Secrets: the dark side of Espionage

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So this is what my life has become

After a few days, I’m called into the bureau. Amara knocks on my door with a backpack and there’s a black Cadillac Escalade behind her with 2 guys inside.

“come on newbie, it’s time to meet your new life”

I just nod, get my jacket off the hanger and yell,” Mom, I’m going out”

I hear a faint “have fun dear” and follow Amara.

As we’re walking to the car, I take a minute to appreciate her outfit, she might be scary and downer but the girl knows how to dress. She’s wearing a black cotton long-sleeved jumpsuit with white vans. She’s also wearing a white hijab with lace on the edges.

We enter the car and I’m in awe at how spacious it is, there are 4 white leather seats in pairs. each pair is separated by an armrest. The windows are dark and are bulletproof. there’s a small fridge with drinks and a screen which as of now is blank.

“do you want a drink?” Amara asks pouring herself some sprite.

“um yeah but I also want answers”

she rolls her eyes, “now you want answers? really? you joined 5 days ago and now you decide it’s a good time for questioning me?” she sounds really annoyed.

“you people didn’t really give me a chance to ask questions, I was practically forced into this” I argue

“no you weren’t, you could have said no, let them wipe 12 hours off of your memory because that’s how long you were passed out for, but you had to be curious and get yourself involved.”

“okay maybe it was a little stupid but I haven’t had the best life okay, cut me some slack” I counter.

“you haven’t had the best life?, you think that everyone in the Bureau is happy, has an amazing life and has no issues, I literally had to watch my parents die, Kristin’s mom left her when she was a child and her dad has to raise her all by himself, Kylie is just recovering from anorexia, Marco’s adopted cause his parents were killed when he was a child, should I continue?” she’s really pissed now.

“Okay I’m sorry”

“are you, are you really, because in the few days I’ve known you, all you do is talk about your problems, your life and that’s it, do you actually care about others?”

I can’t think of something to say so I just keep quiet, I’m not selfish, am I?


shut up conscience

Amara’s just checking stuff on her phone, completely blocking me out.

After a few minutes she says,” we’re here”

We get out of the car and walk to some gates, I can’t see anything. Amara keeps walking and aims her watch at the lock, the gates then open.

I am speechless at the sight that is before me. A tall, majestic structure, modern yet isolated from the rest of the world. It’s made of metal and glass and there are many floors. We walk to the door and it automatically opens, I am further impressed. People are dropping from the ceiling connected to grappling hooks. The main lobby is like a mall, with people rushing back and forth completely focused on their work.

“Try to keep up” Amara calls from over her shoulder.

She guides me through the maze of people to a glass elevator. we go up a few floors, ending upon a less busy floor.

“this where the agents live, most of the time” she states, gesturing around the space.

“since you’re in chain 6, you’re in that room” she gestured to the room on the right. It’s cool, has big oval windows and the inside looks really modern.

we walk towards the door, Amara knocks, we wait a few moments and it is opened by Kylie. She’s wearing a red sweater, jeans and combat boots. her expression is so hard to read, her eyes were bloodshot, and her skin is deathly white.

she looked Amara straight in the eyes and said,” we have a big problem”

"Take Abby to her briefing, I'll sort this out.

After my briefing, Killian Mackie aka Superior told me to go with David, who is in my chain, Kylie and Marco, who’s both in chain 6 to better understand the bureau.

“Okay, to put it simply, we are the good guys, we make sure the people that are a threat to the world end up behind bars, we don’t work with the police or any other government agencies but they need us, without us, they would struggle to keep oblivious people( like you) safe and happy,” David said as we walked through the vast maze of corridors.

“Okay, why are there many kids here though, also when can I leave” I didn’t mean to sound rude or anything I just want to get home so I can have time to process.

“You can leave when we say so and as for why there are so many kids, we don’t always do missions anyway, we’re just trained at a young age to take over for when the adults retire,” Kylie replied, honestly, I’m not too sure what to make of her, she seems nice just quite distant

“Okay, anything else,” I said as we turned into a stairwell

“Yes actually, we’ve gotten 20 chains in this unit which are a mix of different agents of different ethnicities, races, genders and religions, each chain has 10-15 members so on average we have… 250 agents in this unit. There are 50 other units worldwide, so we have roughly 12500 in total, but the numbers keep growing. We also have 4 divisions, air, sea, land and space each with 30-50 units so we have, David help me here, on average 50000 agents but like I said we have growing numbers” Marco recites.

“Okay…” I had no idea what he had just said, there were too many numbers involved

“We’ll go to the weapons room now to get you kitted out. Can you wrap your head around all this or should we take a break?

“Break, please” I practically begged

As we walked I saw a few agents, most of them gave me a glance before getting on with their work, clearly, a new agent and potential friend weren’t good enough for them. Well, I didn’t care, I wasn’t there to impress them, I was there to work.

The agents all had rooms for each chain and there were big windows in each that showed lots of sofas and parts of the kitchen. We kept walking until we reached on that said chain 7 then below it:

Entra si te atreves

I looked at David in confusion.

“it means enter if you dare, one of the young kids’ ideas”


“Not really, most of them are kinda annoying,” Kylie said before scanning her thumbprint on the scanner. when we go in, I see 4 people. A girl's sitting on one of the stools on the island, eating chips out of a Lays packet. Two people either in their late teens or early twenties on the L shaped sofa. Another guy doing something on his laptop.

"Guys, this is Abby, Abby, this is Chloe, Belle, Grant and John."

They all start sizing me up, checking to see if I'll be a threat. They don't spend much time doing so before one of them, Grant I think says, "where's Cara"


"I'm sorry, who's Cara," I ask in confusion.

"Amara, Cara's her nickname, only we're allowed to call her that," Belle clarifies.

"Anyways, where is she?"

"She had to sort out the situation with Sayid, they had to go pick up Rayan and Samira and they should be back by now."

They all share a troubled look, something is going on and I plan to get to the bottom of it.

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