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We were playing war.

And I was winning.

Flipping over a card, I placed one face up between us and so did Gage.

“Ah...son of a bitch.”

I laughed as I noticed his jack beside my queen. I grabbed the two cards and placed them in the bottom of my hefty stack.

“We should play something else.” I continued to laugh. I had roughly forty cards of fifty-two.

“Fuck that.” He scoffed. I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t want to change games considering how competitive he was.

“You think you can come back from that?” I doubted.

Having my bare foot in his lap while the other was resting on the edge of his chair between his legs he reached down and stroked the ankle that rested on his lap. “Baby, I’m going to kick your ass at this game and make you cry.”

This time I joined his laughter. I had to say, I found his trash talk hilarious. Girlfriend or not, he didn’t hold back when it came to playing card games. He simply treated me as if I were one of the boys. I was glad to see him smile. It had taken me two days before I managed to chip away a piece of the wall he had put up. I knew it was still there but at least I had taken a piece off. Again he had made me bow legged. We’ve had more sex these last few days than I can count. I knew he loved sex with me as much as I did him, but since my kidnapping I came to realize that was one of the ways he was coping. It was as if he was filling a void. It was as close to an explanation I could give.

“With your eight cards?” I knew he had more than eight but I thought I’d jab at him a little.

He held up his stack. “There’s fucking more than eight, Jayden.” I loved the humor in his tone. I held on to every piece of his elated mood I could. Because there were times when he was doing fine and then he’d looked at my face and get all tense again. It wasn’t as intense as it was but it was still there.

“Oh, you think that shit’s funny don’t ya?” He tossed his cards on the table and in one swift move, he got up and plucked me from my chair, tossing me over his shoulder.

“I thought you said you weren’t done playing.” I laughed as I dangled. He slapped my ass and I yelped at the sudden sting through my shirt. Correction...his shirt.

“Oh, we aren’t done playing, baby. We’re just taking an intermission.”

“An intermission?” I giggled. He flipped me off his shoulder and I landed on the bed. Not that I was surprised. Grabbing his shirt from between his shoulder blades he pulled it off and tossed it aside. His shorts quickly followed.

I spread my legs and his torso settled between them. His chin rested on my chest. For several moments we didn’t speak. I ran my fingers over his buzz cut as if he had a full head of hair. We simply gazed at one another, admiring what we saw. I then curled forward like I was doing crunches and he leaned up meeting me halfway allowing our lips to meet. He slid his lips across my mine feather light and I didn’t hesitate to open my mouth. Our tongues met and when he pressed his erection to my panty covered core I moaned. I savored the shockwave that spread through every limb. Not being able to wait, I reached down and started pushing the thin lace down my hips. Without breaking contact, Gage managed to help and in one swift motion he plunged into me. I gasped in pleasure, I couldn’t help it. That one swift move already had me on the verge of an orgasm. He hadn’t entered slowly, he had entered hard and ground his hips into mine. Keeping his forearm on the mattress, he wrapped his other beneath my back and pulled me close to his chest. He pulled out and each thrust was like the first. After three I was seeing stars.


“That’s it, baby. Come for me.” He kissed the bruise on my upper cheek and the corner of my eye, then my brow. He nipped my jawline and licked my scar with the flat of his tongue. Our souls merged. I couldn’t distinguish mine from his.

I was just coming down when he slipped his tongue in my mouth and pulled me closer. I hadn’t thought it was possible. I’m not sure how long we stayed like that. It felt like an eternity of bliss. He slipped his arm out from beneath me and flipped me over. I pressed my legs together and he slipped into me.

“Fuck, Jayden. That feels so good.” I moaned in agreement. “I can’t get deep enough, baby.”

I couldn’t get him deep enough either. My tongue had turned to rubbed and I couldn’t speak. I gripped the sheets above my head and pushed into him, causing him to get a little deeper.

“Fuck, baby.”

“I’m going to...” A second later I was coming. This time, I was so lost that I heard him speaking into my ear but I couldn’t make out the words. I was floating down from my high when he upped the pace, sending me back into another orgasm.

“Don’t stop.” I begged. “Please don’t stop.”

He kissed the back of my neck and I knew he waited until my orgasm was done before he flipped me back over and instead of slipping back into me he got off the bed and grabbed my thighs pulling me down until my but was on the ege of the mattress. He sucked my clit into his mouth and I arched my back. I gripped his head between my thighs and raked my fingers hard over his scalp.
He groaned loudly. Between his licks and sucking I was trying not to wither away from him. I almost couldn’t handle the assaults; they were so pleasurable. I came again and my head spun. Never had I come so many time’s in one go around of sex as I did with Gage. They were more intense than anything I had ever had with anyone else.

He scooped me up and I wrapped my legs around him as my back was pressed against the wall.

“I love you, Jayden. I love you so fucking much.”

I heard the desperation in his voice. “I love you too.” I gripped his face between my hands and didn’t break eye contact as moved in and out of me. His eyes were so intense as they bore into mine. They were filled with love. They were filled with pain. And they were also filled with a hunger that matched my own.

“I need you, Jayden. Now and forever.”

I gripped his face harder as he ground his hips into me. “I’m yours, Gage.”

His lips crushed on mine. We kissed like it would be our last even though we both knew that it was far from it. My body clenched around him on it’s own accord as I was reaching another high.

“You’re so tight, Jayden. Fuck, you’re tight, baby.” I felt his muscles tense and I knew he was close.

I clenched my inner muscles around him as tight as I could and given his loud yet baritone groan I grinned knowing that I had pleasured him beyond imagination. Our tongues mingled and I lost myself one more time to a high as I felt him come inside me.

Afterwards, Gage carried me to the shower and we washed each other off. Not wanting to wash my hair, I had put it into a messy bun. We lingered in the shower for a while.

“I really like that you go Brazillian.” He reached out and rubbed his thumb over my clit. I knew he saw the shiver that shot through me because his grin revealed as much.

“You’re like a drug, de Luca. I can never get my fix of you.” He whispered.

“Ditto.” I smiled. Recalling him saying that phrase to me not long ago, I couldn’t help it.

“Ditto?” This time he laughed.

We stepped out of the shower and dried off. Knowing that lunch was going to be arriving soon, we both dressed and sat back at the dining table to finish our game.

“Here.” I tossed him ten cards from my large pile to add to his dwindling one. I knew he wouldn’t take them. Nor did I want to give them. I did it because I knew it’d get under his skin being that he was so competitive.

Not that I wasn’t either.

I just had to rub it in that I was winning.

“Fuck that.” He pushed the pile back to me. “I don’t need charity to beat you.”

I flashed a taunting smile and was about to flip over a card when the doorbell to our suite rang. I raised a brow, teasing, “Expecting someone?”

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