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Your does today, Will make you what you are Your to tomorrow is created by today Your present do's, gather together your future

Thriller / Mystery
Emma Arinitwe
Age Rating:


The bewitching of the eviled woman to Alley.

Alley was a young girl living in the village called Rama with her three brothers and her Mom.

Due to the fastest development of the village, his Mom decided they leave the village.

From there straight they went to her uncle's house in the village called Drown, this house had other small single rooms behind it, and it was where to cook, keep somethings and bathroom.

Her uncle was called John, born of the same parents with her Mom Jane

As they reached, they found her uncle's wife called Joanna, not there and they began to clean up the house

The fact was her uncle's wife didn't live there at all

She was working in the small town of Rama where they left

As it takes time to build up the corrupted (broken) life, it took them enough months to clean up and arrange the house

The house looked beautiful like it's new to where Joanna came for visit and got surprised how it looked

She reached in the house and they gave her a seat but she didn't settle even

She lift to outside the house as they were preparing her something to eat and began to move around the house

Seeing how new the house had become, the admiration rose in her

She got convicted to live the place she was working from to come home in her husband's house

In her mind saying "this is the greatest opportunity to live with these villagers

Am going to make them suffer

Work for me, they going to listen to everything I say

And she laughed and went back inside the house smiling

And they gave her the food and she ate

When she finished eating, she appreciated and asked same questions to Alley's Mom

Oh, you are good people, what is your religion

And Alley's Mom answered, we're Born Again ( pentecostal protestant)

Then she left, but as she was on her way, she continued talking evil words, cursing them

For they say, there is power in the words we speak, she was building the failure upon Alley and his family ( her Mom and brothers)

One year passed and she brought an idea to her husband of leaving the house they were renting to theirs where Jane's family was staying

The fact is that the rental house they were in, had two rooms, one room was a bedroom and another one is where she worked from

Of the man not to make things difficult, he agreed to shift

This brought happiness to her and called one of her friends to share the good life she is going in

Without a drop of tears, she told her husband to chase Jane's family out of the house

Then her husband asked where she wanted them to go

The reply from her was let them start sleeping in the other small rooms

And her husband smiled, after hearing this from his wife

After one week from the discussion, Alley's uncle came and told Jane that his wife wants to come, so they are going to be staying in the kitchen

Jane didn't refuse, so the next morning, Alley's uncle came and changed the kitchen door, for it was looking in the main house, so he put it behind

In that same week, they began to shift (move) their things to the kitchen which had become their house

A month passed and Joanna came when she was on fire to make Jane's family suffer

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