Secrets: the dark side of Espionage

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We’re on our way to the bureau. Everyone’s on call and they seem to have forgotten about me and are just talking about random stuff they all like and what they’ve been doing.

“Kylie, how’s coaching the baby ballet class going?” Finch asks.

“I think it’s going well, I skipped a few sessions though because I was having flashbacks and panic attacks but I’m better now”

“What did your therapist say was the cause of the flashbacks?” Amara inquires.

“The mention of me being anorexic, in a bad way because you know, we discuss it a lot but in a kind way. It’s because of what Abby said” Kylie explains acting as if I can’t hear what she’s saying.

“Well that’s expected, my therapist that negative emotions related to the thing that makes us have disorders cause panic or anxiety attacks,” Amara concludes.

There’s an awkward silence and then the call ends. Amara scrolls through the list of contacts on the screen and clicks on the one that says home. The dial tones ring out and then someone picks up.

“Hello” a voice, quite young, says.

“Roza, hey it’s us, we’re going to the bureau now, tell auntie and we’ll call you soon insha’Allah. If anything goes bad we’ll come home straight away.” Sayid says.

“Are you in trouble, I don’t want you guys to get hurt?” Roza mumbles. Her voice was laced with worry and sadness.

“No, we’re not but we need to be realistic” Amara explains as if they’ve had that conversation many times before.

" Okay love you guys” she trills.

“We love you too,” they say ending the call.

From what I’ve gathered from gossip on school, Roza’s their younger sister and she’s 9 turning ten. She was only a few months old when their parents died and don’t really have any memory of them. It’s kinda sad. Amara’s playing with the sleeve of her hoodie and looks deep in thought. I am too. I wonder why we’ve all been called at the same time.

We’re in the auditorium now. Chains 1-15. this means there are at least 200 people here. I got lucky and didn’t end up sitting with Amara, Kylie or any of their friends. I’m sitting with Ivan, who’s new like me but is homeschooled by the bureau instead of going to public school. He’s a year older than me, and taller but at least 3 inches. He’s got chestnut brown hair ad freckles. but is very nice and also very smart. He sometimes helps me with my homework or any assignments I don’t understand. We’re chatting for a bit before the lights go dark and the screen is illuminated. Killian Mackie, Professor Clark and Coach Ross all walk up to the stage. their faces are grim and Killian looks less pleased than usual. We all go silent and wait with baited breathe to hear what news they have. Judging by the atmosphere it’s not good at all.

“Thank you, everyone, for making it here on time” Killian declares.” we wanted to keep you updated on our current position when it comes to the situation with the members of Choas United, we have ow gotten their plans for disruption of the peace. those plans were acquired by our one and only Amara R.A Cortez a few weeks ago.”

He gestures for us to start clapping and signals for Amara to walk up to the stage. I don’t get why they treat her like royalty around here, she’s just human like the rest of us.

“Hi, everyone, thank you for being here promptly,” she remarks,” I’m just going to give a brief detailing of the people we’re going to be facing, I won’t go into too much detail because most of them are ex-members and you probably already know them,” she comments.

Someone hands her a remote and she turns on the screen and starts explaining.

“Asa Alinsky, 19 years old left the bureau when he was 14. From what I remember he’s a phenomenal fighter and very smart. He's also known as The Shadow because he's great at sneaking around unnoticed” she explains.

“Grace Matisse, 17, Asa’s girlfriend, they’ve been together for nearly 3 years, she’s an astonishing fighter, very cunning,” she remarks with a slight smirk on her face.

“Kira Caizzo, 17, Grace’s ally, was never a bureau member. From our intel, she has very rich connections and helps the group get around the globe.” Amara acknowledges with a very appreciative tone.

“Cara and Alfie Van-Drewitt, twins, 15 years old, parent’s were murdered in a car chase. Also out for revenge. Very smart and good at covering up murders”

“Harper Merrick, 21, abused by parents so she ran away and is very good at breaking, entering, conning, hacking etc.”

“Finally, Lux Acker, 24, notorious for remarkable fighting skills, did some illegal fights for money to look after his ailing grandmother. After she died, he became unhinged and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital but escaped. He joined Chaos United a few months after and is now stable”

A picture of him comes up on the screen. He has dark brown hair and a disconcerting gaze. His eyes are beautiful, specks of amber and green in his brown irises. If you didn’t know his background, you’d think he was just a lost soul.

“Any personal connections to the bureau or the members of the United Chaos?” someone asks.

Amara looks as if she’s debating whether or not to give more information. She looks at her brother and I don’t see his facial expression change but she sighs and says,” Lux has a wife and son who’s 2. He also used to tutor Grace when we were kids and was very kind. He was like a brother to her and taught the two of us how to accurately throw knives and make them lethal weapons. He also taught us some of the fighting moves we use like the whip kick and uppercut punch.”

Ivan’s expression and some other people, changes to one of surprise and disappointment. I think they’re judging Amara for having so many personal connections with the members of Untied Chaos. Honestly so am I because if her loyalty isn’t with us then what is the whole point of us relying on her to help fight them.

Amara walks off the stage and goes to stand with her brother, her expression unreadable.

Killian goes to the centre of the stage. He doesn’t say anything but the atmosphere changes and all eyes are on him.

“I’m going to assign some agents to go undercover at the society ball and the ambassador’s mansion. We have information that Choas United is going to try and kidnap him on November 12th which is in a week. The agents in question are Amara, Sayid, Finch, Kristen, Wesley, Grant, Bella, Wyatt, Martina,Caleb, Angela, Dawn, Randy, Karl, Leslie . Members from Chains 6 and 7 will also be there as chefs, waiters, valets etc. The Cortez- Ahmed agents are going by invitation using their own names as the Ambassador is a close family friend. The family is aware that we’re placing agents there” he explains

“Everyone one else will be either journalists or security/surveillance team.”

He doesn’t say anything else but everyone gets the idea and starts to file out of the room Amara practically runs out and her brother is not too far behind. I have a bad feeling about the mission.

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