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The Wingers island

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The plot revolves around an island , the Wingers. But it isn't what is on the Wingers island that is fascinating but what's under it.

Thriller / Adventure
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The beginning

Living beings started to evolve from the water bodies. As ages progressed , new species began to develop. Plants , animals and humans . But what most of them didn't know was about the winger species. These species survived in the lurking dark depths of the ocean . The Wingers had mermaids , mermens , water fairies and many creatures with extra ordinary abilities unknown to human kind.
The Wingers was ruled by the family of Therasadox , the founder , the king of wingers. This is continued as a tradition in the family of Therasadox - known as the Ox family.
The Ox family have conquered parts of oceans - the Atlantic ,Pacific , and Indian oceans.
As Therasadox was growing old , his son continued the lineage . Since then it has seen a number of rulers . In the present day, wingers is ruled by Sarox , the mightly merman.
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