The lovely daisy

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A sweet honeysuckle tasting tale of a little flowers Journey ....

Thriller / Children
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The lovely Daisy

Normally a daisy would bloom and resemble kindness love and gentle compassion

When you think of a daisy what kind of characteristics would you put on it?

Daisies are beautiful gentle flowers , the smell of their pollen is like a sweet honeysuckle they are gentle light looking flowers that bathe in Sunlight during photosynthesis cycles.... allowing them to Blossom and Bloom during day and at night they cover themselves in warm soft pedal blankets....

This is the story of the lovely Daisy..

The Story begins with a seed,

I know what you're thinking just a seed?

Well .. a seed has more meaning than you think it does

The seed flutters around in the Wind as the breeze gently blows through the trees and other plants... suddenly the wind stops and the seed plummets down to the ground in a sudden Rush...

A little while later and begins to sprout , but a caterpillar finds his way onto The Little Seedling and nibbles and bites its leaves making it harder for the planting to grow ....

Finally the caterpillar leaves but the wounds on the seedling are still there

A couple of Weeks Later the seedling is a little bit bigger but there are weeds in the same area that the seedling is in and the weeds are Reckless and ruthless plants that will stop at nothing to eat other plants alive

In less than two days The Little Seedling finds himself covered in Weeds

But he finds himself out of the mess when a compassionate Gardener pulls the weeds out of the ground ...

A couple weeks later and he is almost a daisy he is just about to start sprouting beautiful petals .... but children keep stepping on him accidentally everyday and it is hard for him to grow and he keeps getting crushed over and over again...

But The Little Seedling pushes and pushes

He pulls harder ...

He holds on a little longer....

In a couple of days he has three white pedals

But just as he is starting to sprout again he finds himself in another mess,

The weeds are back.....

And it's not like there's anywhere for him to go I mean he is a flower after all...

One morning he wakes up and the weeds are gone!!

And he only has all his white pedals...

He has fulfilled his destiny ....

A little bumblebee lands on him and takes his nectar to the hive to produce honey for the young bees

The daisy is proud

He is a very lovely Daisy.....

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