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When two and a half years passed, she got used to Jane's family

And she began to tell Jane to do whatever she wanted

To clean the house for her, cooking, sending her whenever she wanted

As she was doing this, she didn't know in Jane's family there was some one different

The girl called Alley

Time come when she was going to the toilet, she saw Alley sitting on the chair, and she called her

Alley, go in my house, arrange me something to eat

And Alley replied by saying no

This made Joanna sad (angry) and said to Alley, as long as am alive, you will never accomplish anything

Then she went back in her house without going even in the toilet

Same good time passed, and Alley though, she gave up on her, but it was a lie

She went to the witch doctor and asked to bewitch Alley

No to make anything for herself, to become failure in everything that she will be doing

Then the witch doctor said to Alley's aunt, in order to make Alley be like that, we have to make her masterbate every night

This was a simple decision for Joanna, she said yes immediately as the witch doctor had finished telling her

She came home when she was happy know the suffering of Alley had started

Infact it had started

In that same week, Alley began to feel the hands of old man touching her in the bed at night

This was the night mare for her, but whenever the touch of old hands could happen, she could feel not sleeping again, and she could get scared

And every morning she could tell her mom that she feels the hands touching her at night

This was the first level

After few months, the touching of old hands left and she felt she was released from the devil

After one week of her released for old touch hands, she began to feel much love

The yarning to share the love that had come in her

This turned her life completely, to the extent of not wanting to see her brothers being abused, even when they could do wrong

One day as she was sleeping at night, she got awaked by something she didn't know, and she felt the love linking in her, she felt like making sex

And she moved her hands slow from her breasts touching herself to the vagina

After some minutes, she left the left hand there and the right hand used it for touching her whole body

And kept seducing herself until she released spams

After releasing, she felt relaxed and got asleep immediately

What she didn't know was that this was the monster building itself in her life

Next night she felt the same, and she had to repeat the process

And again she felt good and slept

And the process continued, enjoying her masterbation

But what she didn't ask herself first was what she was doing was to give positive life to her or not

This masterbation began to her when she was 13yrs old

First year passed doing the same thing, the second, third, and she began to feel little abit uncomfortable with it

When she was 16yrs, seated in the church, try to listen to the word from the preacher(pastor)

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