Divine and Deadly.

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Present time.

⚠️Chapter contains severe violence.

Her bloodied hands were dragging a lifeless body with her towards a bigger empty and darker place. After a few steps she stopped towards a big board where there were many photos of people she once knew. And before she knew, her eyes started to gather tears and her whole body trembling. She cannot believe she once was a sweet girl who believed or tried to believe in everyone. Well, it was her own mistakes and decisions which landed her in this position. But she won't stop, no matter what.


After a few minutes, she finally calmed down and stared down at that girl's body she once adored. Her big preety green eyes, her sweet voice, her lovely nature....now it's just a lifeless, armless, scared, naked white body. She is now dead, but her eyes still holds that terror, the heartless women showed her, very mercilessly.
But, she is happy now. Happy she finally took what she wanted, though a part of her felt bad. Not bad enough to regret it, though. She smiled. One look on her face and one will say a girl like her is not capable of breaking even a toy, let alone killing people. But truth is, looks can deceieve and smiles can kill. Literally.

A few hours ago.

"What's the price of this one?"
"Ma'am, it will be $500."
"Isn't it a little expensive?"
"Sorry ma'am, this type of cloth is rare to find, especially for sellers like us."
"That's ok, baby. We will buy it. I will do anything for our little baby."

That was her husband and she was a preety 26-year-old women who was eight months pregnant with their baby. They came for their baby shopping and was looking for dresses for their soon-to-be-born baby girl. They both were having a perfect life, minus the creepy notes and sudden chilly feeling, this young women gets.

She works as an editor in a company and her husband is a surgeon. They both lived in a apartment and were very happy.

After coming home from shopping, they both were tired like hell, so his husband went for a shower directly and his wife went into the bedroom to take out her night suit. When she was arranging her bookshelf, she heard a noise from outside. She turned and found nothing. Still she was suspicious but shrugged it off for now. After some time, when she was done with it she heard a loud noise like breaking a window and when she turned her head, she saw a paper wrapped in a stone. She was shaking now. And she was feeling bitter and nauseous suddenly as well. But she went ahead, bent and took the paper, opened it and peeked outside the window, where she found no-one. She shivered and went to sit down and read the contents of the paper...

Dear ex-friend,
How are you doing? Well, doesn't matter when in no time you don't have to worry about that. Anyways, as your ex-friend, iam asking you to come Outta your house and don't be worried about John. I have handled him. Also don't go to the washroom, where your husband was having a bath. You may not like the scene.

Her eyes were blurry until she couldn't read anymore. She was having a difficult time breathing. Her physical health not helped either, but then she remembered her words and she quickly got up and went outside the room. Before going she wanted to know about her husband's well-being. After what that crazywomen wrote in that crappy letter, she couldn't bring herself to do it but she needed to. So she slowly dragged her legs towards the only washroom their house have, and slowly, very slowly opened it to find..her husband naked and some red rashes on his body. His eyes were wide-opened but it was clear he was dead already. She couldn't stop now. She cried. She sat down there and cried. But it wasn't even ten minutes probably, when her cell phone rang and then she realised about her situation. She contemplated weather she should report it to police or better yet women's team? But she was scared shitless so she got up and picked up the call. The other end was just beeping sound for sometime when a women's voice came into it. She gulped when she heard the other person's thick voice say-"drag your ass down now. A red polished car, the only car on the street. Don't be a smartass or else I can kill your parents too." And just like that she hung up.

She then quickly went down and saw the red car, a few meters away from her apartment. But they must have noticed the women, as the car came nearer to her and her heart was racing. That's it. There is no future for her. For her baby. She thought. Tears were rolling down but she tried to control it by wiping it again and again and soon enough, the car was in front of her. She opened the passenger door and sat down, slowly looking into the driver direction only to find a women. A women dressed in all black, with black hairs. Her nails were neat and her fingers were long and slim. Her eyes hold no emotions. The women don't know who this lady is but she sure is crazy, she thought. Her eyes were set dead ahead but she finally spoked-"if you are wondering who Iam , then don't.
Very soon you will find out." The women was shocked but not for what she said. She thought she recognised this voice. That sweet voice but now a little thick. Can she...can she be..? She shook her head. No it can't be. Or can she?

She was so lost in thoughts that she didn't realised that the car was now stopped. She glanced at that crazy yet preety women and she was staring back. Her eyes were completely emotionless. She gulped and looked out only to find a hospital? Why? She looked towards the crazy women only to find her smiling and pointing towards her belly with her index finger. She still didn't understand...or did she?! Does she want her to abort it? Tears came again and this time she made no move to hide them. She shooked her head frantically, hoping maybe the madwomen will give some mercy but she was surprised when she laughed and said quickly-" iam not that heartless to abort it. Infact what does this little cutie has even done? Or its a girl right? We will ask the doctor to take out her from that belly of yours and then...this baby will see the light and will live a great life". She was relieved at those last words...but why? Why she wants to do it?

That madwomen must have seen confusion on her face because she laughed, shooked her head and made a gesture to follow her out of the car. She did. She was actually nervous. If she is nice enough to let her baby live...then why did she killed her husband and what does she want from her?

Soon they were inside the hospital and the hospital's smell quickly reached their noses. There were people busy typing in their phones, the receptionist was on calls, the nurses going here and there frantically and soo much crowd. The young women was not feeling well. But that wasn't the thing which bothered her. The fact that the madwomen was staring her like crazy and smiling made her tremble.

Soon they were inside the office of Dr. Thomas. They were asked to wait here by a nurse. Now they both were alone and the young women finally got the courage to ask the question which was bothering her-"who are you? And what are you gonna...do..to me? And my ba..baby?"she was scared for her answer. But the crazy women just smiled. And that smile screamed silent warnings to her, so she didn't asked much.

After sometime, Dr. Thomas came and shook hands with the crazy women and the young lady. Then the crazy women asked to talk to Dr. Thomas alone. The other women was scared but she agreed anyways.

After waiting for some half-an-hour in that tiny, cold office,the crazy women finally came..but alone. She was smiling again, which was again, creepy for the other lady. She asked her about what happened there with the doctor, so she smiled brightly and shoved a document in her hands. The young women was confused but seeing the expressions on the madwomen face, she swallowed and proceed to read.

By the end of her reading that document, her face was pale, eyes wide and mouth agape.
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