Secrets: the dark side of Espionage

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We get to Central City Park and the group is already here, minus Wes, he already said he was going to be late. I find it sometimes difficult to come here but I've managed to come here a few times without being triggered by anything. They've put out some picnic blankets and there's a big basket of food and drinks. They're all sprawled on the blankets just chilling. To passers-by, we'd look like normal teenagers but we're anything but. When they spot us, Kristin runs over and gives me a massive bear hug which I gladly reciprocate. we sit down and sat eating. Just having a quiet conversation. I like it. It's one of the only moments of calm I can get in my life.

Kylie pov

As we're eating I notice Amara actually looking content with life once. With the life she's had, peace is a very rare thing. For basically all of us really. I want us to act as normal as possible.

"Guys, the fall formal is in 3 weeks, you're all going right?" I ask.

They all share looks that say,'whyyyyyyyy'. Amara looks like I just suggested she go fight a scorpion. Actually, she would probably prefer that than to go to the dance.

"It's not like we don't want to go, it's just that we hate formal occasions and high school ad dancing." Kristin helpfully explains.

Grant's not saying anything because he's no longer in high school. he's 24 and has a job and a house.

"If Cara goes then I'll go," Finch says smiling at Amara.

"If Ich goes I'll go," she says back.

Amara and Finch's relationship is so pure. There is no romance. It's just a deep friendship. They understand each other so well and are always there for each other and are prepared to back the other one up. When Finch and She-who-shall-not-be-named broke up, Finch was broken and so lost. Amara went to She-who-shall-not-be-named's house and chewed her out completely, ending their friendship and showing her loyalty to Finch.

She, finch and Sayid are like the 3 amigos, the three of them are usually always together. They've been friends since they could talk and close since they could walk. The rest of us are fully aware of this and don't really mind. That's why we were okay when they told us about the Grace thing.

"K, are you going?" Rayan asks, taking a sip from his cup.

"Yeah but I'm not taking a date. I don't need anyone to make me look good," Kristin says with confidence.

"Rayan, I'm guessing you're going," I say, looking at him then Amara. They just smile. Sometimes they seem to be in their own little world and no one knows what's going on with those two. They both obviously like each other but for religious reasons, they don't date. They don't really mind that anyway, they say they're focused on more important things than dating. I'm still single but I feel like me and Marco at getting closer. You never know...

Kristin pov

Kylie, being the socialite she is, is making all of us go to the fall formal. I don't mind going but I feel like we might not be able to go. With the lives we live, we don't know when we might be called for missions and stuff. Huge gatherings make me nervous.
We keep talking happily for a bit until I see Kylie scowl at something in the distance. we all turn and see Wes strolling toward us. the reason Kylie scowl is because Abby is walking behind him. Both with ice cream in their hands. The scene is a bit strange, I had no idea the 2 of them hung out and by the looks on the faces of the others, they didn't either. Abby's been in the bureau for a few weeks now but she always seems to rub us the wrong way no matter how many times we try to be kind to her. We've all just chosen to be civil.
"Hey guys," Wes says as he sits down. Abby awkwardly sits beside him, not making any eye contact with the rest of us.
"You're late," Kylie says, a small hint of annoyance laced in her voice.
"Oh yahs, soz, was about to come here but then I saw Abby in Benny's ice cream place, we sat and talked and lost track of time. Then I offered for her to come here because she's part of our 'big secret' anyway." he explains
"Okay, but why didn't you check with us first"Kylie counters.
"Kylie, there's no point in arguing, Abby, would you like a spring roll, Grant made them," Amara says trying to restore order.
Kylie looks like she's about to protest but Amara gives her a hard stare and she immediately relents. Abby gratefully picks one of the spring rolls, bites it and immediately grimaces in disgust. I see kylie scowl again and even Finch can't hide his anger.
"Abby, that's really rude, Grant spent a long time making these for all of us and you just dismissed his efforts completely, if you don't like them, at least be polite about it."
"Kylie, it's not a big deal, it's not like Grant some famous chef or anything," Wes says smiling at Abby.
"The deal isn't about that it's about her learning to respect people" Sayid inputs.
"well, I don't see Kylie eating much, and she's the one who texted you guys to come here right, no wonder she has a food problem?" Abby insolently says.
The atmosphere becomes very tense. I can see Marco, closing his hand around Kylie's and squeezing it gently, as a show of comfort.
She hit a very serious nerve, we're all aware of Kylie's ED but we don't talk about it negatively like Abby just did. She's crossed a very thin line and from the look on Wes' face, he knows that too.
"Kylie, she didn't mean to... I'm sure that...please don't be upset" Wes stutters.
"Shut up" she faintly whispers.
"I'm sor-" Abby starts.
"I SAID SHUT THE HELL UP" Kylie bellowed, her bottle completely bursting.
Abby looks so frightened she quickly gets up, mutters a quick apology and leaves. Kylie starts crying into Marco's shoulder.
what's happening to us?
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