Secrets: the dark side of Espionage

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Abby pov

Today's another day, the start of a long week in Hell. I mean school, you what yeah I mean Hell. I don't like school because of all the drama and now there'll be more drama because Rita Marn recorded me and the rest of the members of the Bureau at the park on Saturday and posted it on her Instagram. Practically everyone's seen it and Maria told me that loads of theories have been flying around, people trying to figure out why I was there with them.

The 'populars' said I was just seeking attention and was using them to make myself more known around school, which isn't surprising coming from them. The others have theories that we're all part of a cult and we're in a gang or something. The theories don't really offend me but I know that the moment I walk through those doors it'll be all eyes on me. I'm just going to try and avoid the others which shouldn't be hard but I want to talk to Wes but he's a lemming and needs his friends' approval. Possibly apologize to Kylie, maybe, not really. She scares me and so do Kristen and Amara and I don't want to be attacked brutally by them in practice.

I say goodbye to mom and walk out the door, she replies happily then shuts the door.

I walk to school and because it's not that far away, I get there quite quickly. As expected, the moment people realize I'm there they stare and whisper amongst themselves. It's annoying and I just walk past them avoiding maintaining eye contact with anyone. I make my way through the crowd walking with an air of false confidence hiding my internal panic. After what seems like forever, I make it to my locker and quickly try to put my stuff in it. Whilst I'm in the process of putting everything away, Maria walks up to me, her face looking eager to tell me something. That can only mean one thing, Gossip. Now, normally I'd love gossip but most of this week's gossip is about me and I hate being spoken about by others.

"Hey, so basically people are saying you're just hanging around Wes to get close to the others and apparently you made a racist comment to Finch and Grant and was body shaming which is why Kylie yelled at you in the video" she rabbles.

"Great, how very original" I reply sarcastically, " lemme guess, they're also saying, I've done drugs and have escaped prison and have a bank account in the Cayman Islands."

She just laughs.

"Hey attention hog, you aren't with your friends, did they dump you already, boo hoo," Hollie says sarcastically walking past with her posse. they all giggle annoyingly.

I just roll my eyes and resume getting the rest of my stuff. I faintly hear Maria gasp. I look up and follow her gaze to the doors. Amara, Kristen, Kylie, Marco, Sayid, Rayan, and Wes are walking through the double doors, It's like a scene from a movie, even though they haven't uttered a word all eyes are drawn to them. They all move swiftly and with elegance radiating power. Amara Kylie and Kristen are "leading the pack" and the boys are behind, confidence written all over their faces. Kristen's wearing a red beanie, white tank top, red jacket, camo shorts and combat boots. Kylie's wearing a black lace top, denim shorts, sandals and sunglasses. Amara's wearing a long white top that stops just below her knees, jeans with flare bottoms, a pale pink hijab with floral print and black boots. The boys are less fussy, wearing leather jackets, t-shirts, boots and caps.

They walk past us, not bothering to give me a second glance. I wouldn't be hurt if Wes wasn't ignoring me too. He must also be mad, but why are they so fricking sensitive. I wish that they would just forget about it and move on.

They go to their lockers but not to their own ones. Amara and Kylie both get their stuff out of what I remember to be Kylie's locker. The boys do the same. It's like they're hiding something in the other lockers. Rita Marn runs towards them, a notebook in her hand, looking very determined. She's obviously fishing for more drama to put in her gossip column. Kristen just ignores her and starts scrolling on her phone. The boys just stand there and Amara and Kylie's eyes exchange looks that scream Oh god help me.

"What do you want Rita?" Kylie mutters.

"Just to ask a few questions, I'm just going to assume you're fine with that," she says. "First question? is Abby dating any of you?"

Amara scoffs and Kylie and the others laugh.

"You think any of us would date her?" Finch says through his laughs.

"I'm pretty sure she thinks she's out of our leagues. I would consider dating a monkey before dating her" Marco remarks with snark. Kylie smiles at that and snakes an arm around his. As if to say, He's mine back off.

"Okay, any comments on the theories going around?" she presses

"Yes, we are most definitely trying to get Abby to join it with us and create world destruction," Finch says sarcastically.

"Rita, if I were you then I would just ignore any theories people tell you, they're all going to fake, and please stop having an obsession with our lives, they're private, not secret and quite frankly have nothing to do with you," Amara says politely but her face screams for Rita to go away.

"Okay, but is it true Amara, that your parents were killed in a knife fight a few years ago and you live with your slightly demented aunt and two siblings"

Amara does a double-take," Excuse me, who put that idea into your head?"

"It's just another rumour that's going around. Missy Terentino saw your files in the city archives."

"Missy has no right to make that statement, now if you'll excuse us, we have to get to homeroom before the bell rings"

Just as she says that the bell rings and everyone starts to file into their allocated rooms.

As I'm walking, I make eye contact with Wes and he offers and a small smile. I force myself to not react and walk away.

I'm disappointed. I hoped that that would be the start of something great but the universe clearly doesn't want me to be happy.

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