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“Could I lay with you tonight? I don’t want to be alone.” I asked with his forehead pressed against mine. I hoped he wouldn’t say no. I needed to be enveloped in his arms more than ever.

His face lit. Immediately I was filled with relief. Gently, he took my hand. We climbed the stairs and instead of leading me to his bedroom, he pulled me into the bathroom. He closed the door and the click of the lock echoed. He must have seen my confusion because he closed the gap between us and cupped my cheeks. His breath brushed my face. “Jayden de Luca, before we go to bed, will you give me honor of wiping every bad memory you have of this fucking room?”

Tears gathered in my eyes. I couldn’t help it. It was probably the sweetest question I had ever been asked. The intention behind it was earth shattering. It wasn’t nervousness that had me altering my weight from foot to foot as I nodded. It was pure eagerness and longing.

Gage was capable of so much. I didn’t doubt that he could erase my troubles if given the chance. And he wanted to. For me, he wanted to.

He dropped his hands and turned the shower on. I brushed my teeth and turned around to find him testing the water. Reaching for the hem of my shirt, I started to lift the material to pull it over my head only for his hand to stop me. He pulled it back down.

“Let me.” He said. “I’m going to slowly strip every piece of clothing from your body. And then, I’m going to lick, suck and kiss every inch of you.”

It then hit me as to what he was doing. He was giving me a mental picture as to override the images in my head of the video I was sent. That alone made my heart leap with joy that he would even contemplate such a thing.

“Your head is going to be spinning by the time I’m done with you. Your body is going to be mush, it’s going to be so satisfied.”

His hands went to my hips and his body came flush with mine. He kissed my forehead, then my nose and both my cheeks. His lips lingered on the corner of my lips before he nipped my lower lips sending shivers through me. When his lips settled on mine I opened my mouth and his tongue darted in. His kiss was hungry, dominate. I’m not sure how long he assaulted my mouth but by the time he was done my head was spinning. His hands slipped under my shirt and his skin against mine was branding. I wanted more. He nipped my jaw and I lifted my arms so he could remove my shirt. It was tossed aside and his lips went to my throat. There wasn’t a spot he left untouched. Kissing my scar I gripped the back of his neck and the moan he gave as he pressed into me made the throbbing between my legs increase tenfold. He moved his lips lower and gave me an open mouthed kiss. Before I knew it, he was sucking. Unbuttoning my jeans the zipper was open and his hands slipped in my waistband and my jeans slipped down my hips. He pulled away and I stepped out of them with his help.

“Fuck you’re beautiful.” His eyes were heavily lidded with hunger as he looked at me. I couldn’t say I was glad I wore my sexy bra and underwear because I only ever wore just that. What I could say was that I was glad I had worn my red lace set. He lifted me up and set me on the counter, immediately I spread my legs so that he could stand between them. He trailed kisses over my chest and unclipped my bra. It was tossed aside. I loved his moans. “Your skin is so soft, Jayden. Tell me... is your nipple going to feel like silk or velvet against my tongue?” I caught a glimpse of him licking his lips before his mouth captured one of my nipples.

“Gage.” I gasped. It was as if I was being touched for the first time. He massaged the other and before long he moved his mouth to the other nipple and cupped the other. His mouth trailed down my ribcage and torso and with my help he removed my underwear.

“I hope you don’t mind.” I said. I had a Brazillian wax done in high school and ever since then I never went without.

“Oh, baby, why do you think I’d mind?” He flicked his eyes to mine. “It’s fucking beautiful. I can’t wait any longer to taste you.” His voice was graveled and he pulled my butt to the edge of the counter. “I promise I’ll have you coming on my tongue over and over and over again. I’m going to have you coming so much you won’t remember where the fuck you are.” My heart leaped when he dropped to his knees. He lifted my leg and slipped it over his shoulder just as his mouth settled on the clit.

“Ah—” I gripped his head and my back arched. I pressed his head closer. His groan was hungry and deep and it shot shockwaves through me. Licking my folds with the flat of his tongue I came.

“Gage.” I shivered.

Just as I was coming down from my high he slipped his tongue inside and I came again. It didn’t know it could last so long.

“Oh my g—” My breath was sucked out of me. He ate me like he starved for it. Like I was his last meal.

He sucked, licked and it echoed in the bathroom. All I could focus on was his assaults. The way he took over my body. I was lost in a daze when suddenly I was consumed with euphoria once again.

This time, I wasn’t sure how long it took me to float back down.

Placing a single kiss on my clit he pulled back. “Your pussy’s like velvet against my tongue and damn, Jayden do you taste good. I could eat you all fucking day.” He stripped from his clothes and lifted me. I wrapped my legs around his hips and his mouth came down on mine. I tasted myself for the first time. He brought us in the shower and my back was met with cold tile. Our tongues duled. His hands left no skin untouched. He ground his hips against mine and I nearly came again. I had never known my body to be so sensitive. His dick felt like velvet as it slid between my folds. His moans were intoxicating. His grip on me was like iron. He kissed my neck and I pressed my head back into the tile as I tried to catch my breath, only to come again as he ground his hips even harder against me.

“That’s it baby, come on me.”

And I did.

Two more times to be exact.

I hadn’t known that was possible. I had heard stories of women claiming such things but never having experienced it myself I always wondered if they had stretched the truth.

Until now.

Now I knew what I had been missing all along.

And the heights he took me to? I’ve never felt them so strong.

I heard Gage’s voice but couldn’t comprehend what he was saying. My head was spinning. My body was mush. Just as he had promised.

By the time Gage carried me out of the shower the water had turned cold.

How long had we been there?

Still clinging to him I laid my head on his shoulder. I could barely keep my eyes open. I felt a towel cover my back and before I knew it I was sitting on his mattress. He dried me off and slipped me beneath the covers. He was no longer drenched with water and when he climbed in bed I rolled to him. I laid my head on his chest and wedged my leg between his. His arm wrapped around me and held me tight. “You must have blue balls.” I managed to say. Because I don’t remember him coming.

“I have the worst case of blue balls in history right now.”

I went to reach for him but he stopped me.

“Tonight is all about you, Jayden de Luca.” He kissed the top of my head and I fell asleep.

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