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She was a bastard child. Trouble to her parents. A hazard to her school. She hung out with bad influence. She dated a toxic asshole. She eloped to Atlanta with him. But what happens when he leaves her for a streetwalker? Moreover how will karma treat her when a dangerous man invades his way into her life rather forcefully? The clock is ticking. This is a must read. Don't be ignorant!

Thriller / Erotica
catlana sigrid
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My name is Galadriel Swarovski and I want to make one thing very clear: I am as special as your first kiss.

No, quite the opposite actually since there is nothing spectacular about me except that I once was a princess.

So here's the tea, I am the definition of a bastard child. After joining a squad of bad influence and dating a toxic but hot bad boy, I became a wild child.

I became a disgrace to my family. A trouble that always had their blood pressure spiked highest to its peak.

I became a hazard to my school. A bully, always breaking the rules at any given chance and after my final count, I was expelled.

And as stupid as I was, I went on to elope to Atlanta with my boyfriend and dropped out of school in the process. While he chased his music career, trying to be a star, I worked a small job in coffee shop.

Months later he broke up with me. He left me for a streetwalker! He left me devastated and stranded. I had nowhere to begin with my life and my small job was barely keeping me up.

I had to pick myself up and fix myself. I couldn't go back home to my parents. Regret and pride are two enemies that never meet and my parents judgement was something I could not handle.

I never returned to school either. I didn't have the money or the motivation to chase after dreams long abandoned. I just got myself a crappy and cheap apartment on the not so good looking side of town.

I found myself a job that payed better and the place was always lit and busy. I had my life back in control. Or so I thought.

But never in a thousand years had I thought karma would turn her back on me so cruelly. Never in my dreams had I prepared for the invasion in my life...
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