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As civil war brews in the United States between the government and white supremacists, the state of Israel decided to gather all the Jews living in America and transport them to safety in Israel.

Thriller / Drama
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Chapter 1

Pensacola, Florida
It was a beautiful sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. Sitting on my weather beat chair I’m reading a novel as I’ve always done. If you are home bound because the beach is too crowded reading is the next best thing. The town house is five minutes from the airport which is advantageous when there are storms of driving rain and lightening. The streets don’t flood and seldom do you loose power.
Usually the only disturbance is an occasional squirrel or cardinals arguing among themselves or a neighborhood dog barking. Today is unusually quiet. I should get several chapters read.
Yesterday was the Fourth of July and the country celebrated having to postpone last Fourth because of the pandemic. The celebrations were tremendous . Even the young mom across the street was placing fireworks at the base of her driveway as the children watched multicolored sparks flying into the sky.
At the airport terminal passengers assembled and boarded flights to destinations all around the country. The terminals were packed since last Fourth terminals were closed for the pandemic. People were slowly returning to normal.
However on most people’s mind we’re the events of January 6 when a large crowd of the Presidents supporters stirred on by the rhetoric of the White House stormed the Capital during the certification of the votes to elect a new President. Those supporters vowed to continue violence and in August, if their candidate was not restored to the a presidency, a Civil War would be declared. All the extremists would rise up and challenge the government as did the colonist to the British in 1776. This was not an idle threat and was taken seriously by all. In the event this occurred minority groups would be caught in the cross fire. One such group, the Jews of America, would be in great peril.

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