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The pastor was preaching on how children move in the regionsem of their parents.

These were the words of pastor trying to explain" many of our children walk in our religion because they found us in that religion

They think what their parents believe is right

They don't want to look for their own truth

I know some of you, you're here but you never confessed Jesus Christ as your Lord Saviour

You have been following the the religion of your parents

No, the truth is that you have to believe and confess from deep of your heart

Without following your parents

It's the right time people of God

Some of you, you have bad things which have refused to move out of your life

But you don't know where, just let Christ Jesus in your life

And those things will go, move out from you"

Alley felt up lifted for the good news about her situation

When the pastor called the people who want to confess Christ Jesus as they Saviour, she was the first one

As she was going in front, her mom Jane felt filled with joy and tear began to come out of her eyes

Seeing her girl's decision

This gave small change to Alley's situation from masterbation

But other things were parkeging (filling) themselves in her life

This is where the battle of fighting the devil raised in Alley's life

God's Spirit (holy Spirit) had entered in her and it started leading (guiding) her in good path

But on the other side the devil kept importing it's words in her which brought the fighting in her mind

Yes, it's said you can do better the things you have been doing than new things

In her mind, the big sound, the words that could echo mostly were devil's words

This brought the loneliness in her life

In order not to leave the devil completely, the devil kept on feeding her mind with failure sayings

These were devil's feeding words trying to convince her back

"The Bible says you have everything, but do you have? or you're poor, you think you will have people to share your life style with, no, you will remain alone, first see around, the environment is not of your match, which God do you think he is, in order for you to succeed, you have to suffer like his son on the cross, you're a failure Alley, you will never accomplish anything (the same words her aunt said over her life)

But Alley kept on resisting the devil's saying

She continued saying I am victorious in Jesus' name

When the devil saw this was no of use, it began to make her lazy (not to do anything like her aunt said)

Whenever her mom Jane could tell her to do something, she would feel so weak

This brought the asking of her mom what's the problem with her beautiful girl

One day Alley's mom went for work but she left when she had ordered Alley to clean the house and do cook, for she would come from work when she is hangry

So of Alley to do what was left for her to do, she went back in the bed and slept

On waking up, she found when the time had already gone

Here the struggle to clean up the house and cook began

The fact is that her mom was already on her way back home

On reaching, she found when her girl had finished cleaning the house and no food

Then she asked her, what's the problem my child, these days you have been so weak, your lazy, I tell you to do something for me but you take the whole year

Her reply was, am fine mom

For she didn't know that her child masterbate

In the bend of the head down and up, Alley reached 20yrs old but with the same problem still

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