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Guilty justice.

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The story of how I almost got away with several murders I didn't even commit. The names Jane, but you can call me Jo, that's what everyone calls me... I'm not sure what it stood for but I know it means something, if not in meaning...then to the police. Just hold on, I'll be with you guys right now! Okay I'm back! Now let's go for that 3 am run, ready or not, let's go!

Thriller / Action
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Chapter 1

I love this song playing on the radio, she's one of my favourite artists you know, she's none other than...drum roll da dadadadadadad dishhhgg Whitney......Houston. She sings beautifully, I love how sh-... Oh no no no no no!!! look at the time, at this rate I'll surely be late! Okay okay, calm down and brain hushhh, enough self chat, more focus! I can do this, I can do this...Aggg I can't do This!!! Why doesn't this dang traffic move!?!!!! Move, just please move!!! It's been atleast an hour now!!!

2 long boring hours later, and the traffic finally started to clear. Oh no! It's almost 8, I'll be late for my first appointment, I hope Sarah can stall for a bit, aggg please not the puppets Sarah... not the puppets

While Jo raced over to the mental Asylum, Sarah, her assistant on the other hand put on a show. One Jo still wished she never saw: the infamous puppet shows.

10:12am, just 12 minutes late but it's okay, it's okay! Right? Right! Oh what now! (Pocket vibrating) Who could be calling now!!! (Looks at phone) Oh it's Ryan! (Answers) Hello, Ryan? Is everything Okay? (The distress in his voice clearly sensed) Okay, Ryan slow down, I'm on my way up now, calm down! (Ryan must have dropped his phone, because it suddenly just all went silent) Why did this have to happen today! I hope Raymond didn't try to commit suicide again!!! ''Lord have mercy on my soul grant me strength.'' The only thought in my mind as I run up 5 flights of stairs, trying not to panic.

Every patient still locked in their rooms, but something was off. Where was Ryan? He usually stands ready for me, after all he is in charge of the place. "SARAH?" I frantically yell down an empty cold hallway, while still trying to make sense of all of this, but no reply. ''Could this day get any worse?!?!"" I sigh with the hope of better news, but all hope was slowly crushed when Ryan came out of the bathroom screaming Sarah's name while drenched in coats of fresh blood! "R...Ryan?!? What happened?! Where's Sarah?!?" I ask as he steps towards me, but before I could receive any answers, he fell into my arms, unconscious.

"Call a doctor! Call the police! Just call someone to help him!" Mary screams, while all the nurses buzz around trying to keep the rattled patients calm. Mary dialling 911 while I step into the bathroom to look for Sarah.

A cold gush of wind blew onto my face as I stuggle to open the door, Why's the window open? "Sarah are you in here?" (Bends down to inspect the stalls) "Sarah? You know we're too old to play hide and seek, right?!" A cough heard along with wheezing, in the corner. "Jo... I guess ...you found me (coughs out blood, face clearly in pain yet still she forced for a smile)" I rush over to apply pressure to the wound in the centre of her chest. A knife wound maybe? Gun? "Shh, don't say anything. You'll be fine, you..." before I could complete my sentence, she scratched my arm, in an attempt to get up. She slowly sat up , her nails still dig into my skin. Ouch!!! "It's okay,Jo...(closes her eyes) I'm just gonna rest for a bit..." Her bright brown eyes dimming slowly, but her smile remained. "Wake up! (I slap her gently, no response) just wake up now Sarah the medics are here! (She looks up, lets out a final sigh)" Her body started losing all its warmth, and so the life drained from her eyes too, a mere she'll of a close friend.

In the distance, I heard them taking Ryan away "Yes I'll go with him, Jo will take care of things here..." Mary says to who I assume to be a medic, and with no hesitation, Ryan was rushed to the nearest hospital, while Mary cried her eyes out. No one cared to check up on Sarah and I, no matter how loud my screams were... I can't just leave Sarah here, I have to do something!

Okay I'll quickly run outside to fine someone, before they leave! Many flights of stairs later, I finally caught up to them, I'm glad the elevator is out of order right now, I truly am, well it's bitter sweet you know.

"SIR...sir!" I say hey out of breath, dril speaking to the tall yet skinny man, dressed in black, "S..i...r..." I stammer, as the man turns to face me. "Yes miss, what would you need help with?" I gesture for him to follow me, with out a query he rushes up the flights of stairs, we fall to the ground both out of breath. A very short break later, we make our way to the bathroom. The look in his eyes glow bright with lust, that gush of wind was to his advantage. The door locked itself, his words are none, but actions are many. Licking his lips as he moves towards me, "Lets play a game" be said still moving forward, and I really didn't want to know what the games where. His vile smile piercing through the innocence within my soul, yet still he moves forward, sending me tripping over Sarah's feet.

He pins me down, chuckling devilishly at his sinister thoughts, I force him off me, so I could stand. He leaps forwards, but I push him back, we struggle, I reach for the fire extinguished. With one swing it was all over, he fell through the window but managed to grab onto my arm somehow. His body dangling out the window, his nails digging into my bare arms, gravity forcing his weight down, he's too heavy! Slowly he slips then falls 6 floors to his death. He's just dead! It's as though we were alone, because of the erry silence that plagued the asylum, it seems as though everyone has fallen a sleep. Even the orderlies are missing! This is just great! Now I have two dead bodies and no one to help me talk them to the morgue, why today?! Really Now!!! I mean literally what now?!

Music playing faintly in the background, the only line I heard before it all went silent was :" ..all though we've come to the end of the road..." then silence just the cold silence. I walk down the steps this time, trying to compose myself. Those stairs seems to have caused my life to flash before my eyes:

Playing today over and over again, wondering how I could have saved her, thinking about where I went wrong! But just as swiftly as the negativity of the day came, so it went, replaced by Sarah's horrid puppet shows. She travel everywhere with her puppets literally everywhere! Once we almost got arrested beca- Wait! Where's her puppet case?! Something isn't right here!

Oh please can someone just fix this elevator, at this rate I'll have a six pack, and I really like my flabby tummy, it's so cute and fluf- Aggggg!!!! More stairs! It's a million degrees out here and here I am playing the flash!

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