New start in LA

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Jane and Corey move to LA

Thriller / Adventure
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Move to LA

Jane woke up hearing corey sexy voice we are here corey said .Jane looks up and smile a big house with a big garden Jane looks at Corey and said how did u ? Corey said I did it when you was saying goodbye to your dad said Corey … Corey opens Jane door and help her out of the car and said this our new start our happy ever after said corey ? Jane smile and walk up to there big house and said wow and Corey lock the car. Corey and Jane was unpacking in there new house . Corey Saw he’s brother Casey! Corey brother casey live next door to Jane and Corey but he kept going out late at night and come back early the next morning he always look like he had red paint on him all the time and Corey and Jane always heard the shower going every 2 days . It took over 5 hour to unpack everything and Corey turn on the news the news report said another women was brutally murdered At the early hours of last night . Jane said to Corey I’m scared baby ?why beautiful you have me I will always take good care of you corey said .Corey look at Jane and said please promise me you won’t go out at night ! I promise Jane said kissing Corey .Corey put Friday the 13th on and they cuddle up and watch the film .them suddenly corey and Jane heard a loud scream coming from next door? Jane look at Corey scared ,corey said to jane stay there .Corey went a knock on Casey door and said this everything ok .Corey look at Casey and saw he had a really angry look on he’s face and Casey said everything fine and close the door ? Corey went back to he s House and said I don’t known what going but I think we should just stay out of if for our own safety .ok Jane said .Corey said what film would you like to watch now baby rock of ages Jane said so corey put rock of ages on and they cuddle up and Jane said to corey this is the first film we saw when we first met .corey smile at Jane and said yes baby and I’m so happy I met u and Jane cuddle up with corey and watch the film . Half way thought the film they hear another loud scream and hear Casey shout shut up you stupid bitch .they hear 3 gun shots and then it went silent .Jane said baby turn it up please so corey turn the film up and they watch the rest of the film it was about a 11.00 when corey said let was another film till about 12,00 ok Jane said . Corey put nightmare on elm street and they cuddle up on the sofa and watch it near the end of the film Jane had fallen asleep on corey so he go a pillow and blanket and they both fall sleep around about 2.00 Jane heard Noise in the kitchen and she woke corey and said I think there someone in the kitchen they heard another bang down stairs and Corey said stay here And he pick up the hockey stick he play hockey with and went down stairs and he turn on the light and saw Casey in the kitchen and he said what you doing here ? Casey look at Corey coved in blood and said I’m here to kill you and you fiancé , Corey look at him and laugh and said this has got to be a joke right ! Casey look at Corey with a serious look on he’s face and say no it’s not a joke and he run toward Corey and Said u must die brother .Corey swankies he’s hockey stick at Casey hitting Casey with he’s stick and Casey fell to the floor and Corey shout to Jane call the police babe now and Jane called the cops and dispatch said what your emergency I need the police now my brother in law trying to kill me and he’s brother. The dispatch say what’s your address 743 Ocean Cross Road Jane said to the dispatcher.The dispatches checkup the address and said they should be on the way please stay on the line said the dispatcher. Jane said please hurry ? The dispatch said the cops are not far away . then Jane heard sirens the cops run in to the house and told Casey to put hes weapons down and Casey didn’t listen so the fired at him and he drop the knife and they put hand cuffs on him and Corey said to the cops he’s The murderer you’ve been looking for for years. the cops really ? Corey said search his place and your find everything you need to put him in jail . The cops went to Casey house and was shocked what they saw and the got The Crime team cleaners in to clean up the place and they arrested him and said your going down for life and they took him away in cop car . Corey and Jane cuddle each other and Jane said im glad your ok babyboy I don’t know what I would of done with out you ? don’t worry baby I’m not going anywhere and they cuddle up on the sofa and fell sleep .the next morning they put the tv on and the news was on and the news reader said a 42 year old man from LA has been rested for the murder of 30 women and will be in Jail for the rest of hes life jane and Corey smiled at each other and said thank god and they went back to bed .
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