Secrets: the dark side of Espionage

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My plan to avoid the others has been going well so far. I do have some classes with them but we sit far away so that's not an issue. The day's been going great but now I have English and I sit with Amara and we're doing verbal work today so this sn' going to go well. I can feel it. My plan is to go in there and act like it never happened and if she brings it up when we're talking then she's just going to be acting childish.

English is the last lesson so, after lunch, I say bye to my friends and walk to the classroom. Amara's already there but she's talking to Kylie, Kristen and Marco at the front of the room. When I walk past she doesn't even look at me but kylie does and just snares. She's still being very hostile even though my comment was just a silly mistake. She seriously needs to cry herself a river, build a bridge, and get the hell over it.
Amara makes her way to the desk just as Mrs Jenkins walks in. She's a very nice lady, soft-spoken, slightly scatterbrained but a good teacher and very calm. She never yells and encourages us to voice our opinions as long as they don't dismiss someone else's or are degrading. I respect that. She's wearing a maxi dress with a soft blue cardigan.
"Okay class, today we'll be studying Lady Macbeth and her behaviour in act 1 scenes 6 to 7. I've printed out some handouts and I want you to discuss with your partner what you initially understand from the text."She explains.
I'm fine with that except for the talking to your partner part. I decide to be the bigger person and start the conversation.
"Okay Amara, I think Lady Macbeth is crazy and an unconventional Jacobean woman, do you agree?" I say, knowing I'm right anyway.
"That's fine but you should extend it and say how you came to that conclusion. write something like, the evidence that supports this is, she said that spirits should fill her from the crown to the toe top-full of direst cruelty." She says writing more annotations around the sheet are if it's easy. She's barely looked at me, her attention is just on the class.
"Okay class, now can someone read out what's on the board?" Mrs Jenkins asks.
A couple of people put their hands up and she looks around. She ends up picking Marco and he actually looks nervous. He keeps squinting at the board, clearing his throat and scratching his head a lot. Kylie, who's sitting next to him turn to look at Amara and they share a heartbroken look.
He finally says," I can't miss, I'm dyslexic remember?"
Mrs Jenkins face changes from a look of annoyance to a look of guilt." Oh, Honey, I'm sorry. I forgot, thank you for trying your best. Stephanie, can you read please?"
Whilst Stephanie is reading, I see Amara from the corner of my eye typing a message on her watch. She sends it then Maroc looks at his. He reads it, looks back and smiles gratefully at Amara. I don't get why that's a big deal, so yeah he can't read, that's not life-threatening. Amara shouldn't be messaging during class anyway. I feel like I should tell.
girl don't. you're going to be digging your own grave
she's not the scary
I decide not to. Not because I'm scared or anything. I just don't want to cause more drama.

It's the end of the day and I'm at my locker now. It's decorated with pictures of my family and my pets, a mirror, some stickers and my timetable. It's actually one of the decorated lockers I've ever had and it feels more permanent than any I've ever had. I think that's a good sign.

"Abby" I nearly jump out of my skin and see Amara standing next to me, a soft smirk on her face.
"Didn't mean to scare you. we need to go to the bureau. You're going to be riding with me, Sayid and Kristen" she says not really asking more or less demanding.
I just nod slowly and pull out my phone to text my mom that I won't be home for a while
Me: Hey mom, change of plan I'm going to hang with some friends from school for a bit hope that's okay 😁
Mama❣: okay honey, just keep me updated. Love u😘
Me: Thnx you, love u too 😘
I look up at Amara and she's texting someone on the phone. I cough to try and get her attention. she looks up with an offended expression.
"Can we start going now?" I ask, getting a bit impatient.
"Okay, do you have your stuff? Take schoolwork cause you have time to do assignments" she says.
We start walking out of the school and through the parking lot. Luckily, almost everyone has filed out so it's pretty empty. The only people there are the members of the bureau and some kids doing basketball club. They give us looks but more or less get on with their lives. The members of the bureau are waiting by three cars. A red Tesla, a silver Mercedes and a grey Audi. the cars look really expensive and well kept. I'm not sure how they got them, they could be their parents but what adult would trust a teenager with such a nice car. they could have stolen them but I hope they haven't I don't want to get arrested for being involved in any of that nonsense.
Kylie and Marco get into the Audi without speaking to me. Kristen, Rayan and Fiicnh get into the Tesla and Sayid go into the Mercedes. Amara looks at me and gestures for me to go into the car. I do and instantly notice how clean it is. The seats are black leather and are so comfortable. Amara gets in the passenger seat and Sayid motions for everyone to start driving. He connects a call to all the cars. This is going to be awkward.

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