The Girl in the Chutes

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Chapter 1: Moving out

Jolene had had enough of the fighting and constant arguing between her mother and step father. Every night, they would fight, she could hear them cursing each other out in the living room all the way from her bedroom. This all started when Caleb was caught flirting with another woman at the local church. Jolene knows better than to tell her rodeo hating family that she wants to not only join the rodeo, but do one of the most dangerous events in rodeo. Jolene called Hannah, her best friend, almost every day and talked to her about the constant fighting, and hitting. Hannah felt very bad for Jolene and didn't know how to help. Jolene finaly told Hannah she planned on moving out.

"Hannah, I seriously can't take their fighting anymore. I am moving out. I have no clue where I'm going to go but i know I need to get out of this toxic household!"

"I can talk to my mom to see if she will let you stay with us. You know I'm always here for you Jolene."

Hannah had a very long talk with her mom about Jolene coming to stay with them. Hannah eventually persuaded her mom into letting Jolene stay in the guess room for afew days. Hannah called Jolene as soon as she got the good news.

"Jolene my mom said you can stay with us for a little while!! You will hear staying in the guest room upstairs. You have your own bathroom too" Hannah said ecstatic.

"That is amazing! I am already packing my important stuff! Let me call Cody to tell him."

Jolene takes a quick brake from packing to call her boyfriend, Cody, to tell him that she is moving out of her parents house and moving in with Hannah for a little while."

"Hey Cody guess what!"

"What doll?"

"So my parents are always fighting and since I'm 16 and have my truck and drivers license now, I'm moving out and going to stay with Hannah for a little while! I really need to get away from this toxic household" said Jolene excitedly.

"Wow. That's alot to take in darlin'. Are you sure this is a good idea? Plus, where would you go when Ms. Miller says you can't stay there anymore?" Cody said worried.

"Yes I'm sure it's a good idea, I can take care if myself. And when Mrs. Miller gives me the boot I'll just live in my truck."

"Baby, I'm not sure I like the idea of you living in your truck alone. I will ask my mom if you can stay with us. It will be no problem at all. I'm sure Kenny won't mind either, his girlfriend spends the night night the time."

"Wow, thanks babe, your the best. I love you so much!"

"I love you too Jolene." Cody said softly

Kenny is Cody's older brother. He doesn't like the ranch life very much so he stays in his room most of the time, playing video games or sleeping. The only time he ever leaves his room is to use the bathroom and eat dinner. Ms. Westin of course said yes. She absolutely loves Jolene. Ever since Cody had brought her home to mee the folks and they had a big BBQ, Ms. Westin had been like a 2nd mom to Jolene.

Jolene had finally finished packing when her parents had broken out into yet another fight. She put all of her belongings into the bed of her 1972 chevy c10. Then, slowly walked inside to tell her parents that she was moving out.

"Mom, Caleb.. I'm moving out. I'm sick and tired of you fighting 24/7. I'm going to stay with Hannah for a little while. I hope you work things out."

"Good! We will be much happier without you here!" Shouted Caleb and Anna.

Jolene started driving down the road from the house when she realized she was starting to cry. She didn't know why, as she thought she was happy about being free from her parents. She called Cody to talk to him about her feelings. Cody reassured her that it would be OK and that if she ever needed anything to call or go see him. No matter what, if it was just a problem with a truck, or because she was sad and wanted to be with him. He promised to be there for her.
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