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Alley left the church when she was excited and reached home filled with power

That exactly morning he started reading the bible and praying, the greatness of God had a rised in her

She began to experience good moments

Waking up when she is feeling good, energetic she became

After two weeks she began to feel losing herself backwards

This was showing the victory her was going into, but she didn't know

The devil began to run crazy down broken

The cooking of hot food to the hotness inorder to lose taste

The devil came back in her ears and began to fill her new things

Telling her, you're great, no one can do what you do, people see you as useless person, but who knows what you are, why do they look down on you

But it could bring these words when it's Saturday night inorder for her to masterbate

This was to make her lost energy to go at church and to create praising in herself that she is big

Indeed she could feel weak, like the all week days she passed in without masterbation, could look zero to her

One Sunday when she was from church with her mom, her mom asked why she looks lazy when it's Sunday

And she replied by saying nothing mom, I just feel tied

Then her mom said to her again, though you hide, am your mom, I know when you're not good

Just my child you should know this, when it's night and the moon is reflecting light to the earth

The clouds which are dark come and cover it for a moment

But that can't stop the moon from reflecting the light to the earth

Those things you see, they're like dark clouds, they come and cover the moon

They're just passing on

You have to be strong for every challenge that comes in your life

Something lasts in our lives for testimony

Remember my child, why there is no failure, there is no victory

Every challenge in your life is your victory

"Okay mom, thanks", Alley replied

That night she prayed to God crying, asking him this thing of masterbation doesn't leave her.

The Bible says when you bring yourself down, is when God starts working in you

In the next morning she did wake up filled with freedom, feeling joy

She recovered newly because of the encouraging words from her mom

Greatly of how God does his things, one week, a month, a year, the whole living life of Alley was healed from masterbation

Alley's aunt who thought Alley was to remain a failure, she got surprised after seeing Alley prosper

The weaknesses returned to her, she began to fill back pain, pressure rose in her

The power of the devil she requested to bewitch Alley began to break her down

The oldness began to show on her body

The devil was taking what it gave her

The tellings that appeared in Alley's ears came to her

Her eyes started seeing the passed future

She felt living with passed memories (people that had left"died")

She ended up closing herself in her house, the loneliness that was in Alley turned to her.

Crying day and night in her room, regretting why she bewitched Alley

Words Of Encouragement

Let us persist for our Victory

Let the gold that is in you be shown out

Persist, persist for God is with you

Those who do their plans, do

But God is the one who directs their actions

By Emma

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