Close To Being Shattered

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Zara Williams is a girl from a 'broken home' (as people would say). Her dad left her mom when she was born because he wasn't ready to have a child. Since then, Zara had been raised by her mother. They weren't rich, but not poor either. But their struggle was huge. Zara was taught to be grateful for what she had no matter what the circumstance. It was no doubt that she was an incredibly strong, kind, beautiful and a hardworking person. She hated when people commented on her education, when she was a bright student. The only thing Zara hoped for, was for people to not underestimate and compare her by her life background. She had dreams of being truly happy and fulfilled at heart. But she wasn't sure if it was going to happen. Read further to see how her journey turns out.

Thriller / Romance
Arub Maryam
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

"Zara," her mom called. "Zara get down here this instant!" she yelled.

"What?" Zara replied wiping her hair while walking downstairs. She didn't like it when her mom raised her voice at her. But she wasn't in the mood to get into an argument either.

"Help me with dinner. You've been in your room, glued to your phone for the whole day," she sighed, "Honey, is everything okay? You can talk to me, you know?"

"I'm fine." Zara muttered and sat down on the kitchen counter.

"You can tell me when you feel like it. I'll give you your space." She added while putting down a plate with spaghetti in front of me.

"Mom, can you please sit down for a sec?" she said sitting down on the chair.

She knew what I was going to talk about. Or who I was going to talk about. Zach. Eversince our break up, it's been really hard for me to cope. He's always been there for me whenever I needed him. He supported me, helped me get through difficult situations, and most importantly, he made me feel happy and safe. But what I don't get is that if he really loved me, then why did he leave me for some other chick? Because she was prettier? Is it because she had a great body? Why was he in my life making me feel so special, if he was going to walk out anyways? One of my friends knew the girl who he was talking to behind my back. And she told me about it. And when I confronted him, he broke up with me. I'm still upset about what happened. But everyday I wake up with more hate towards him.

"Mhm, yes? Tell me." she looked at me and took a seat in front of the chair across mine.

I had tears in my eyes. I knew my appearance was probably horrible. I was a mess. "I can't get over it. I don't know how you got over the fact that dad cheated on you. But I can't. Just teach me how to move on."

Zara was sobbing uncontrollably, and her mom grabbed a tissue to wipe the tears off her face in an attempt to console her.

She stared at me intently. "Listen, I'm not good at advice and pep talk. But when your father left me, I was hurt for the first few days. It did take a while for me to get that I didn't do anything wrong. I used to keep blaming myself because he left me. I thought that I wasn't enough. But I eventually understood that the problem was him. Not me. I did what I could. And that maybe I would find someone who is capable of giving me the love that he never could."

"That was not bad. It made me feel better. Thanks." Zara said, watching her with curiosity. 'This is new,' she thought to herself.

"No problem. Now finish up, and go to bed. You have school tomorrow."

Zara nodded.

After she was done, she walked upstairs. And as soon as her body made contact with her soft bed, she drifted off to sleep.

Zara woke up with light blinding her eyes. She smiled, but it soon faded away when she saw the time. 'Shit!' she mentally screamed. It was 7:45. She had exactly 15 minutes to get ready. She sprinted to the bathroom and took a shower. Then she grabbed a grey sweater with black tights. Then she took her nikes and her bag, and ran downstairs. It was 7:53. There was still time. She asked her mom if she could borrow her car. And then she drove to school.

"Zara! We're over here." Marie waved.

"Hey guys-" she was about to continue when Marie interrupted her.

"Have you heard? There's a new teacher this semester. And apparently, from what others say he's really hot." Marie squealed.

"So what's he going to be teaching us?" Zara questioned.

"Chemistry. I'm alright at it. But I think I'm going to fail this year because we're going to be having more concentration on the teacher instead of the subject." she smirked.

Zara just looked at her in shock. This was going to be a long semester.

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