Divine and Deadly.

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Not all good girls are good girls. Not all girls wish to be in the arms of a man. Not all girls wish to marry and start a family and a stupid fairytale of their own. Not all good girls prefer bad boys and have everything... Because not every girl is like...Sehra Divine.

Thriller / Other
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Third person POV..

A 12-year-old girl Stands there still, with wide eyes, trembling hands and racing heart. She has never seen someone doing something so heartless ever before. She has always lived in her parents wing and her parents never allowed her to watch any crime shows either. Her friends did, yes, and they always told her to watch them as they are very scary and exciting at the same time. And at this moment, when she is witnessing a near-death of a man who had tried to almost kidnap her and seeing the women there, with a belt in her hand and blood everywhere, she doesn't know how to feel.

The women was quite preety and scary at the same time. She had black eyes and black hairs, with brown skin and quite red lips, wearing a black tight sweater and jeans and black shoes. When that man with some more like 3 people, tried to take her away by grabbing her arm forcefully and painfully, this women, angel or god-knows-what came out from a hut(maybe?) And she wasn't scared at all.

She is quite tall too. Even taller than those men and she isn't wearing any heels too. She had actually engaged in a physical fight with thise men and the other 3 were gone unconscious on that Street, when she probably broke their arms with those iron rodes lying outside.

It was very scary and maybe exciting too, she thought. And right now, when this women was satisfied after beating the hell out of that poor,half-naked, bloody man, she turned towards her. She was surprisingly not much scared now and the girl smiled at her, not expecting to receive it.
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