Secrets: the dark side of Espionage

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Finch pov

Surprises. I hate surprises. I hate being in the out when it comes to information. I hate being vulnerable and I hate shocks. But for some reason seeing Asa didn't make me mad. Yeah, Grace was supposed to be here but all we need is someone to update. Plus Asa's my bro.
"The comms are only gonna be out for 10 minutes before the security system stops the lockdown so this needs to be quick" Amara reminds us. A small smile on her face.
"Okay, so we need you guys to trick the Bureau into going to Malta. We already said that Lux is there and he's their main priority at the moment so that's where they'll go. They know that his weakness is Sunny and Delilah and that's how they're going to strike. He's a top agent but when it comes to his family, emotions tend to cloud his judgement." Asa briefs us.
We all understand what he means, we all have people we want to protect and it's completely normal for him to put his family first. It's not ideal and we don't have control over our feelings. I can't remember the number of times we've had to sed family members into hiding so they'd be protected. And they are...
Beep, Beep
We all jump to alert. Asa smiles.
"You guys need to fight me so they won't question why we've been here for 8 minutes doing nothing. Just don't hold back. It needs to look realistic."
Kylie and Kristen share a worried look. Amara and Sayid look apprehensive but still start making their way towards Asa. Sayid aims a punch at Asa'a gut but he ducks and punches him in the jaw. Asa smirks," did you think I'd make it that easy for you"
Amara rolls her eyes and throws her knife in his direction. He's lucky she's precise because the blade slashes his arm. A few degrees off and it would've been his neck. Instead of him being shocked he smiles again. Amara aims a kick at his head whilst Sayid kicks his legs. Asa manages to catch Amara's foot but Sayid is successful in bringing him to his knees. The doors start to open and Asa begins to struggle.
Killian, Professor Moor and Professor Albany walk towards us at a quick, determined followed by a dozen guards with tasers. Tazers are honestly useless against Asa, especially cause most likely wearing a bulletproof vest. He's still struggling under Amara and Sayid's grasp and struggles, even more, when guards come and pull him to his feet, dragging him to the exit. Killian and the Professors watch him as he goes, throwing satisfied yet disapproving looks. They then make their way to Amara and Sayid. From here Amara looks calm and collected but her hands are shaking slightly she keeps her eyes on the Heads to avoid suspicion. The rest of us walk over to them and I can hear snippets of conversation.
Amara's face is stoic and she keeps nodding.
"Well done agents. Even though we were hoping to get Grace instead we can use Asa as bait seeing as she deeply cares for him and she'll want to save him. For now, we shall put him in the special holding facility."
The moment Killian says that Amara slightly stiffens and I know why. Sayid gently rubs her back to calm her down. There's panic in her eyes and she looks like a deer in headlights. However, she's really good at hiding her true emotions so no one but me and Sayid notice. We all start to file out and I move closer to Amara and Sayid.
"Hey Cara, you good"
"I've got a bad feeling about this"

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