Two of a Kind

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JJ is a serial killer who kills in a very creative way. He is trying to find the "best" way to kill people, but then a new person comes into his life and changes everything.

Thriller / Romance
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Jesse James Nelson was known in his family as both creative and intellectual. His parents were told by many that he was practically a child genius. He came up with innovative and unheard-of ideas and knew exactly how to accomplish them. JJ grew up struggling with the world around him and how it worked exactly, his parents never doing anything to help him. He was left in the dark about the real world, kept in a little bubble of having money and everyone doing exactly as he wanted. A bubble of people who would risk their backs to be in good favor with him.

It wasn’t until he came out as homosexual that people gave him trouble. They told him he was disgusting, that he was a sinner, going against God, the whole shebang. He never suspected anyone in upstate new york to be overly supportive. He was kicked out of his house (read: mansion), lost all of his closest friends, was shunned by his family and was living on the streets, all at the age of 16. He still regretted it ’til this day. He wished he had waited a few more years, saved up some money, so he wouldn’t have been completely down on his luck like he was. Now, he uses his mind to do the one thing he never knew he loved: murder.

He creates new identities as much as possible, gets new jobs at funeral homes, and kills people in the exact same way a cadaver died. Most people would think it would be too much work, but JJ disagrees. It challenges him to think outside the box. His first case was one where he wanted to replicate the death of a woman who had been cut into pieces and sewn back together. He had the medical knowledge and ability to be able to do it, but the problem was she was already a part of a serial case. He didn’t want to be viewed as a copycat! That, however, gave him an idea. Since he already wanted to replicate the case, why not make it known the exact death he was trying to replicate? He had found out where the woman was buried from asking around, and he was able to replicate the death, place the new body onto the firsts’ grave, and get away with it too.

From then on, he was known as The Copycat Killer. He found bodies through his different internships at funeral homes- enabling him to study their cause of death- picked a person who was the same gender and age, and then replicated the death as best he could. The more natural the death, the harder the challenge, the bigger the thrill. Natural death was so much more than that of replicating a murder. The one heart attack he had was his favorite. A little syringe full of air to the gap between toes, and boom. Cause of death: heart attack.

JJ had only one rule: don’t get caught. He did everything meticulously, making sure to never leave any DNA evidence behind to incriminate him. The police try to taunt him on the news, thinking he wants a part of the investigation all the time. The truth is, he doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks of his murders. The only reason he’s killing people is so he can get better at it, and maybe one day he will find his favorite way to kill someone. Then he could become a more typical type of serial killer. Kill each person the same way each time, kill the same kind of people, leave a signature. The only problem is, it all sounds so boring. He would rather be a copycat for the rest of his life than kill people the same way twice in a row.

He was never really nervous about a case because usually, he didn’t know the victim or the original person who died. There was only one time that that was not true. It had worked perfectly that one of his school bullies in high school was the perfect match for his body choice. The man had looked so scared when he looked into the eyes of his killer and it turned out to be the gay kid he used to throw into dumpsters back in school.

JJ has been living this life for a very long time. Every day is the same; routine. He now has found someone who can break that routine.

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