Divine and Deadly.

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Sweet Side - past

10 years ago...

Third person POV.

"Sehra..sehra wait...sehra wait for me babes....sehraaa..!". But she didn't stopped. She liked teasing her best friend Alana. She is the one who saw her down, she is the one who helped her when sehra had enough, she was the one who saw her in worst but didn't judged her, she was the one who laughed, cried and did funny things despite people telling how strange they are. But they didn't cared. And right now, sehra is smiling and running pushing past all the students, from her best friend and going towards the bus stop. She hid behind the wall and waited for Alana to come so she can scare her. She was smiling and giggling like a small child she is, but then again, if you only have one friend, who is everything to you, so maybe it's normal. She peeked from behind the wall, and saw Alana there frantically searching for her and said something which made sehra go all red.

"Sahara you will regret not coming out now. Once we will reach home, I will...ah..will do something but come out now ...SAHARA!". By now, Sehra face was red in embarassment. Alana always teased her with her name, intentionally calling her sahara Desert and laughed her ass off. Sehra never liked her name for those reasons.
So right now, she had to stop this madwomen who was embarassing her in middle of the road. So she came out from behind the wall, and walked towards her in hurry. Alana turned her face and smiled widely at first, and then laughing when she saw the embarassment on her friend's face. By now, sehra came beside her, grabbed her hand and dragged her away from that place. As soon as they came to a safe area( safe from people's ears), sehra was going to say her still-laughing-like-a-madwomen-bestfriend something, when their bus came and she dropped it there. For now.

After the bus dropped them to Alan's house, they both came out and went inside silently, both knowing very well what will happen now.

Alan's mom welcomed sehra always with a smile like right now. She is a kind women in her forties, preety and talented too. After exchanging pleasantries from mrs.davids, she and Alana went to her room, silently closed the doors and the war started.

Alana was angry with her for making her worry and sehra felt all warmed and hugged her tightly, and after sometime finally said-" sorry al. I just..haha..wanted to...tease you. I didn't know it will go that far. Sorry again. Please....please..". Sehra was giving Alana her sorry look and Alana side-glanced her, smiling slightly at first and then hugged her back and said-"it's okay.i understand. But next time you tease me, don't do it for long. Even though I called you sahara in order to find you, I was sick worried for you. After whatever happened, I didn't want to..."Alana was now serious and seeing dead in sehra's eyes. Sehra felt good, very good knowing atleast she has someone now who cares for her selflessly and alana knows too that she can relay on each other anytime.

After that little moment, they ate the snacks mrs.david cooked and played some mobile games, gossiped about the girls in their school and completed their homeworks.

After all this, sehra bid goodbye and finally went home. It was 8:09 pm and she knows probably what awaits for her now.
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