Stratus Fear

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Chapter Thirteen

“You said it won’t hurt, right?”

“I promised you, didn’t I? When I make a promise, I keep it.” The woman spoke with a throaty purr that seemed to drip with sensuality. “All you have to do is relax and let me do all the work.”

The girl, Fauna, nodded. She had stretched naked along the bed, while the woman with the feline voice knelt over her. She called herself Talitha Rush; and now as Talitha towered over her supplicant, she coaxed, promised, demanded, and always stayed in control, her body lean and taut and fitted in a leather thong and halter top.

Fauna Vixen wasn’t her real name, but she tolerated the appellation because management liked it. Actually, she preferred Faun, the name of a baby deer. In a way she felt like a deer, a doe-eyed and submissive forest creature, or even a little lap dog, fetching and wagging for any man who wanted to give her something in return, usually a five-minute lap dance where she gyrated and aroused a guy silly, then eased into a provocative enough kiss to keep him dizzy for awhile—the transaction finalized with the exchange of money for her services. Nothing more, nothing less. Now if she really wanted this gig she had to be at her best, just like any other job. But instead of her stage act this time, she had to perform a much more provocative piece of work. Talitha wanted to inject her with something not only to relax her but provide an inner and outer boost, and Faun had consented. Why not? She’d work better with supple limbs and hips, her mind open and free of any silly restraints. She wanted it to be a mix of pleasure, of fun and kinky excitement, just as long as it wouldn’t get too off the wall, too personal.

But more than anything else Faun wanted to be sophisticated, elegant, and mature. Unfortunately, she could not escape her childhood looks, her round face, baby-blue eyes, pug nose, and hair as soft as silk with just a hint of curl. Her body, too, came in a petite 5’2” frame with a tad of baby fat that never disappeared off her hips and ass. Thankfully, the tight costume she wore at the Midnight Lace Club shored up the extra baggage and the platform heels gave her some height and made her ankles look smaller. Talitha had assured Faun that by taking this new drug she’d not only loose weight but gain a more mature look if not attitude. Faun had a moment of doubt, but it passed quickly enough; and she eagerly acquiesced to the woman’s suggestion, knowing that only a fool would pass up such an enticing offer.

Now as Talitha pinched Faun’s fleshy outer thigh, she used an injector to administer the drug, quick and painless just as promised. And while she waited for the drug to take affect, Faun stared at Talitha’s perfect breasts. Along her pink satin skin a few drops of perspiration glistened in the valley between her breasts, just like diamond dewdrops. Maybe, Faun thought with a smile, just maybe she could get breast enhancements. After all, with her new career, she’d have to look and act the part of a sophisticated lady, and that meant a sleek body with just the right accouterments.

With swift precision the synthetic cocktail began to work its charms. Faun’s vision blurred to a white-gold, her head felt warm and fuzzy and her blood ran like molten lava just below her flesh.

“You really want this job, don’t you?” Talitha continued with her siren-song voice. “You’ll be working for the most famous and influential people in the world. And you’ll have everything you ever wanted. All you have to do is to serve and fuck, and not necessarily in that order.”

Of all the dancers in the club, Faun had been singled out by Talitha and her partner, a man by the name of Devon Brand. They had promised a better position without the physical stress, not to mention the emotional strain caused by men ogling and drooling over Faun and the girls, like pieces of pink meat. As a live-in companion, she would make lots of money and have nice things besides.

“I want this job,” she confessed with a happy, elastic smile, “more than anything.”

“Good. You should have everything you want. You deserve something special.” As she spoke, Talitha dipped her head so that the ends of her dark hair swept along and tinkled Faun’s apple cheeks.

The girl giggled, her senses revved now as she enjoyed the sublime pleasure of the woman’s fingers sweeping over her body, light and tender. Faun knew she would make both a wonderful companion and lover, in possession of a small but lithe and supple body, just made to wrap around and stimulate a man’s desires—or a woman’s for that matter. She held no prejudices when it came to enjoying sex with either sex.

Tanta’s mouth found and kissed Faun’s own, her lips warm and silky smooth, her breath tinged with hibiscus and lavender from her breath lozenges, taken to mask the champagne both women had drunk earlier in the company of Devon Brand. Just to think about the tall, attractive man made Faun tingle with excitement. Devon Brand had introduced himself as the promotions manager for the Elysian Group who sought out unique talent and paired the lucky recruits with affluent clients. Talitha promised that Mr. Brand would take over any minute now so he could try out his new girl and see if she met the strict standards of companionship. Faun felt more than ready to meet the challenge; and in fact enjoyed this “warm up” session with Talitha. Now as the woman moved on to kiss her cheeks and throat and stroke the soft, short strands of her honey-blond hair, Faun arched her pelvis in response. She brushed the top of the woman’s thong and felt the cool leather along her bare pubis.

“Close your eyes,” Talitha suggested in her breathy voice.

Faun did just that, reveling in the way the woman’s emerald pendant made cool scrapes between her small but firm breasts. Suddenly Talitha stopped her ministrations, dismounted and moved away. Faun could hear the woman’s voice connect with the soothing tenor of Mr. Brand, even though she couldn’t quite hear what they were saying. He’s here! She rejoiced, but remained in her prone and vulnerable position, her body beaded with anticipation, her eyes still closed.

Now Mr. Brand’s voice rose in volume and swelled as he approached the bed. “How are you doing, Faun?” he asked, like a doctor concerned about his patient.

Faun ventured to open her eyes, and stared up into the incredible gaze of Mr. Brand as he bent over her. He possessed beautiful eyes, green-gold, inviting and even romantic. “I’m very fine, Mr. Brand,” she answered softly.

He smiled. “Please call me Devon. We’re going to know all about each other before the night is over.” His hands touched her flesh, gliding lightly down her arms to her fingers, and then continuing across her slim hips and over to her thighs.

Expecting him to mount her, Faun arched again, her mouth set in a rapturous smile.

Instead, Devon Brand returned to her hands, enclosed each in his own generous, warm grip and lifted Faun to a sitting position. “Come with me,” he coaxed, his voice like liquid gold.

Rising, Faun allowed him to take her to the living area where the three of them had drunk champagne earlier. They continued to the double sets of glass doors that opened to the terrace; but before Devon led Faun outside, he produced a long piece of diaphanous material and draped it over her front.

When they reached the terrace, he turned to Faun and brought her to face him. For a moment, she imagined that he disappeared but left just his outline behind, and she could see right through him, to the brilliant stars in the distance. And when she glanced down, Faun saw nothing but the sparkling material he had wrapped her in earlier, her flesh and bone gone luminous. The effect left her amazed and speechless.

“What is it?” Devon asked, still only distinguishable by the outline of his head and body.

Faun grinned, undaunted by the illusion. “I…I can see right through you and me.”

“Well, you just enjoy the experience. It won’t last long. Just the effect of the drug Talitha gave you earlier, but you’ll soon slip into complete serenity without a care in the world.”

She sighed, content. “Wonderful…I look forward to it.”

“Good, good.” His ghostly hands reached out and began to caress her breasts. Faun giggled and shivered, knowing that her breasts remained invisible, although her extended nipples beneath the wrap gave away their location, his expert touch exquisite. “We want you to live forever, my darling,” Devon continued in his honey dripper voice, “or at least for a very long time. You’ll help us make that a reality, won’t you?”

His form began to take on its regular appearance again, subtle and promising, his eyes like sparkling emeralds, halved from Talitha’s pendant, his fingers forged from smooth, warm clay and still working their magic, down her abdomen and then venturing between her legs—without the burden of the material between them now.

“Yes,” Faun whispered as she submitted wholly to his exquisite and expert touch. “Oh, yes.”

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