Secrets: the dark side of Espionage

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The Night

Third-person pov

The time has come. The moment of truth. Everything members of the Bureau have been working towards for months.

The Embassy is crawling with guests, journalists, security and hiding in plain sight, Grace Matisse. She's wearing a simple but sophisticated royal blue dress with lace designs on the sleeve and chest. The skirt stops just above her knees and she's wearing black, jewelled heels. Her reason for being here is simple, make sure the plan goes accordingly. It is another step towards righting the wrongs and injustices of the cruel, corrupted world they all now live in. It's a chance to rewrite the rules that they've been programmed to blindly follow without question.

Grace is prepared for all possible situations. She has a knife in her boot and earrings which are masking the laser shooters hidden inside. She's confident that the plan will not fail. There's always a backup plan which you must always be able to use in the event that something goes wrong but shouldn't be an option, she's had to learn that the hard way. She knows she'll be safely hidden within the crowd of guests. The police will have trouble trying to spot her figure amongst the hustle and bustle.

The Ambassador is standing on the wide stage, accurately dressed in a custom-tailored suit and tie with his wife. Their outfits are matching in colour and she's wearing a deep blue dress that looks like a waterfall when she moves.
"Attention everyone, I would just like to give my thanks to all of you for attending this charity gala. We will be helping so many children living in poverty to get the opportunity to live a much better life" He says, voice echoing through speakers around the hall. He then continues to drone on about the state of his companies and how well they are performing. He's the distraction so the Bureau can spot his attackers. Amara and Sayid are standing below the stage, watching the guest movements eyes focused on the guests like hawks zoning in on their prey. Amara has dressed accordingly, wearing a floor-length black dress with a light green belt and snake print green hijab. The dress flows freely from the waist, for style and so no one can see the outline of the knives she has strapped to her leggings underneath. Sayid is wearing a black suit with a green handkerchief in his pocket and a light green shirt. As promised, they are close to Lennox and Willa who are standing close to them.
The Ambassador finally finishes his speak and tells his guests to enjoy refreshments. The moment he says this, Willa and Lennox are escorted by Sayid away from view. Another agent walks up to Amara. They share a small smile and start talking, quite quietly and laughing together. They are careful not to touch each other but show closeness just by the way they look at each other and regard each other. It's not awkward between them as all answers regarding their relationship were already answered. A conclusion was made. They have more important things to focus on.
A person dressed in a waiters uniform walks up to the anxiety all over their face. There is too much noise from the guests but the relaxed look on the faces of the two turns to one of anger and readiness. Other agents around the room seem to sense the change and start to make their way swiftly to other assigned posts. Amara scans the crowd for Lennox and Willa and exhales in relief when she sees they are with her brother. She taps one of the buttons on her wristwatch and an alarm goes off.
Everything is still, for a brief moment. Then turmoil commences.
Shrieks can be heard. Yells, Screams were all so deafening yet it gives Amara a way to concentrate. She pushes through the crowd making her way towards the exit where her brother and the two targets are waiting. Once she's there they all run towards a black Bureau car. A quartet of agents goes into another black car to act as a decoy. They're to lead any possible enemy spies away from the targets. The Ambassador has already left and is being taken to a safe house in Alaska. Lennox and Willa are to be taken to the bureau. After waiting a few minutes, Lennox and Willa are driven off. Amara and Sayid run back into the chaos, weaving in and out of the crowd to join their friends. They manage to rid themselves of the fancy outfits and are now in full fighting gear. They finally enter the room find their friends dressed the same way.
"Agents Amara, Sayid, Finch, Kristen and Wesley. Status update please" a voice drones from the earbuds.
"All present and we'll sir. We can't see Grace Matisse inside, she may have slipped through the Cho-"

The flicker of the lights makes the message cut off. The power goes out. The only light is the natural moonlight from the windows.
A shadow swoops from bannister to bannister. The face is hidden by the darkness but the body is male.
"Well what do we have here," the voice says. low and raspy
"Come down man. No need for the dramatics" Finch says, a small smirk dressing his face.
"You know that's not possible. I'm known for my flair for the dramatics" he says as he gracefully jumps from the ledge and rolls back into a standing position in front of them. He ran his hand through his tousled black hair. As black as the sky on a winters night. When he moves it's like an illusion. He'll either move so quickly you almost miss him or so slowly you think you're stuck n time. His skills are what donned him the name The Shadow.
They don't move from their spots and their eyes watch him steely, unblinking as he calmly circles them.
"You know, you guys are great actors/actresses you know. The running, the cutting off the mics all of it. Brilliant"
"We learn from the best"
"Good, now let's hurry this up. We don't have time to spare"
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