Secrets: the dark side of Espionage

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Abby pov

School. The one place in the world that I wholeheartedly hate. Stupid rules, annoying teachers, tests. Lots of tests to categorize us into smart, average, dumb, dumbest. Cliques. The "popular people cool people", the actual popular people, emo kids, nerds and the average. I would put myself in the average category. I don't get into trouble and I don't cause trouble. I would put Hollie in the first category and Amara in the second. People in the school seem to respect her more than they respect Hollie and if you respect one and not the other you're picking sides. This causes lots of arguments and disputes. Hollie is really involved but Amara doesn't care.

We're in sociology now. Amara's in my class. Miss Watronze is telling us about an assignment that's due on Tuesday next week. I just realize that I can't hand it in at school, That's the day of the mission at the embassy. That also means Amara can't hand it in as well. Finally, no more goody two shoes. She is far too worshipped wherever she goes and people always think that she is some amazing superhuman that is unstoppable and a borderline genius. she's just a damaged teenager who either belongs to too many groups or doesn't fit in at all. She's intimidating, unapproachable, anti-social, just an unpleasant person in general but people are still caught in her spell and web of lies. I can't be vocal about these thoughts but there's something off about her and I vow to figure out what it is.

A voice breaks my train of thought. It's Bella, one of Amara's friends. she's not part of the bureau though.

"Hey, Amara, could you get me a signed photograph from Lennox( Ambassador Nicholas' son) please," she begs, her face veiled in desperation.

"Amara won't give it to you, Lennox is her boo." Someone teases.

Amara just rolls her eyes and keeps writing something in her notebooks for a while before saying.

"Number one, I only see Lennox as a brother and Number two he has a girlfriend."

A look of shock appears on their faces. I'm guessing that that piece of information is unusual.

"Besides" she continues." it's not as fun as you think, I have to wear a dress and smile all the time and have random people tell me how much they feel I don't deserve what's happened to me, it's too much attention. I prefer hiding in the shadows." she says with bitterness. everyone's expressions change and they all look despaired. I think that they all forgot that she's an orphan yet they only know half of her "tragic" life story.

We're at the Embassy now, doing a costume/outfit fitting for the mission tonight. I've been allowed to work upfront as a server and try to spot any of the members of Choas United using the contact lenses that we're going to be given. I'm also going to be wearing a camera so the bureau can also spot the members. The surveillance team is going to be working from one of the rooms in the Embassy and using cameras that are put all over the walls in the main hall where the party is happening.
Lucy, one of the fitters, tells me to go into the hall with the others and continues working on the outfits. I nod and make my way there. As I walk I take time to admire the beautiful designs on the hallway and framed photographs of the family. I see one of Amara, Sayid and Lennox, they look around 5 and look so happy and carefree. It's sad that those smiles are now gone and they are no longer carefree.
I finally enter the hall and I'm at a loss for words. There are multiple chandeliers, a big stage with crimson curtains. Right now there's a buffet table with glasses and plates. People are bustling in and out of the doors opposite which is where the kitchen is and are preparing for the guests. I the middle, Amara, Sayid, Lennox, a girl who I'm assuming is Lennox's girlfriend by the way his arm is wrapped lightly around her waist, the ambassador, are having a conversation. I walk over and stand next to Amara. Respectfully, they should have stopped talking to acknowledge but all they do is glance briefly at me whilst still talking.
"If there's any sign of danger we shall safely escort the family outside and into one of the bulletproof cars and take you to either the bureau or a safe house. Other agents will be a decoy so you aren't followed. Don't worry, we will also make sure the guests are safe as well."Amara explains. The three others look at her intently. Lennox's face is stoic but his girlfriend looks worried. She has every right to be.
"Um Amara, you'll be around Lennox and Willa at all times, right?" The ambassador asks.
"Of course, they requested having me and Kristen as bodyguards so that's what we'll do. Sayid will be with you" she communicates.
"How do I know you're capable. No offence" He counters
"Well, the fact that I've been part f the bureau for 7 years, I am one of the best and most efficient agents. I will also have a knife in the heel of my left heel and a dart in my right so I will be well equipped" She rephrases.
Lennox, Willa and the Ambassador all exchange wary looks but come to a silent agreement. They all nod and Willa hugs Amara, quite tightly if I might add. She's whispering something but I can only hear the words "sorry" and "risk your life". Sayid shakes the men's hands and they walk out the hall.
"Abby, go into the room on the left and practice your fighting you're going to need it"
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