Saving Mankid

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Do you believe in time travel? Join a James Waltz a young and determined scientist who against all odds is determined to save humanity with his life long research project. He proves that time travel is possible as defined by physics. James has to travel to the past and find Riley Stone who is a young doctor. She is the key to saving humanity. Will he succeed in his mission even though nobody believes him? What will happen to the time frame if he disrupts the past?

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Chapter 1


March 20th 2070,

“ Dr. James we are ready for the final test.”

“ Ok Richards thank you. I’ll be with there in a minute.”

Dr. James sat there in his office going through the notes of his project. His life long project was finally over, in a few minutes he was going to do the final test run before they send a person.

He swiftly took his clipboard and a pen and walked out of his office to the laboratory where his team was waiting for him.

The next day ...

Dr. James sat in his office one last time knowing what he was about to do. He finished writing the letter and enveloped it putting it in his carrier bag.

“ Are you ready sir?” One of the lab assistants asked as he entered the machine.

“ Ready Simon. Everything is good in here.”

“ Turn the ignition on three... One... Remember your task, once you get there. Go to ryland hospital. Two... Look for Dr.Stone she should be working there. Save humanity. Three...”

He turned the ignition and was consumed by a bright light.

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