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Chapter 4 - Epilogue

I ran, panting, blood rushing to my head, my legs - hurting... and reached the landfill. "What the... what the" I kept blurting. And dropped to my knees, "this cant... please be wrong", incoherent speech escaped my lips- my mouth dry - now I’m wheezing as I dig up the wastes thrown in. Stale soggy bread, wet lettuce and spoiled onions, I kept digging. Curiosity had hooked its fangs in my neck and kept squeezing. Among the decaying garbage, I started to find strands of chopped meat, now started to rot. "Its just pork", I gasped and calmed myself. Suddenly, a weird shape caught my eye, I reached out and picked it up and discerned it, wide eyed, timed slowed down- it was a severed finger, small enough to be a kid's. My heart skipped a beat.

Inhale- exhale... my eyes closed, all I could hear was my own breathing. Focus... I’m supposed to be used to this, reached for my pills, my hands were so shaky I dropped the bottle and watched it roll down behind me... and looked up. Dark clouds had devoured the sky, its shadows - casted over the town... engulfing it. "Damn, its gonna rain tonight".

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