Divine and Deadly.

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"wha..what does..what does it mean?! YOU MADWOMEN! ANSWER ME WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!"

The young lady was beyond shocked and pale. The file stated about she, agreeing for early operation of her baby, and the reasons cannot be stated due to personal life complications. And that's not it. It even has stated that she will give her baby away for someone else to adopt it. Someone who will take good care of her child and that person is...sehra?!!..how...

The young women was beyond confused but when she looked up, she found the madwomen smiling like a creep and then she said something which made her blood boil but also her knees tremble-"sign this papers up, we don't have much time. The operation will start in( she looked for the time in her wrist watch)ah, in just one hour. So sign this up or else you will lose more than you expected.". The young lady had tears in her eyes. She literally went on her knees, clasped her hands and begged-"please...'sniff', please..stop this. Why are..why..why are you so hell-bent on..on.. taking my people..away from me? Whyy?"she closed her eyes and cried. She didn't cared if anyone saw her pathetic situation. She just wanted her baby to live well. She didn't understand why this women is torturing her like this. Now she was sure, those creepy notes and her being almost dead in the elevator when she was two-month pregnant and those creepy looking guys following her everywhere until his husband reported to police...all those were done by her. She was sure now. But why? Who is she?

As in, the madwomen heard her silent questions, she answers her with something which made her heart stop for a moment-"do you know who iam? No? Ok I promise to tell you, only after the operation. And if you don't agrees for this, then remember Iam holding a certain power right now, which gave me access to your parents house as well. I know you love your mom and I. Can. Kill. Her. As. Well." She said this, while pointing her index finger down at her and with so much intensity in her dark black eyes that the only option for the young women was nod.

Before operation, the young women asked alot of times weather her baby will be safe and if that is ok, then with who will adopt her. Atlast she even dared to ask who this sehra is..even though she didn't wanted to know. When the madwomen halted in her steps for a second, the young women was scared. Her hands were shaking literally. She didn't wanted that answer so she hurried in her steps towards the room, where she will be changed into hospital gown and didn't dared to look behind her.

After the operation. After 3 hours.

The young women clearly remembers, when she was 7, she was traumatized because she found out that she was afraid of insects then. Not just they were scary for her, it even triggered her something inside, deep inside and she screamed loudly and even fainted. It happened in middle of her class, when a caterpillar suddenly fell down at her and she was soo sad and shooked.

She used to think, that was the worst fear she could face. Till yesterday, it was. But now...after losing her baby and her husband and the thought of what that madwomen could do to her and who the hell this MADWOMEN is...that caterpillar incident seems so small to her. She lost her baby, even though she is alive and is now at the cot, looking beautiful as she expected it to be. Even though, some complications came and she even nearly completely lossed her, but at last, she is safe. Her baby is safe. Her eyes again became teary, with the thought that someone else is gonna take it from her. Forever probably and...she was sure, it's that madwomen.

She was so lost In thoughts that she missed someone entering the room. She turned her head only to find that crazy women. It looks like she went home and now came changed in orange shorts and white tanktop, with black flats. Her clothing choice was shitty but dare she says it in front of her. Madwomen was wearing all black jeans and T-shirt, with black shoes and watch before, when she came to pick her up I that red car...was that for only to scare her? Is she a serial killer? Or murderer? Or psychopath?! She snapped out of her thoughts, only when madwomen coughed Loudly and when the young women, who was now more helpless than ever, saw what she was doing, she almost screamed. That MADWOMEN was now holding her, HER baby In her arms and was smiling brightly. She caressed the baby's left cheek by holding her in her right arm and kissed her forehead. The young women was shocked. Does this madwomen knew emotions?

After caressing the baby some more, the madwomen kept the baby in the cot back and turned towards the young women. All her emotions came running back at her, when she went home planning her next moves. She was beyond angry and felt bitter. She only did NOT killed her because of the baby. But now....she knew very well what she is going to do. So she faked a small smile at young women and came towards her. She is well-aware what she is going to do now and also about the camera's. She already hacked it, when day before yesterday she was planning all this and besides, she just hacked a few camera's.

She reached at the end of the bed and she can see the young women was nervous as she was gulping and sweating. Nope. She is not doing it now. So she just stopped there and sat down, careful not to touch the young women.

"Don't get scared. Iam not doing anything now. But I was just telling, after tonight's rest, you have to come with me in the morning. No questions or denying. It will lead you no where." And she just smirked. She is totally aware of what she's gonna do now, but where is the fun if she pretend to be a bad women? Ah, well she already know...

The young women just nodded at the mad women. She wants to cry, beg or run away, but she cannot. She don't even know who she is. She killed her husband, who knows what she will do to her child? The baby...whom she will lose. Probably forever.

The madwoman is totally aware of the other women's turmoil. But she is not heartless. She's not gonna kill a baby just because the young women was a traitor. She trusted her with life and secrets, but she?...broked her.

Before going, the madwoman just smiled at her and went out of the room. As soon as she went away, the young women was alone. Alone with her thoughts and tears. She don't want to die and neither she wants her baby to. When she first got to know she was pregnant, her and her husband were so happy. Happy that their family is gonna complete. They dreamt so much for their baby. Baby girl. And now ...she looked at her baby and thought to do the only thing which is needed to be done. No. She cannot wait till the morning.she..

Her next thoughts were stuck in her mind and as a nurse came inside and smiled. She gave her some medicine to eat and told that these will lessen her pain and Is given to every just delivered womens. The young women didn't and never read about those medicine. Her and her husband read soo many pregnancy books but no where it was written like that. The medicine in the hands of nurse, Is yellow coloured and big. She never liked big medicines, but if something is like that, she don't want to let go. Maybe she should eat it.

So she took the glass of water and yellow coloured tablet and put it in her dry mouth and swallowed it with water. The nurse then again smiled at her and went away. Even in nurse's smile, she could see that madwomen.

Soon, she was drifted off to sleep. Before closing her eyes completely, she thought she heard a noise, but she was already feeling tired so she ignored it.
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