasting time.

“First of all recognize your leader, the rightly guided one,” Asif replied sipping the yellow liquid.

“How should I recognize him?” Zahid asked in curiosity.

“When he would come before you, your heart would testify that,” Asif replied with a smile.

“But my heart has already testified that you are the rightly guided one,” Zahid said, hearing this Asif smiled and remained silent.

“Are you the one?” Zahid asked again, the entire room was filled up with curiosity, again he got just a smile from Asif.

“Please master answer me, are you the one?” he asked again, this time he got an affirmative, Zahid stood up came to Asif, sat at his feet and holding his hand said:

“I testify that you are the rightly guided one, who would lead us to establish the Islamic caliphate.”

“Your testimony is accepted,” Asif putting his hand on Zahid’s head said.

“What is your order for your servant,” Zahid said, tears came out from his eyes and fell on cheeks.

“Make inroads in the society for your guide,” Asif replied, Zahid stood up, kissed his hand and left the room.

He carried on the work in good faith and got some hundred like-minded people who were willing to give their lives for Asif and Zahid, when the mainstream Islamic scholars came to know about Asif’s motives they collectively gave a fatwa against him and declared: he was a lair. This title stuck with him and he was known as Asif, the lair. In 1997, Asif paid a visit to the holy city of Madina and on his return, he proclaimed to his congregation:

“I saw an angel of Allah in my dream, giving me the new message, and said bless those who testify it,” when he stopped speaking, Zahid was the first person to testify it.

“I announce Zahid as my first companion in this mission,” Asif, the lair said: “whoever believes me must believe Zahid, whoever obeys me, must obey Zahid.” Soon the molvis were on fire and Asif, the lair was charged of blasphemy, the religious scholars claimed that he has proclaimed to be a messenger and he should be put to death. Zahid seeing the pendulum shifting the other way, he distant himself from Asif, the lair and went into a hideout, till Asif, the lair was charged of blasphemy by the court and was hanged till death in 2000.

The incident of 9/11 turned out to be a golden opportunity for Zahid, after the World Trade Centre fell to the ground and Al-Qaida took the responsibility of the attack, the entire world stood up against religious extremism and west started to question about teachings of Islam. To counter the west, Zahid formed an independent forum and named it “The Islamic Think Tank” and became a media jihadist of Islam, though General Musharaf had a policy of enlighten and moderation, Zahid got some support from certain fraction of the army.

Shahrah-e-Faisal, 12:00 noon

Zahid Khan sat with his same friends the blackie and the fair, the blackie passed a file towards him saying:

“This is the new script for you, start speaking about this in your TV program.” Zahid opened the file in curiosity and browsed through the file quickly, a bright smile came over his face and in excitement he said:

“Masha’ Allah….there cannot be any other plan to clean Karachi,” and then he shared a drink with both of them.

Saddar, Karachi, 7:30 pm….

Zahid Khan sat in the studio of a private TV channel, the beautiful hostess had just given the introduction.

“Yes Zahid sahib,” the young lady in blue silk dress asked: “what have you to say about all this happening around us?”

“Let me say it very categorically,” Zahid first cleared his throat by coughing and then said: “RAW is behind whatever is happening in Karachi, and few traitors are supporting it, there are some political parties which are being funded by RAW and they even provided modern weapons,” when the young and gorgeous lady heard Zahid saying this in his peculiar style she was mesmerized, Zahid continued speaking: “but our intelligence agencies are well equipped to handle this situation, this country is a gift from God and God would help us defend it,” after a small pause he said: “we would sooner or later conquer Delhi and Pakistani flag would fly over Red Fort,” no one had ever bothered to think what he meant by saying “we…..”

“Zahid sahib,” the sexy anchor asked: how do you look upon the role of media?”

“Most media houses are promoting the Indian and Israeli agenda, they are funded by their intelligence agencies,” he said: “don’t forget we are in fourth generation war and media is trying to cut off the ideological roots of Pakistan, I have filed petitions of treason against an organization of journalists, I urge the army chief to wage a war against such elements, as we have waged a war against TTP.” Somehow, the topic shifted to democracy and Zahid having a mocking smile on his face said:

“More and more international surveys are now confirming that youth and people of Pakistan want Sharia Laws and not Anglo-Saxon Kufr democracy. Even the political parties have now started to raise the slogans of “Islamic state like Medina”, just trying to exploit the emotions of the youth, when in reality, these are totally secular parties, working for the Kufr systems.”

“Zahid sahib,” said the anchor with a beautiful smile: “would things in Karachi come to normal?”

“The Pak-Army has a complete plan and within few days rangers would be called in Karachi with special powers and then you’d witness a peaceful Karachi, the rascal politicians working on foreign agenda won’t be given a second chance,” he said in a confident tone: “we have the best laid plan for Karachi.” Again the “we”, it should have been questioned but was always ignored. Zahid had two more programs on Karachi issue and made it categorically that rangers would take over Karachi, and within three days rangers indeed took over Karachi.

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