Divine and Deadly.

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Sweet Side - Past

Third person POV...

As sehra walks through her school corridors towards her locker, she notices someone standing there, with their bag hanging from one shoulder, wearing dark pink shirt and jeans. It's a guy. He seems to be standing near her locker, leaning towards it, one hand in his jeans pocket. Sehra wonder who is he? But she can't see his face as his back is turned towards her. She decides to think nothing more of it and walk towards him or her locker, where he is standing.

As if sensing a presence behind, the guy suddenly turns around when sehra was just a few steps away. Sehra wide eye stares at him and so the guy. She knows this guy. He is Alana's distant cousin mark. Mark almost knew nothing about her, but sehra knew. He was a trouble maker in his previous schools and used to get beatings and lots of harsh scolding from his parents and family. Nobody liked him as he was cold, rude, mischievous and such a headache.

The guy though, still recognises sehra as Alana used to talk about her alot. Mark was never intrested in talking with girls but Alana was a stubborn one. She used to spend almost all her time with him since they were children. Also mark saw her too, when she hitted puberty, and thats when he started noticing a few things about her which probably nobody knew.

After sharing the mutual shock for sometime, mark finally comes out of it, smiles and walk away, saying nothing. He knew some of her secrets and though he is curious and worried, he doesn't want to involve in more drama than he is already facing.

On the other side, sehra was shocked seeing him. This guy was such a trouble, she used to think. And he never smiled either. Maybe he smiled just out of politeness or...he maybe doesn't remember her? Sehra is aware that mark know some of her secrets, when he suddenly came into her house one day and met her father. He even saw those bruises on her shoulder when they were playing and she fell. even Alana knows nothing about how bad her situation was but this guy knew. Tears threatened to come out from her eyes but she wiped her eyes and shook those thoughts, took her English books which is her first period and started going towards her class.


It was lunch now and though, sehra wanted to ask Alana about mark and why she didn't told her about his visit, she couldn't due to a particular brown-haired sed guy. It occurred to her that maybe Alana and that guy started to get close. She doesn't care about it as long as Alana gives her time too. All day, the sed guy sat with them and talked about almost everything. He wasn't that bad but...just but. Even sehra doesn't know what's with her feelings nowadays.
As she was so lost in thoughts, she didn't realised when two familar faces sat in front of her and snapped her out from her dreamland by joking about her being lost in her sahara desert, loudly. Sehra blushed obviously and made one second eye-contact with sed guy, as he was staring her amused. She shook her thoughts and she finally said-"how were your classes until now?" She directed this question towards sed. He obviously was shocked, knowing well enough that for some reason she was a little cold towards him since yesterday, but answered nevertheless-"it's been weird. I mean the teachers are fine but some students are cold and rude for no reason." And that was true. He was talking about all the students of crimson high, and sehra knows it too so she just agreed.

After talking about random things about this school and occasionally laughing too, sehra wanted to ask about mark. Now, she doesn't even care if sed listens or not, she was just more curious than ever and that was bugging her.

"Sooo...al. why didn't you told me about mark?".

Alana was silent for some time, probably contemplating how to answer her. But sehra can see right through her. From her expressions, and when she bit her tongue, she was sure al was feeling guilty. Guilty as in, she knews about it but didn't told intentionally. And that broke sehra. It wasn't like, she and mark had a serious past or something but...the fact that Alana is hiding things from her these days and lying right on her face...is what is breaking sehra's heart. She didn't know weather sed is the reason for it, but she was hoping everything to go back to normal. She needed to talk to al about it, nevertheless.

Finally after sometime, Alana looked up and found herself staring in sehra's black eyes. It looked hopeless and tired, as they know what she is feeling. Sed just was there sitting and was curious to know about this mark guy. Seeing the way sehra was sweating and gulping at Alana's reaction, It could be serious. But he didn't wanted to pry so he just choosed to stay silent and watch their exchange.

Alana then silently asked sehra to drop it for now, with pleading eyes and rolled her eyes to the side, pointing at sed. Sehra got the message and quickly changed the topic to their school soccer team so even sed could be included in their conversation.

After school

The whole day sehra didn't saw mark. She didn't knew weather he took admission in his school or he just came to meet Alana. Maybe it was suprise for her as well? Wait, her reaction in lunch said something else. So she didn't wanted to conclude anything. She trust alana and she was sure, that something must have been serious for her not telling sehra about it.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't realised someone sitting beside her. More specifically a certain guilty girl. Sehra rolled her eyes and fixed her eyes ahead, waiting for the bus to show up.

Alana coughed for a few seconds, hoping to gain her attention so she can talk, but seems like sehra is angry. She didn't know just how to bring that up just like that. She coughed again but at that exact time, their bus came and sehra quickly got up, almost jogging towards the bus and not even sparing a glance at Alana who was heartbroken...but she followed her soon after.

When the bus stopped at Alana's house, sehra knew she can't go there. But she also knew she can't go to her house either. Specially now when....she shook her thoughts away, forcing her to get up and get down the bus. She did and the bus went away. Alana has already got down and was waiting at the gate for her, tears in her eyes. Sehra felt bad seeing her like that but she quickly masked her feelings, went towards her, took her hand in her and dragged her inside the house. Alana happily followed, relieved atleast now she can talk to her properly.

After coming inside, sehra exchanged her usual pleasantries and they washed up and ate the snacks,which Alana's mom made. Then they went in Alana's room, in the first floor and as soon as they came inside, Alana locked the door and faced sehra, who was wearing a i-need-a-good-damn-reason expression. Her stare was so intense and her eye color didn't helped either. They were staring each other for some time, but eventually Alana sighed and gestured sehra to sit down on the bed and she did.

After some more silence, Alana cleared her throat, averted her eyes to her stuff bear in the top shelf and started speaking-" iam sorry. Sorry for not telling you about mark. Mark came just day before yesterday with his father because he have some meetings in this town so they are gonna stay here for a week it seems. And after what happened 3 years ago, I don't even know what because you both don't even tell me, but anyways, you two seem to have some dislike or something for each other and honestly I don't even wanna know why. Yeah, I don't wanna know why you broke his arm and he threw you up from the tree or anything. Because iam just tired of asking. I didn't told you because I didn't wanted that drama or that bloodbath you both used to cause for each other..."by the time she ended her rant, Alana was crying. Probably thinking of those bitter memories.

And instantly, sehra felt bad. Very bad. She was aware what happened then.
3 years ago.

It was Alana's birthday today and sehra was very excited. She is the only girl she is comfortable talking with and also she is the only one who listens her problems and understand them without complaining. Even though, sehra wanted to do something special for her, she knew she cannot. She has almost nothing. So she decides to gift her a white pluffy teddy bear, Alana was eyeing when they both went for school stationary shopping. It's nothing expensive, but sehra has no other option either.

It was already 7:30pm, till the time sehra got ready. She was wearing a yellow dress which reached her knees, a black glittery thin lace around her waist and half sleeves. She pulled a normal tight ponytail and applied black eyeshades and light mascara, with little amount of powder on her face. And she was ready. She looked so beautiful even though she applied nothing much. Her brown skin glowed more than ever today, probably because she was so happy and was sure enough that her father won't be a obstacle for her today. Yes, he went somewhere with a messy and strange looking guy and sehra didn't wanted to waste this chance, so she quickly took the teddy, which she wrapped with a pink wrapper, slipped in her black flats, took her small purple purse and went down, but not before saying bye to her mom, who was in her room studying something. She just simply smiled at her daughter, feeling good that atleast once she is seeing her so happy and just wished that it stays this way for longer.

Sehra went out and walked towards Alana's house( because she didn't have money to book a cab or neither own even a cycle). She knew it's a long walk but she was simply happy.

At last, probably after some half-an-hour, she finally reached Alana's house, so sehra smiled brightly and opened the gates and went inside. She was feeling confident today but as soon as she saw how many people are there present, she got nervous. She gulped but walked nevertheless. Some people saw her but said nothing, Some people just nodded and some even smiled. Sehra noticed some children here and there as well and also the decorations. She smiled. Even though she has no hopes for getting all this kind of things for herself, she was happy that her friend is getting to live with it always.

She was now searching for mrs. David's and Alana but couldn't find them anywhere down there. So she figured they must be in Alana's room and she is probably getting ready. So thinking that she went upstairs and as soon as she was reaching for the door knob of Alana's room, someone bumped her from behind and sehra's head fell collided with the closed door. She rubbed it making a face and turned around to find a guy, wearing a grey hoodie and black tight jeans walking down. She wanted to yell but decided to forget it and knocked the door. She knocked again but nobody said both from inside, neither opened the door. Sehra frowned and knocked once again but was interrupted by her small phone ringing. Her frowned deepened but answered the call nevertheless which was from her mom.

As soon as she answered, she heard her mother's panicked voice saying-' sehra...baby iam sorry. Your..your father is making a mess here and is demanding to see you...ri..right now. Please baby come back. I know I pro..promised tha.. that today atleast nothing will happen, but...aahh!"..and the line went dead. Sehra's hands were shaking and tears were gathering in her eyes. Her breathing became uneven as well so she dropped everything, including her mobile and purse there and went down running, pushing past all the people, for her home. But on the way, as soon as she was going out from the gates, someone again bumped with her and sehra almost felled backwards but the rough hand grabbed her arm and stopped that happening so. She looked up and couldn't see much due to her blurry eyes but she pushed the guy aside and went out running. But before she go, she turned her heads towards Alana's room, but continued running.


Sehra's and Alana's both eyes were moist till the time they were both finished remembering that time and then sehra finally looked up, to see her Friend gulping and shaking. She hugged her instantly and so Alana.

After sometime, they broked the hug and sehra continued-" I was just not aware...that someone was following me that day. Not just following, but also seeing all those things which I even kept away from you. Your cousin...mark had no right to do...to do that. I started to hate him more when since next day, he started paying me attention and giving me those pity and i-wish-i-could-help-you looks. I..iam sorry al. My father became more vio..violent an..and abusive. He...I just..I just don't wanna talk about it. Please let's drop it. Please?". Sehra's breathing was so fast, and her face was messed up with tears and nose running continuesly, which she was failed cleaning even though she was wiping her face again and again from the back of her hand. Alana couldn't see her friend like that anymore, so she nodded her head, holding back her feelings and hugged her tightly. She was curious about her father though. She didn't met him much. Infact she didn't met any of her family members and neither sehra talked about it. Alana only knows that her father is kinda abusive. And that's making her worry for her friend more and more.

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