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I stepped out of the SUV and heard Tom speaking to Jared, one of our flight attendants that works on the jet.

“He’s in a mood, so I’d leave him be.” Tom said under his breath. Tom and Deion had decided to fly to Vegas with Jayden and I. I knew they wanted to keep an eye on me since I was as Tom put it ‘In a mood’. Alex flew home because he was eager to see his wife and kids. He’d meet us down there tomorrow.

“Understood.” Jared replied, with a light chuckle. He had only bore witness to my foul mood a few times but he knew what he was in for. Most likely he’d stay away.

Which was good.

I wasn’t in the mood to mingle.

While Jared, Deion and Tom gathered the luggage I climbed the stairs behind Jayden and entered the family private jet. “Good morning, Mr. Buchanan.”

Rose had been working for my father for nearly six years now. She was in her late twenties with dark brown hair and matching eyes. I knew she found me attractive because I’d caught her more than once checking me out when she first started. She no longer does. Which I’m grateful for. Maybe my dad had something to do with it since he happened to be on the flight the last time it happened. My dad has no tolerance when it comes to situations such as that.

Me...I wouldn’t touch my father’s employee’s with a fifty foot pole. Because let’s face it, I’d hate for them to lose their job when they got paid as well as they did and had the hefty package that came along with it.

Rose must have sensed my mood because she looked uneasy. Her smile faltered. I should feel bad about that but I don’t.

“Rose, this is Jayden. Jayden, Rose.” I placed my hand on Jayden’s low back. I slipped my thumb under her shirt and rubbed circles on her skin.

“Jayden, it’s nice to meet you.” Rose offered her hand. I could see the slight shock and it was well placed. I had never brought a girl abroad before. The reason why is because I discarded women like I do water bottles. And frankly, I hadn’t wanted to deal with trying to fly them wherever they lived once I was done. The only ones I ever brought aboard were friends. Jayden slipped her hand in Rose’s immediately with a bright smile. “If there’s anything you need don’t hesitate to ring me.”

“Thank you.” Jayden removed her sunglasses and placed them atop her head.

Rose’s smile faltered and flicked a glance to me so quickly before settling the back on Jayden I thought I may have imagined it. But, that was proven true when Jayden said, “It wasn’t Gage that hit me.”

Rose forced a smile and excused herself.

I slid my hand to Jayden’s hip and squeezed. I took a deep breath and my jaw clenched. I found my heart pumping quickly again. It surprises me how swiftly I get worked up at the reminder of what took place yesterday. Jayden has been able to calm me down but I’m wondering if she’ll get tired of it soon. Somewhere we flipped roles. Instead of her panicking and me calming her down, I’ve been the one getting riled up and she’s been the calm one. How the fuck she’s been calm after lastnight is beyond me. My hands still ache to punch Jamie. I find it a little surprising considering that I beat the shit out of him and broke my hand in the process.

Nudging her forward, I guided Jayden to an oversized chair and placed a firm kiss on her lips. I knelt before her and wrapped my arms around her. I loved that she not only wrapped her arms around my neck but gripped my rib cages between her thighs. I buried my face in her neck and savored her perfume and body wash. She always smelled so damn good.

“I’m alright, Gage.”

I couldn’t tell you how many times she’s told me this. It’s been a lot. But, still it hadn’t sunk in. I couldn’t stop dwelling on the fact that I almost lost her.

I almost lost the love of my life.

“You didn’t lose me.” She whispered.

I loved how she always knew what I was thinking.

I gripped her harder.

In return, she kissed the side of my eye and cheekbone. I looked up and the smile she gave me was filled with so much love. She’s been looking at me like that since last night. Not that she didn’t before, she just did it more often now. We’ve made love three times since I took her home from the hospital. And I needed her again.

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” Rose approached, “But the captain has asked me to inform you that we will be taking off in a few minutes.”

I could hear the smile in Jayden’s voice when she replied, “Thank you, Rose.”

I barely heard Rose’s departure on the thick carpet but I knew she had left. I lifted my head and Jayden kissed me so softly before she opened her mouth for me. I slipped my tongue in her mouth and kissed her slowly.

After I took my seat we both buckled.

Tom and Dione had plugged in their airpods and sat on the opposite end of the plane. Most likely, to give Jayden and I our space.

“It’s a beautiful plane.” Jayden said sheepishly. She ran her hands over the wide armrests and looked around. The white leather made the Mahogany accents stand out.

“My mother designed the interior.”

“Well, your mother has great taste.”

I had to agree. Everything my mother designed or had her hand in looked amazing. She often helped her friend desin her friends home and vacation villas.

Jayden stared at me and I could see the wheels turning in her head. I didn’t need to ask her what she was thinking because she was more than happy to fill me in. “You. Need. To. Smile.”

I pointed to the double doors behind her. “What I need is to have this plane take off so that I can take you in the bedroom.”

“You aren’t getting laid again until I see you smile.” She crossed one of her killer legs over the other and raised a brow.

This was the first time Jayden dug her heels in. I hoped it wouldn’t be the last. Something within me told me it wasn’t. She’s the first woman to ever challenge me. Frankly, I find it really hot.

I gave her a grin. No, correction— I forced myself to grin because I wasn’t in the mood. I didn’t feel like smiling.

The engine started and I couldn’t help but be glad because now I was that much closer to getting her into the bedroom.

“Are you a nervous flyer?” I should have asked her earlier.

She shook her head. “You?”

I shook my head.

A few minutes later we were in the air. The second the pilot announced that we could remove our seat belts, mine was off and I was standing in the aisle with my hand out to Jayden. She, however, looked from me to my hand back to me. She made no attempt to move.

“I smiled.” I said.

“That wasn’t a smile that was a smirk.”

Her challenge sent a warmness through my chest. Call it what you will, but I loved that she didn’t give in. This time, there was nothing forced about my smile. I shook my head in amusement. I watched her unbuckle and she placed her hand in mine.

“Now that was a genuine smile.” She was now smiling back at me.

I gripped her hip and slowly walked her backwards towards the room. “That was kinda hot you know.”

“What?” She laughed.

“You. Challenging me. It was really hot. No girls ever did that.” Her back came flush with the doors and I pressed my hard length into her.

I love her gasps. What I love even more is that her sex drive matched my ever so demanding one perfectly.

Reaching behind her I turned the handle and pushed open the door. “Take your clothes off.” I said and closed the doors. I stripped from my clothes and Jayden had only removed her shorts and sandals. I grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head once she lifted her arms. I grabbed her waist and lifted her, groaning when her legs wrapped around me.

“I need you, Jayden.”

“I know.” Her eyes bore into mine. I knew she needed me too but I needed her more. I can’t shake the fact that I almost lost her. I felt a void in my chest and didn’t know how to fucking fill it. The only time it was manageable was when I was making love to her. Would I have to make love to her twenty-four seven? Because if that’s what it took, I was more than up for the task.

She cupped my cheeks and bit my lower lip causing my dick to twitch. I gripped her butt cheeks hard and hovered over when I placed her on bed. “I love you, Jayden de Luca.”

“I love you too.”

* * *

I entered the hotel with my right hand in Jayden’s since the other was swollen and broken. Noticing a certain burnet behind the counter caused me to be filled with dread. I should be grateful I guess considering that I was currently feeling something other than rage and protectiveness of Jayden from all the shit that happened.

“Why the long face?” I looked at Jayden who looked amused, only for her to add, “And why’d you groan?”

I didn’t realize I had.

I came to a stop and keeping my fingers threaded through hers I pushed her arm back until my forearm wrapped behind her lower back. I pulled her forward so now her front was pressed up against mine. “The receptionist came to my room the night I met you.” I replied. Her eyes narrowed. She had false assumptions and I couldn’t let that fly. “However, I left her standing in the hallway, shocked that I turned her down while holding a bottle of wine and her shirt open as I went to play virtual golf with the guys. I didn’t sleep with her.”


Her lips were no longer thin and she took a breath of relief. It then hit me. “Were you jealous?”

She notched her chin up an inch. Several seconds went by before she said, “She’s pretty.” She shrugged her shoulders.

That nearly knocked me backwards. It was the first time I’d witnessed Jayden being insecure. What she had to be insecure about I haven’t a clue. She wasn’t only beautiful on the outside, but she was beautiful on the inside. She had the kindest heart I’d ever met. And the most genuine. There wasn’t anything about her I didn’t love. Yes, the receptionist was pretty but if one was judging by a scale one to ten, ten being the highest, she was a four while Jayden was, well…an eleven. I was about to clarify as much but she spoke up first.

“Well, as I see it, you can either dwell on the fact that she wants you or...” she leaned in and whispered against my ear, “dwell on the fact that I’m not wearing any panties,” she pulled back and tugged me towards the desk. “Come on, let’s check in.”

I chuckled and followed her like I was a lost puppy.

“Checking in.”

The receptionist typed away on her computer and hadn’t looked up. It was a little Deja Vu.

“Just a moment and I’ll be right with you.”

Not a moment later and she looked up. Her eyes met mine.

Yep...She remembers me.

Needless to say, she looked embarrassed. Her eye’s went to Jayden and after taking her in, she forced a smile.

“Don’t worry...No one stacks up against her.”

I hadn’t realized I said it aloud until Jayden looked at me with her jaw slightly dropped. And giving me a look that screamed ‘that was rude’.

Well, hell…

There’s no coming back from that.

Though feeling like a jackass I did well in hiding it.

“Gage Buchanan.” I said, flicking my gaze to the computer so she could check us in.

“Will you be needing help with your luggage?” The receptionist asked in monotone.

“Yes.” I glanced at Jayden with a smirk.

“Don’t look at me like that.” I saw her squint behind her Versace sunglasses. If I had to guess, she was waiting to take them off until we reached the hotel so she could avoid the stares of the mark on her upper cheek and black eye.

“You packed like we’re moving here.” My tone held a ring that hadn’t been there earlier. I was trying to be in a good mood for her. It wasn’t just because I was afraid she’d threaten to withhold sex from me like she did earlier, though that did have a big part of it. I needed my attitude to be back to normal. Not for me, but for her.

She deserved more than my foul mood.

“We’re staying for a week. Then we are visiting your parents for several days after that.” She said in her defence.

“You’re telling me that you haven’t planned to go shopping during that time?”

“Oh, no, I’m going shopping here and in Seattle.” She said matter of fact.

A light chuckle escaped me causing her smile to widen.

“How many key cards would you like?” The receptionist didn’t bother looking up as she asked.


After grabbing the cards off the desk, I led Jayden to the Skyline Terrace suite.

“Do you ever stay in a normal room?”

“No.” And I didn’t.

I left the door open and the bellhop unloaded our luggage. I tipped him a hundred dollars and closed the door after he left.

Jayden dropped her purse and sunglasses on the kitchen counter. “You want to get something for lunch?”

I backed her into the counter so that her butt rested against the edge. Placing my hands on the granite, I leaned over her and placed a single kiss on her upper cheek carefully because I knew the bruise was sore to the touch. She closed her eye and I kissed her eyelid wishing that I could erase the fucking thing. “Ready for round five?”

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