Divine and Deadly.

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Sweet Side - Past

Third person POV..

3 days later.

Days went like always for sehra. The same usual stuff went around like studies, pitiful and useless fights with her enemies, little amount of drama in her home with her parents and all and she and Alana as usual, shared every moment with each other. Sehra knows it that Alana doesnt find her and her issues a nuisance but she doesn't want to give her anymore stress than she already is receiving from her, so she doesn't say certain matters about herself and she is not planning to tell them anytime soon.

Right now, it's lunch and sehra and Alana is sitting together as usual, whilst gossiping, laughing and sharing each other lunch. They are in 11th standard now and their exams are around the corner, so it's not surprising for them to find some students with books on their lunch table. Sehra is good enough in her studies, while Alana needs help. But sehra does provide it. They are best friends afterall and they do help each other...right?

While laughing and joking around, the cafeteria suddenly goes quite. Sehra is eating lunch, not caring about the reasons of this sudden silence, while her curious friend look up and turn around to find a good looking guy with brown messy hairs and dark brown eyes. He is wearing a shirt and jeans and is a handsome.

His eyes land on their table and he passes a small smile to Alana. She unintentionally squeal gaining attention of all the students and the principal right there standing, who was noticed by none. Sehra giggles silently but doesn't say much.

The principal says something about this new guy arrival whose name is sed and some blah blah reasons for his late admission. No like anyone cared. Sehra knows this well enough why all girls look soo struck. It gives her a sick feeling in her stomach realizing why she never get along with girls specifically.

After some introductions made by class monitor in short time, the guy sed and principal goes away and Alana finally turns to her friend and resume eating while telling-"this guy is gorgeous...isn't he?". She is well aware that sehra could care less about anyone's looks and about this romance crap but she still tries anyway. Sehra looks up, laugh a little while drinking water to calm down and tells her-" he is like any other human male species. Why you act so..haha..like lovestruck puppy while he gave you no signal about his intrest in you?" Sehra finds it funny that girls act so desperate which is so bad for a women's self-respect. But dare she says it aloud and gets in a fight with those girly girl enimeies of her who just needs a chance to jump on her.

Alana pout but even she agrees with her.

After lunch, they make their way to their biology class. Today is lab day and sehra is super excited unlike her friend who can throw up anytime now. There is something about cutting and exploring those insects, which fascinates her more day by day. But Alana is so scared of those things and maybe that's why they are best friends.

When they enter the lab, the first thing they notice is that guy sed who is sitting in the first row table which was where sehra wants to sit with alana. When she turns her head to her friend, she is shocked to find her gone from there. She wide eyes searches here and there, when she hears a laugh. She turns and find one guy whose name she remembers something mike, inform her that her friend is now sitting in the front row. She pushes him aside and looks clearly and indeed, there she is, the traitor sitting beside that sed-bed guy and talking so ever so sweetly. She is a little angry. She always sits at last knowing Alana couldn't do dissection and helps her doing it whilst teacher not looking. She always liked the front sit but never sat just for her and now she...

Unknowingly, she is feeling something soo intense. She never felt it much before but now...she tries to shake it off and went on the only empty sit she could find which is behind the traitor and bed guy.

When Alana felt a presence before, she turned her head only to find fuming sehra. She is aware that she promised yesterday at night that she will sit with her today in front row for once and will do the practical on her own. She makes her a apologize-face and sehra relaxes a little and smiles which Alana greatly returns. The teacher comes in the class who is a middle-aged tall lady and goes to the shelf to pass the masks and gloves, and at that moment sed turns his head and find sehra, her head down as she writes something on her notes. He unknowingly smiles seeing her and finds her cute, but that's when he notice something else. A bruise near her shoulder.

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