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But she had grown little abit in God, she had started understanding of God's word

But alot of questions kept coming in her mind

Why do I still masterbate, why am I lazy, why am I alone

She said to herself, am going to create friends, am tied of being alone

This was not easy as she thought

For she had a lot of the weak sayings in her mind, long time being lonely

She struggled to have friends, but this took few days and she got same friends

She used the trick of helping them, that's how she became friendly to those people

She got happy about thatk, she become victorious

But devil came back in her ears and began to whisper to her

"You're going to see what I will do to your friends

This was not far, one of her friend died in car accident

Two of her friends got sick and one of them got taken in the hospital for bed treatment

It was not of to say, every morning she began to bring tears, crying in her room, judging herself, the problem she is to everyone, a failure she is.

For the usual Sunday, she went at church for fellowship

But as the pastor was seated in his chair, he had the Spirit of God telling him to preaching about knowing who they were in God

But Alley was very stressed up, feeling like moving out of the church

And the pastor came in front and started preaching

"Today the holy spirit has told me to teach God's children, who they are in him

Many of you think God destined you to be a failure, to carry that burdened you're having

You have lost your hopes, faith is weakened in you

You have decided to live that life you're in

You keep on judging yourself that you're a sinner

You see you're living in darkness of what is in you life

That's not what you are in God, the Bible says

Those who believed and confessed Christ Jesus as their Saviour, received Holy Spirit

For Paul said to us, there is no condemnation for those who live in union with Christ Jesus

For it's the law of the Holy Spirit who brings us together in union with Christ

When you read in Romans 8:10. It says; if Christ lives in you, then the Holy Spirit is life in you

You should know that where there is light, there is no darkness

Christian, Christ Jesus lives in you and he is light

By reading the word of God, is the way of building our lives

It's the food that create the exact image of who we are in God

We should read the word of God and pray to him

For somethings get healed slowly, others are quick to get healed

Be strong, for God's plans are to bring you prosperity not disaster, plans to bring you future you hope for

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