Stalker and Its Prey (!Yandere x reader)

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Vincent Falagi-or Vince, CEO of a million dollar business, is a stern and greedy man. He hates everything and anything that surrounds him. You were an exception. He saw you and at first glance he knew he wanted you and would do anything, and I mean anything, to have you all for himself.

Thriller / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

“Drew, come to office 314 immediately.” Vince uttered begrudgingly over the intercom. Drew, usually a cool and collected person was now shaking as he opened the door to the office.

Vince was checking and responding to emails when he turned a cold eye to the male in front of him.
“You needed something Vince?”

His gaze seemed to harden. Through clenched teeth he said, “Vincent.”

“Right, sorry. Vincent. You needed me?” His voice wavered.

Sternly while keeping his gaze Vince said, “Yeah so one of the assistant managers told me that they saw you coming out of my office previous night before last. I pushed it off but realized an item was missing from my desk. Anything to say?”

Stammering he answered. “U-Uh it was just a folder, I thought you had extra.”

“Bullshit, when have you ever heard me offer anything to anyone?”
Drew didn’t answer and continued to look down.

“You’re fired. The folder contained our number one client’s information. Luckily I uploaded it digitally before your rodent hands touched the file.” He calmly went back to the emails.

Drew’s mouth seemed to gape open like a fish at the sound of this.

“B-But you can’t fire me?”
Vince looked up at him.

Drew then launched himself closer to his desk, “I’m one of your best assistants!”
Smirking, Vincent got up and leaned in his ear, “I can, and I have. Goodbye Drew.”

He stood still in shock for a moment but then turned his heel. Not without one glance back over his shoulder and a quick message, “You’ll regret this, Vincent.”

F/N was in the middle of putting deodorant on when she got a FaceTime call from their bestfriend, Bonnie.
“Heyy bestie! You know I love you right?” Her eyes darting from the screen and onto something away from the camera.
“What did you do?”
“Funny you ask, uh”
“I’m waiting…” F/N laughed


“You wanna meet to get drinks at 6?”

“That’s irresponsible.”

Sighing, F/N hangs up and goes to their wardrobe.
They narrow it down to 3 options;

^ An emerald colored satin blazer and matching dress pants with a black turtle neck and black laced gloves/ An emerald colored satin dress, thigh cut with black laced gloves

^ A classic black and white tux/ A classic, simple black dress that stops mid calf

^ A white dress shirt and bright red dress pants with gold accents

(!)Choices won’t affect this storyline

{Outfit number one:}

“Come in.” Vincent told the person behind the door in a gruff voice.
F/N cautiously stepped into the room quietly. They quickly sat down and looked at their nails and started playing with them. When they looked up, they were soon met with the most annoyed eyes ever. They were so dark and bore through them.
“You’re outfit looks nice by the way” He states with a sound of strain.
“Did he not like it? Oh well fuck him. “ F/N thinks to themselves

The interview goes smoothly, despite laughing and picking their nails out of nervousness. it went exceptionally well. F/N often found his eyes trailing the outfit.

{Outfit number two:}

“Yes, come in” Vincent told the person outside of his office.

F/N opened the door and was met with the scent of roasted chestnut. They elegantly walked in and sat down on the desk, trying to fight the urge of bouncing their leg.
“You suit it.”
Twisting their face in confusion he goes on, “Your outfit, I mean.”

F/N smiles and for a split second you can see his eyes glimmer with theirs even if his face remains a hard stoic.

The rest of the interview goes as you hoped it to be. When they would bounce their leg he would take notice of this but never say anything. F/N often found his eyes on their lips.

{Outfit number three:}

“You can come in.” The CEO exclaims.

F/N saunters their way to the chair and sits down abruptly. While waiting for Vincent to turn his attention on you, you mentally practice talking slowly but accidentally ended up making mouthing sounds which caused the male in front of them to get irritated.

“Why do you want to work here F/N?”
They answered it, but a bit too fast and had to excuse themselves and do it over again. Weirdly Vince did not mind.

The interview was pretty rocky. From the stutters, to the fast talking ,to the mispronunciation of words it was a mess.

F/N was teased regularly about their voice throughout the session.

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