Guilty justice.

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The story of how I almost got away with several murders I didn't even commit. The names Jane, but you can call me Jo, that's what everyone calls me... I'm not sure what it stood for but I know it means something, if not in meaning...then to the police. Just hold on, I'll be with you guys right now! Okay I'm back! Now let's go for that 3 am run, ready or not, let's go!

Thriller / Action
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Chapter 2

After a long agonising journey to the top floor bathroom, I finally managed to not die, Thank you morning jog! But seriously this is torture! Okay let's get back on track, the case! Uhhhhh, purple? No that doesn't sound right. Green? No, that doesn't sound right either! Ahh blue! It's a blue mini case with 2 puppets in it! Now if I were a case, where would I hide? Mmmmmmmmmm...Okay I'll investigate around the body, speaking of which...the police are taking their sweet time, Sarah is starting to smell funny!!! The stench curling the back hairs of my neck, worsening as I bend down to forcefully open the miniature cupboard, but no luck finding it! Flies sitting around her chubby face, barley seeing her forehead nor cheeks. I need to hurry this investigation, I can't stand this smell anymore!!! After searching high and low, still nothing found in the bathroom!

The relief my lungs felt after inhaling the purity of normal Oxygen, is by far the best feeling ever. Where to look now? Sarah's little office? I'm almost certain it wouldn't be there, but what the heck and luckily it's not a far walk, it's the second door on your right, the one with her name on it!

A short walk later...

The door is ajar, which is the most improbable thing, it's Sarah we're talking about, the kind-hearted neat freak, she'd die if anything is out of place, okay I know too soon, my bad. In all honesty this place looks worse than my hair when I wake up! Someone's been snooping around, but for wha- before my thoughts could dare to finish, I heard the police sirens in the distance closing in, 'took you y'all long nuff' I thought as I carefully step over the broken glass pieces and scattered files, walking towards the perfectly carved oak desk laying against the wall. I need to find her key, if I can find that I'll find her case. After many fiddles later I find a secret compartment in the leg of her table, crafty indeed, and look here's the key!

Footsteps harshly running upstairs, heavily armed, ready for war, while Jo nonchalantly took the other stairwell just barely avoiding being seen.

I'll have to be quick about finding this troublesome case filled with only stuffed ugliness, then after that, I'll talk to the police. I just need to know why this case is important enough to be stolen, those dolls are worthless, only about £12 each, a mere waste of money I'd say.

"...we got a 10-55, hold the bus! We got ourselves a homicide..." faintly heard through the cracked fouth floor roof.

(Pushed the button) "I hear it! (Continues to push the button then suddenly and heard from explosion behind) No!!! How will I get justice for my friend with people just dying around me?!? Huh! Come on tell me!!! Pull your self together woman, it's behind the rose Bush!( walks over, finds an empty case with a note inside. Carefully picks up the case, making for her car.) I can't take THIS!!! I liked it better when I was examining bodies on a slab! But nope, I just had to become a psychologist at this haunted place! I think I need counseling! ( at her car) now I can read the note. ( puts on the latex gloves that was taken from beneath the passager seat) Okay let's have a look here: did you say bye to David? He had an explosive personality after all, the others: Mr Coco, Mrs, Nutty are here with me, come to 4567 Aldridge avenue at sun down. Come alone, or face the consequences! Signed S.W

Okay, so off to this place, Albreee-aldreee-Aldridge? I can't go there looking like Dracula after a feast, I'll have buy something new, I won't have time to drive home, so Gucci? Uggggh I don't Care right now, addida it is!

Breaking all the speed limits as she floors her Audi R8. In and out she went engine still running, only stopping once to change in the café bathroom near by. 30 minutes before sunset, with a 12 kilometer drive still ahead. Ready racers?! Safety A thought of the past, curiosity has finally taking over. "Go!" Zipping though traffic at lightning speed, 25 minutes, and still 2 kilometer to go..."we have a winner..." with 22 minutes to spare.

That took forever, just watch my tickets pile up, not as if I'll have time to care. (A figure emerges from the shadows, clearly male, with a mask on his face, as she gets out) there's Mr Coco, but I don't see Mrs Nutty anywhere, lets just get this over and done with! (He steps closer, holding out an old recorder tapped to the doll) What's THIS now?! Some kind of joke? Why don't you just give Mrs Nutty and let's both just get on with our lives. (Still remaining silent, he pressed play on the device :"Russian what I say...death to loved ones if you don't obey!" A terrifyingly deep voice says) will this get me the other doll? (He nods, hands me a gun with a note stuck to it:" Find the dimonds" (Now standing alone, with the figure out of sight, only This doll laying face down on the floor...) Just great. ( the sunlight shining directly onto something silver) What's my watch doing here I left it at Dave's place. I have to go check up on him!

Getting into her car, throwing Coco against the back seat, strapping herself down, driving at high speed to Dave's place. Something was off and she knew it! Sarah has been hiding something, but What?!

Fuck Red light! (Zooms over it, just barely avoiding the four series BMW) I'll write my apology letter later. Just...(sigh)

Police sirens following, but still she doesn't stop. "Pull over!" Hear over a speaker. This is now a high speed chase, and the media is just eating this up! Will this day never end?

(Pushes the nitro button) Try and keep up! (Chuckels devilishly) or don't!

Out of sight, but not out of mind, the police are still in high pursuit, radio's buzzing, everyone on high alert. Still Jo continues driving, stopping for nothing not even when her engine caught fire, Dave's house just down the road, almost there... But the car won't make it!

(Grabs Coco, jumps out of the car) Just another day (the car flies off the cliff into the water landing with a loud explosion) there's the house!

Entering the house, seeing everything scattered. "DAVE!?!" I call out, as I make my way over to the main bedroom. I really hope my brother is Okay! "Jj? Is that you?" A horse voice calls out from behind a wall. This whole day is strange, I need a break from life! I slowly walk towards the safe, use my hand print to open it and remove both the diamonds and a key.

"The key whole is in Mona Lisa's mouth! Turn it clockwise then jerk it up, quickly!" Dave says frantically. Without hesitation I did as he said, and way behold the wall slid up, revealing the bloody body behind it. He's bleeding out!

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