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Deion had volunteered to pick Abel up since his flight had landed during my training. Jayden was on a run with Knox and my coaches were playing Call of Duty on the Playstation.

“You’re getting your ass handed to you, Alex.” I said and took a heavy gulp of my protein shake.

“Fuck you, I know.” Alex never glanced my way. His eyes were glued to the tv.

Seeing the black suv pulling up I stepped out onto the porch. I kept my head angled so that the bill of my hat blocked out the sun’s rays.

“He bitched about my music the whole time.” Deion said as he exited the vehicle. “He said it was a combination of country and white noise. He’s on his computer right now. God only knows what he’s doing.”

I flicked my gaze to the tinted window. Deion was right. Anytime he was with a computer the possibilities were endless.

“When I picked him up he thanked me for paying for his tickets.” Deion frowned. “I checked my account and the little shit head hacked in and charged both tickets to me. First class. I’m equally irritated as I am impressed.”

Gage laughed. None of that came as a surprise to me. My brother knew just what to say to get under your skin.

“I’ll pay you back. I’m going to go talk with him. You can go on if you want. The crew and Spencer are on the couch playing Call of Duty.”

Deion tapped me on the shoulder. “That is beyond my skills my friend. I’m frankly too old for that. I’m gonna grab one of the boys to help carry Abel’s things.”

I arched my brow.

“He brought a lot of shit.”

While Deion went inside, I walked over to the SUV and knocked on the passenger window.

Instantly the door opened. Abel flashed a smile and removed his Airpods.

“His music is crap!”

I grinned. Happy to see him. “Thanks for coming man.”

“Is she here?” Closing his laptop, he slid it in his backpack and climbed out of the car.

I gave him your typical brotherly hug. “She’s on a run with her brother.”

“Becoming rather a distraction is she?” Abel tossed his backpack on and went to the back of the SUV and opened the hatch.

“Bro, you have no idea.” I laughed.

“Yeah, I do. A bombshell like that walking around…hell, I’d forget about going to the gym. If I were you I’d lock myself in my bedroom with her and never come out. That’s all the exercise you need.”

“She’s not like that. And by the way, that shit you pulled watching her while she hopped in the tub while I was on the phone with you yesterday wasn’t cool bro.”

He put his hands up in surrender. “Alright, alright, calm down there Rocky. It won’t happen again.”

“Make sure it doesn’t.” I didn’t try to keep the hard edge from my voice.

Pulling his bag of Skittles from his Skin’s hoodie, Abel poured them in his mouth. “Have to say her birthmark sure is in a nice spot.”

I reached out and smacked my brother on the back of the head. He may have been right, but still. I had to say though the mark looked like dark splattered paint on the right side of her groin and it was a sweet spot indeed.

“Ow.” Abel rubbed the spot that I knew was stinging. Good. He more than deserved it.

“What did you bring?”

“Lots of toys. Some are mine and some belong to a friend. He’s a hacker too that got hired when I did.”

“Hey, Einstein.” Alex said upon approach.

“You got a new tattoo I see.” Abel shook Alex’s hand. “That’s a sick dragon.”

“I know.” Alex grinned.

I looked at Alex. I couldn’t help but taunt him. “Give up?”

“Don’t know who I was playing against but he kicked my ass. He’s kicking all our asses. Even Tom’s.”

“What were you playing?” Abel asked.

“Call of Duty.”

“ColdWar or Warzone?”

“Warzone.” Alex replied.

“What’s the guy’s name?”

“X—Something or rather.”

“I’ll play with you in a few. Let me get this set up first.”

“Is this your brother?”

I turned when I heard Jayden’s voice. Knox was approaching right behind her. Jayden leaned into my side and I didn’t hesitate to wrap my arm around her. Her skin was clammy and she tried to catch her breath. “This is my brother, Abel.”

Jayden offered her hand. “I’m Jayden.”

“I know.” Abel just stared.

I had to admit that I too got a little tongue tied when she smiled brightly like she was now. She had the most beautiful smile.

Jayden dropped her hand and bit her lower lip. By her blush I could tell she knew exactly how socially awkward my brother was around beautiful women. “It’s nice to meet you, Abel. I appreciate you coming.”

Knox stepped forward. “I’m Knox.”

Abel shook the offered hand. “Abel.

“So— You think you can figure out who’s contacting my sister?” Knox rubbed his jaw.

I knew what Knox was getting at. He was skeptical since my brother looked barely old enough to shave.

“Abel is nineteen and has an IQ of one-eighty seven. He’s a fucking genius. He’s also a badass when it comes to technology. He’s been hacking since he was little. He got caught a year ago for tapping into some government satellite and instead of charging him they offered him a job. If any body can hack into Jayden’s phone and figure this shit out it’ll be him.”

“Then let’s get your shit inside.” Knox smiled.

I gave Abel my room because no one would be able to share a room with him as he typed away all hours of the night. How he managed to run for a few hours like he did was beyond me. It was more than enough motivation for me to move my stuff out since Jayden offered me to share her room. Hell, we’ve been sleeping together every night for a while anyway.

It didn’t take long for Abel to set up.

In the far corner of his room, it looked like a damn command center. Flat screen monitors, towers, switch boards and other devices I knew nothing about were crammed atop a few small folding tables. Wires draped every which way.

“Holy shit.” I murmured. No matter what my brother did, he always went all out.

“Check this out.” Abel grinned. He snatched Jayden’s phone off the table. “I put a chip in Jayden’s cell, which will allow me to track all her calls. So if that psycho calls her, I can find out what number he’s calling from.”

“She said his number was restricted.”

“Ah…that’s alright. It will take longer to crypt it, but I can do it.”

“How long?”

A cocky grin crossed Abel’s face. “Not long.”

“Did you learn all this stuff at MIT?” Abel was only at MIT for half a semester before he had the authorities show up to arrest him.

“No.” Was all he said.

“You’re a fucking genius you know that? You always seem to amaze me.”

“It’s not hard to figure out.”

“Can you track her text that she got?”

“I’m running it now, but most likely it’s a burner and he dumped it right after. Pry got a new one. Burners are hard but not impossible to track down. But I’ll tell ya, when I got into her phone earlier I saw what the psycho sent her and fuck man…the guy is fucking wacked. He ah…he’s really sick bro.”

“Did you erase it?”

“Nah, but I did save a copy to my computer. It may come in handy later.”

“Is it still on her phone?”

“Yeah.” Abel handed me her phone. “You can give it back to her now. Just don’t tell her what I did to it.”

“I don’t plan to. And I know how terrible this is but, I don’t want anyone else to know about it either.”

“It’s smart not to. Whoever he is, she knows him.”

“I know.”

“I put the same chip in Knox’s home phone just in case if the guy decides to call on that one, though I don’t think he will.”

“I didn’t think about that.”

“The chip in her phone will also let me know where she is at all times. You know— In case we need to— you know— find her or something.”

“It’s not going to come to that.”

Abel said nothing. And I was glad for it. The thought of her being taken made me want to puke.

“So I think I got everything covered. All I can do now is sit and wait. You know, with her hooking up with you is more than likely going to draw this bastard out.”

“That’s if he knows about it.”

“He does.”

“How can you be sure?”

“He’s watching all her movements, don’t doubt it. And stop worrying about it so much.”

“Yeah.” Easier said than done.

“Believe me bro when I say not to worry she’ll be fine. There’s nowhere or nothing she can do that I won’t know about.”

“I don’t doubt anything you’re doing, Abel. I mean shit...you’re doing more than the cops around here are. And the game he’s playing with her...it pisses me off that I don’t know what the fuck he’s up to. Or who he is.”

“Somewhere he’ll screw up, Gage. And I’ll be watching when he does.” Abel said. “ Are there any other videos, text’s I need to be aware of?”

“Knox caught him delivering flowers to the house the other night on the surveillance camera.”

“I want that.” Abel sounded eager.

“Talk to Knox. He’ll get it for ya.”

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all you’re doing Abel.”

“Don’t worry about it bro.”

“When do you have to be back for work?”

“Boss is giving me two weeks.”

“That long?”

“I asked for more but two is all he gave me.”

“Pretty generous since you just started working there.”

Abel gave a nod in thought. “They had one of my seniors watching me like a fucking hawk on and off work and they though I didn’t know.”

“What did you do?”

“I hacked into his computer at work and sent him this—” Abel held up his middle finger.

I chuckled but it wasn’t from the humor I found in it. It was because I didn’t want him to dig himself a deeper grave. “Abel...”

“Fuck that. It’s not my fault I’m better than he is at his job.”

“How old is he?”


“It pissed him off.”

Abel laughed. “You have no idea. I found myself in the principal’s office and was given a warning.”

“Heed that warning, Abel.” I said. “I don’t want to come visit you behind bars.”

Again, Abel nodded. He stood, saying, “I’m going to join the boys downstairs and kick this X—Something’s ass.”

* * *

Pulling up to Jayden’s house I put the car in park and killed the engine. I squeezed her thigh. “You ready?” I asked.

“I am.” Her smile was minute but it was genuine. I was happy to see no pretense.

I leaned over and kissed her. I kept it simple but allowed my lips to cling to hers longer than normal. Damn did I want her. And to some degree I felt like an ass that this is where my mind kept drifting to when we were here to clean up her place and grab a few items that she had wanted to pick up.

I turned on the car alarm when we got out. I stood beside her and she threaded her fingers between mine. I gave a light squeeze and kissed her temple before I pulled her up the stairs. I couldn’t help the grin that crossed my face when I saw the screen door Spencer was responsible for ripping off as he threw Brock through the threshold. Every bit as quickly as the humor hit me, I was irritated by the words Brock had spoken to her. I pushed the thought aside. I had to. Because I found myself wanting to connect my fist with the fucker’s jaw.

“Don’t think about it.”

I turned to Jayden. How had she known what I was thinking?

As if she read my mind, she laughed, “You’re squeezing my hand really tight.”

“Sorry.” I smiled sheepishly. I let up a bit but didn’t drop her hand.

“Spencer said he put the new screen door on the side of the garage. He would have put it on but he forgot his tools and my house key so he couldn’t get inside to grab mine.”

“I’ll put it on.”

She unlocked the door and I followed her inside.

Her place was homey and inviting. It matched her to a tee. I saw a stack of Pottery Barn decorating books on the shelf along with a couple of broken picture frames. Shattered glass lingered in the hallway and the coffee table was offset by a foot. Or two. Drops of blood were on the living room floor and a few managed to get on her throw rug.

I turned my attention to her. “Where’s your broom?”

Her two bedroom bungalow was quite small so it took about an hour to clean. She was just finishing wiping out the refrigerator as I hauled the last bag of garbage out.

Hearing shuffling coming down the hallway I entered her room to find her on her tiptoes as she reached for her overnight bag. “Here.” I reached above her and pulled it down.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” I tossed it on her bed and sat on the mattress. I looked up and her eyes were already on me. “What?”

“Thank you for helping me today.”

I winked at her, causing a blush to spread across her cheeks. Gripping her shirt, I pulled her to me. She angled her head just enough so that I could kiss her. The moment my lips met hers, I coaxed her mouth open with my tongue. Placing her hands on my shoulders she groaned as she straddled me. As if my hands had a mind of their own, they ran up and down the length of her thighs.

“You have the sexiest legs, Jayden de Luca.” I needed her so damn bad that I didn’t even recognize my own voice.

She moved her lips to my neck. It was like a thousand electrodes shot throughout my body. “Holy—” I swallowed hard. “Fuck. Jayden. Baby—”

She cupped my face and I couldn’t miss how dilated her eyes had become. “I need you.” She bit her lower lip. “I want you.”

“I want you more than you know. But I don’t want you doing anything that you’re going to regret.”

“I’ve never wanted anything more, Gage. What I feel for you— I have never felt with anyone else. There’s no room for regrets.”

I sure fucking hope not.

Because if Jayden decided to leave me, she’d take my heart with her. And I’d be left with whatever shattered pieces were left.

And that reality alone was humbling.

Slipping my hands beneath her shirt, I skimmed over the hollow of her back and up her spine, gripping as I spanned my hands across her ribcage. I pulled her closer and I placed my lips on her.

She didn’t hold back.

She nipped my lower lip before she slipped her tongue between my teeth.

“Do you know how sexy you sound when you growl like that?”

I chuckled. “I’m glad I turn you on.”

Grabbing the hem of her tank, she lifted her arms over her head and removed the material that hindered our foreplay. When she reached behind her to unclasp her bra, I grabbed her hands causing her to pause.

“Allow me.”

A playful smile crossed her lips and she dropped her hands.

I gripped her ribcage once again and roamed my eyes over every inch of her. Damn was she beautiful. And I have had my fair share of beautiful women. The difference was that Jayden was far more tempting. She meant something to me where the other’s hadn’t.

“I thought you said—”

“I’m not going to rip your clothes off and rush this. Not with you. I’m going to make love to you, Jayden. You’re not just some screw. I told you I want more with you and I meant every word.”

Her eyes glossed over. Her face lit and nipped her lower lip.

I kissed the hollow of her neck. I felt her shiver and it made me grin. I’m glad I had that effect on her. “I’ve been craving for this ever since our first encounter in Vegas.”

“You did eye me like a wolf on the prowl.”

Skimming my lips down her chest, I lightly bit the gentle swell of her breast.

“You’re a biter.”

“Isn’t that what wolves do?” I grinned.

“You’re the first to bite me.” She admitted. “And I have to say...I really like it.”

I wrapped my arm around her back and flipped over so that she now lay beneath me. Her hair sprawled over the bed cover as I hovered over her. Bumping my arm on her overnight bag I pushed it to the floor.

“All you have to do is lay there,” I replied. “I’ll do the rest.”

Sitting back, I cupped both her breasts. Slipping my thumbs beneath the wire of her bra I brushed my thumbs across her nipples.

Her eyes dilated.

She grabbed my forearm and arched her back with a moan. Her eyes never leave mine.

Slowly, I kissed her chest and unclasped her bra; peeling it off her. I assaulted one breast and then the other and knelt between her legs. Slipping my fingers in the waistline of her jean shorts I kept my eyes locked on hers as I slowly pulled them off along with her lacy underwear.

I rubbed my thumb across her sensitive nub.

Her eyes closed.

“Take them off.” She gasped and reached for the button on my jeans.

“We’ll get to that later.”


“We’re taking it slow.”


“You sound like you’re in pain.” I chuckled.

“I don’t think I can go slow.”

“Just let me please you, baby.”

“Gage.” she pleaded.

“Shhh.” Starting at the delicate arches of her feet, I trailed my hands up her calf, over her thigh. No matter how much I wanted her, I was determined to go slow. I kissed my way from her pelvic bone to her neck. Licking her scar as she gripped my head. I unfastened my jeans and slipped them off. My boxers quickly followed. Pulling away, I slid down the bed. “I’m going to take care of you.” I whispered. I placed a light pressure on her inner thighs saying, “Open for me, baby.”

She did just that.

Slipping my hands under her thighs, I gripped her waist. Using the flat of my tongue, I licked the folds of her maiden.

Jayden moaned. “Oh God.” Her breath came up short.

I felt her body tense. Slipping my finger into her warmth. “Let it happen Jayden. Don’t fight it.”

I continued my assaults. I couldn’t get enough of her sweet taste. Unable to fight it any longer, Jayden surrendered to the bliss. Her thighs squeezed my head. Damn did that turn me on even more.

I stopped my assaults when her legs dropped to the mattress as she tried to catch her breath.

I slid off the bed and grabbed a condom from my wallet.

I know...

“Gage.” She looked like a loose cannon. “Gage Buchannan if you’re changing your mind…”

He held up the condom. “Oh.” She brushed her bangs aside. “Right.”

I ripped it open and rolled it on.

“It’s no wonder your reputation is renowned.”

I looked up. Her eyes weren’t on mine. Their focus was much lower. Much much lower.

“Where’d you hear that?” I chuckled. I knelt between her legs.

“Where haven’t I heard it?” Reaching out, she sat up and gripped my shaft.

With a low groan I closed my eyes. With her continuous rhythmic motion, I wrapped his hand around her petite wrist and pulled myself from her grasp.

She flicked her gaze to mine.

“I’d rather lose myself inside you.”

Her lips parted.

With her other hand, Jayden took my hand in hers, and eased herself on her back, pulling me down with her.

Bracing my weight on my forearms, I cupped her face, kissed her light.

“If at any time I make you…”

“You won’t.” She reached down, guided me to her.

“Just let me know.” Taking her mouth, I surged forward.

Her warmth surrounded me.

Jayden gasped.

“Holy fuck.” I whispered.

She was tight, hot. And welcomed my every inch.

“Wrap your legs around me, baby.” I could barely breath as my long strokes touched her very core.

“You’re so wet, Jayden. So damn sweet.”

She gripped my shoulders.

“Gage.” her voice shook. Her body quivered. Reaching down, she cupped my balls as she came once again.

“Oh, baby.” Slipping my arm beneath her, I crushed her to me, absorbing all I could from her.

“Come with me.”

I felt the tingling sensation in my lower back and my body tensed. I nipped her mouth and our tongues collided in the most erotic tangle. I lost myself to pure adrenaline filled ecstasy.

My mind went blank.

For several moments we just lay in the complete realm of splendor. Rolling to my side, I pulled her with me so that we lay face to face. Just inches apart.

I brushed my thumb across her cheek.

“I’ve never felt my soul merge with another’s before.” she admitted. She spoke as though she was confessing a grave secret. With her eyes cast, I intently watched her. The vein in her neck was pulsating rapidly.


After a few seconds she fixed her gaze to mine.

“I’ve slept with so many women I lost count a long time ago. You’re the only one I’ve ever made love to. You’re the only one who’s owned my heart, body and soul. I’m glad that you’ve never felt like this with your ex or anyone else. Because I haven’t either. I’m pleased that you have only shared it with me. And I you.”

* * *

He watched from a distance.

His knuckles now white as the blunt end of his fingernails dug into the sweaty palms of his hands.

Keeping his fists pressed against his knees, he leaned forward in his chair, his lips thin.

His brows furrowed.

His muscles taunt.

His teeth clenched.

How could Jayden betray him like this?

How could she give herself to anyone but him?

What did she think Gage possessed that he didn’t?

Seeing Gage’s hand grip her thigh as she wrapped her leg around him caused his jaw to clench. He nearly felt the pain as Jayden raked her nails down Gage’s back wishing it were his back instead.

If only this had been an illusion.

But it hadn’t been.

And now he knew the truth.

She was purposely torturing him.

Why was she trying to make him jealous?

Didn’t she know that she was driving him mad with want?

The realization of it all sent him into pure rage. Lifting his hand, he slammed his fists down, making the screen turn to fuzz as it landed solidly in the center of his keyboard. After making several attempts to regain the camera image, he shot to his feet, his chair toppling backwards in the process. The vein in his neck pulsated with the rapid beat of his heart.

Seeing the cluttered mess of empty wrappers and pop cans surrounding his computer he swiped his arms across the table, sending everything to the floor. With his monitor still standing, he picked it up, yanked it free from its cords as he hurled it across the room. In the pinnacle of his wrath, he turned around, grabbed the edge of his desk and flipped it over. Hearing the shatter of glass sliding across the concrete flooring behind him he whipped around. Holding his breath, he furiously scanned the wall for any minute misplacement.

A short breath escaped him.

To his relief, his prized wall of mixed photographs was in perfect order. As for his door, it wasn’t in the best of shape. The computer; having hit dead center, left a gaping a hole.

Grabbing the back of his chair, he fixed it up right. Dropping heavily onto the chair, he propped his boots on the corner of his desk. He lifted his hand, touched the corners of his eyes with his thumb and finger and rubbed them across his lids. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he dropped his hand, blinked several times to clear his vision. He would have said that if it wasn’t for the ruby red hue that had taken over his domain, he wouldn’t have had the migraine like he did.

But it wasn’t.

It was because of Jayden.

He didn’t want to see it, but since she’d come back, she had done nothing but disturb him with her absurd behavior. Not only did she not come to him as he had hoped, but now she clung to this stranger that clearly wasn’t right for her.

Gage didn’t know her like he did.

Hell, no one did.

Why did she taunt him so?

Did she not understand the dangers of a game she played? Her silly tempts of making him jealous weren’t working.

In fact, they goaded him to no end.

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