Secrets: the dark side of Espionage

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Abby pov

All the agents in chains 1-8 have been called into the auditorium, apparently, there’s a huge problem. I don’t know about it but it’s obviously important because people seem panicked. Killian and some older people are standing on the stage looking very distraught, their faces pinched tight in seriousness and focus.

Amara, Sayid, Kristen and Wes are all standing very grievously behind them.

“Attention, thank you, as some of you may know, Grace Matisse, notorious con artist and ex-agent has escaped from solitary confinement. We are almost certainly sure that the enemy group, Choas United helped her escape. Our job is to locate her and put her in a place she cannot escape from.” One of the old people says.

A list of the agents along with their allocated roles in this mission appears on the screen in front of us. I see mine on research, ugh, why did it have o be so boring why not something fun, exhilarating, makes your heart skip a few beats.

“Professor Joyce, how come Amara isn’t on the extraction team, shouldn’t she be out there fighting?” The guy next to me asks cautiously but with a slightly accusatory tone, I think his name is Jake or Jack or something. Honestly, I agree, Amara’s supposed to be this amazing person yet she’s not doing what she was trained to do. I feel like she’s all talk and no play.

“I don’t have to fight all of the bureau’s battles, my reason for not fighting is between me and bureau, not you, so focus on yourself rookie.” Amara claps back.

The guy goes silent, his face tinting red in embarrassment. the professor concludes the meeting and we all file out. As I walk out to see, Amara, Sayid and Kristen all huddled in a corner, whispering about something. Wes exits through the doors with something in his hand, he gives it to Sayid, who pockets it, and briskly walks towards the elevator. The other three walk in unified steps towards the cafeteria. As they walk past me, Amara nods her head slightly towards me in acknowledgement. The other two just keep moving.

“Hey,” a voice says, scaring the life out of me. I turn and see David, so far he’s been nice to me, he’s 20 something and engaged.

“Sorry, you scared me”

“It was my fault, Killian told me to take you to get some gadgets, we need to be quick though, lots to do”

“okay” I reply.

We walk to the elevator stop on the 5th floor, walk through the maze of corridors until we reach a door. David opens it with his fingerprint and gestures for me to go inside. The room is like a tech showroom. some weapons/gadgets are on display others are on shelves. the whole room is lit up with overhead lights.

“how come we’re the only people in here” I inquire.

“We don’t usually have to replace stuff and we don’t have newbies regularly” he explains.

He hands me a list of things I need, I look at him, eyebrows furrowed, he gives me a look which I think means, I’m not doing it for you, find the stuff yourself. I roll my eyes and look back at the list.


Communication watch

Frequency blocker

Heat sensing contacts

Mini smoke bomb

Memory wiping powder

The shelves are labelled in alphabetical order so I go and get the watch, It's lightweight, silver and has loads of weird buttons. the frequency blocker is a few shelves away, it's small and rectangular. The gloves are on one of the display stands, they're black and have some metal on the palms. the heating sensing contacts are ext to them, there are coloured contacts or clear ones.

"David, how many pairs can I have?"

He's on his phone reading something very intently.

"DAVID," I say more assertively, he finally looks up from his phone." listen, I know there a probably so many better things than helping me, but I need your help here, so put your phone away and help me" I might sound rude but I need attention and quite frankly I'm not getting any.

girl, you sound so bratty right now

shut up

"Sorry, I was just texting Audrey," he says sheepishly. Audrey's his fiancee.

"It's fine, but can you just answer my question," I say, getting impatient." how many pairs of contacts can I have?"

"2, a clear pair and a coloured pair"

"thank you"

We get the rest of the items and start walking back to my chain. After the announcement, people are on edge and don't even bother to look where they are going. We make it to my chain, and before I even have the chance to knock, the door is whipped right open. It's Marco, he's got a clear look of frustration on his face.

"Where the hell were you!"

David uses this as his chance to leave. Jerk.

" What do you mean?"

ooh Justin Bieber reference

"You were supposed to be here 10 minutes ago, we have to get your biometrics scanned, it makes it easier for the bureau to find you if something ever happens, this is not the time to be slacking"

"Who are you, my mother?" I scoff, my tone laced with sarcasm, " I was just getting some supplies with David, I must have gotten distracted, it's not my fault this place can't be more organized"

I walk in defiantly, Kylie's doing something on her laptop, and everyone else is gone.

"We thought it would be best to fill you in on the whole Grace Matisse situation," she said walking towards the sofa, sitting down, a cup of coffee in her hand.

"I hope you don't have any plans, if you do, cancel them, we'll be here a while."

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