Secrets: the dark side of Espionage

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What the heck is happening

I wake up in a white room, vaguely remembering what happened, not entirely sure how I got here. The room had no windows, no lights yet it’s so bright. I get myself off the ground and run my hand against the wall. I’ve read before that there’s always a secret door or switch, then again I’ve watched too many sci-fi movies and this could all be a bad dream. I feel nothing apart from smooth brick, no dents or grooves. My hands are starting to shake and the room seems to be swaying.

No, no, no, not another panic attack

Girl just calm down, do what your therapist told you. Breathe in for 4, out for 7. Over and over until your heart rate slows down.

I listen to my conscience because for once she’s right. I slump against

I must have fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes again 3 figures were walking through a door. As they come closer I realise that they are Amara, Sayid and some oldish man.

Amara and Sayid are wearing what seems to be some special uniform. It reminds me of the Black Widow outfits in the movie. They’re cool, with lots of pockets and they don’t seem to be restricting.

The man is tall, muscular and walks with confidence and authority. He’s wearing a suit and tie covered by a leather trench. His eyes are unnerving, they’re dark, grey and steely and seem to be analysing me. His skin is pale, emphasising the long slash that goes across his neck.

“Hello Miss James, I am Killian Mackie, Superior and the person in charge of these two and the BIA, Bureau of Investigation and Abstraction, how are you?” as he talks his mouth barely moves, the edges of his thin lips hardly reaching his nose. His voice is steady, loud and authoritative. If I'm being honest, he scares me.

"Who are you, how do you know my name and most importantly, what the heck am I doing here, also, where is here"

"Abby, you need to calm down, do you remember anything that happened after you left my house?"

"I...I remember walking into an ally, there was a gang, they um saw me and started to harass me then I think I blacked out."

"Miss James, you did, in fact, blackout, but only after witnessing Amara take down the thugs, we had to wipe that part from your memory."

did I hear this man correctly, he wiped my memory, is that even possible?

"Excuse me, you did WHAT!"

"We had to, to keep our cover a secret but after looking through your files, the board of directors and I have decided to recruit you instead"

"I have files?"

"you don't have files, we have files on you"

"with exactly what type of information?" my voice laced with suspicion

"basically everything, this group doesn't care about your privacy," Amara says with snark. for someone who works for these people, she seems to have a lot of built-up resentment. She acts so pessimistically sometimes. I wonder why?

Sayid shoots Amara a warning look. I guess they're hiding something.

"I think what Amara means is that we have certain information about the country's citizens that is needed for their protection." her brother reassures.

"And for occasional blackmail" the others shoot Amara a look," what? It's true," she says indignantly.

"We shall cut to the chase. you have 3 options: join us, have your memory of the past 24 hours erased or be killed, your choice" he says that so calmly I almost believe him.

I laugh. A nervous, confused laugh. They just stare at me but I keep laughing. My voice echoes around the vast space.

"ahahahahahaahaha- you have got to be kidding, this some sort of prank."

"I'm afraid not, I am being deadly serious," Killia says emphasizing the dead.

I run a hand through my blonde hair, making it more unruly than it already is.

"do I at least have time to think about it?"

"Nope, if you don't join they'll wipe your memory again" Amara mutters.

just take up the offer, you have nothing better to do and they're obviously going to protect you. think about it, you can help save more lives to make up for the ones that are lost.

be quiet I'm thinking, this is dangerous work, I'm too fragile and important to die. I've got a long life ahead of me.

you don't know that, what if in 2 years you die in a car crash or something

why do I even talk to you

because I'm your calm voice of reason, God knows you need it.

fine I'll do it

"I'll take up your offer sir"

He smiles ever so slightly. "brilliant, well Miss James I welcome you to the Bureau.

"you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into" Amara states, looking very disappointed.

How bad could this possibly be?

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