The Girl in the Chutes

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Will the only female in the bull riding circuit make it? Will her current relationship and past hold her back? With her abusive past and her new found lover she has alot on her plate with her new career just beginning. Her boyfriend, Cody Westin, is a competitive bull dogger, and all of the Westin family have been in the rodeo world for 6 generations. Meanwhile her side of the family hates even the thought of rodeo and the cowboy lifestyle. Read more to find out weather or not she makes it in rodeo, how Cody will react and more!

Thriller / Romance
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Character Intro

Jolene White: Small town girl. Wants to be the first female bull rider in the circuit. Has a bad past with family and friends.
Age: 16

Anna Jones: Jolene's mother, married to Caleb Jones. Grew up in the country. Moved to a small town in Utah.
Age: 37

Caleb Jones: Jolene's step father. Born and raised in the "hood" or "ghetto". Does not have a healthy relationship with Jolene
Age: 37

Carter White: Jolene's real father, raised in a small town, wants to find Jolene and take back his role as a father.
Age: 38

Hannah Miller: Jolenes best friend, for lifer, and shoulder to cry on since the 4th grade. Grew up in a small town, 30 mins from penguitch, where the Jones family lives now.
Age: 16

Cody Westin: In a relationship with Jolene. Steer wrestler. Grew up on a big cattle ranch.
Age: 17
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