Secrets: the dark side of Espionage

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This is a lot to process

"As you know Amara and Sayid have basically lived in the bureau, they were brought up here. Their parents were part of it. One day, when Amara was 6 and Sayid was 7 and Roza(their sister ) was just 1, their mission was compromised. They went to the beach with their children, had fun with them, and then left to sort something out. It was supposed to be a quick extraction but the enemy had put a bomb in the building. Everyone inside died. Amara and Sayid watched all of this from the beach and were heartbroken, I think Amara took it harder because afterwards she became very closed off and wouldn't leave her room for days. It took her months to finally get close to her usual self." Kylie narrates.

"what happened, this still seems very negative," I ask, slowly becoming more interested.

"They lived with their aunt and uncle but a few years later, he sadly died in a car crash. It was really damaging for her, her siblings and their aunt. All those years of pulling herself back together just to fall apart. By that time, she had already met most of us and Grace hadn't gone to the quote-unquote Darkside yet so we were all here for her. Honestly, it hurt us just as much as it hurt her. He was such an amiable and patient man." she pauses, taking a sip from her cup.

*ping* her phone vibrates on the table, she simply reads the message, her facial expression barely changing, and calmy flips it over.

"Anyways, she started to focus on her work, academics, and the bureau and built a wall up for herself because she thought that would protect her from getting hurt, it sort of worked, for a while but that didn't really make her happy she was very stressed out about everything and didn't have an outlet. She started to have nightmares. Once when we stayed over, I heard her scream in fear, we were all so worried for her. Sayid convinced her to go to therapy and she was diagnosed with PTSD. Therapy helped her a lot, she went 3 times a week and started to put her life back together, she focused more on her religion which I think really helped, she made friends at a parkour club she started and helped Kristen with some family issues. I had finally gotten my friend back.

Grace on the other hand was becoming worse, she was reckless and rude. We all thought it was because she was thinking of her parents' deaths but grief shouldn't make anyone act as she did. Once in practice, she actually shot our trainer, just in the leg, it wasn't fatal but we were convinced she was becoming unhinged. the only person that could really calm her down was Amara. they had common ground and found it easy to empathize with each other.

It stopped working eventually, she stole some files from the forbidden section in the files room, we had to chase her down, she and Amara fought each other on a rooftop. You could see that they didn't want to. Amara shot her in the shoulder, Grace shot her in the leg. The pain and betrayal on Amara's face that day was heartbreaking. She couldn't get the files and Grace got away, injured, but she still got away. A few days later we out found she had been working with the enemy.

That's why Amara refuses to fight her, she feels as though it would reopen the wounds of the betrayal." She finishes.

My mind is struggling to process all this information. I mean, I'm sorry for her but that single incident shouldn't have affected her that much. I've seen people who have suffered worse and are still okay. And that doesn't seem like a big enough reason for her to refuse to fight. There has to be more to it than that.

"Promise you won't tell her I told you she'd kill me, actually she'd be very disappoi-"

Just then Amara walks into the room. She can probably sense something's wrong cause her face is stone cold. Her eyes are red though. Not very but there's a slight change to them.

"time for combat practice" is all she utters.

We're in the training room, it's spacious and there's lots of cool designs and plagues on the left wall. As of now, it's just an open space but according to Kristen it changes based on what we need to practice. We're all wearing standard-issue uniforms. everyone has white lines to represent how many years they've been training. Surprisingly, David has the most, 9 lines, whereas Amara and Sayid have eight. Apparently, it's because the years they spent training as kids don't count because they weren't really agents then.

"right, we're going to pair up, and take it in turns to improve our skills, for those of you who are new, you shall be paired up with the higher ranking agent and maybe you'll learn some things." A guy called Grant announces.
"Abby you'll go with..." he looks around, "Amara"
she gives him an 'Are You Kidding Me' look from where she's stretching near the wall. Honestly, I feel the same way.
"go easy on her okay, she doesn't have that much experience," Grant says.
I'm annoyed, I did 6 years of martial art and got my black belt within 2 years. I have no idea what type of training she's gotten but I'm sure it won't be an easy fight.
"No, please do your worst, how bad could it be?" I say with confidence and a smirk on my face.
The room is suddenly filled with the sound of people trying to conceal their laughter.
Girl, you're screwed
Shut up, I can do this
If you say so, don't make me say I told you so

Amara just smirks.
" If she wants a fair fight, I'll give her a fair fight"
We're told to go first. We both step into the middle of the room, on the mats. I raise my fists, getting into a steady stance. She just keeps her legs bent, knees apart. The Bell rings and I lunge towards her, she just sides steps and kicks me in the legs. I fall to the ground. Before she can throw another hit, I roll to the side and kip-up so I'm back on my feet. she throws a punch but I manage to block it. I try and kick her put she grabs my foot and throws me to the floor. sounds of encouragement can be heard, but I don't think they're for me.
I weakly get up, but she pushes me back to the ground before I can move. Pain instantly shoots through my skull, my vision blurs and I hear a faint whistle.

" Amara! Don't kill her on her first practice, she needs to learn."
" I was going easy on her!"
Wait that was her going easy? I hate to say this but I'm screwed.
Medics come over to check over my injuries, they say I have a slight concussion. Amara's just in the corner drinking water. I feel embarrassed that I let her beat me. I'll have to work ten times harder.

A few days later, as I'm walking home, I get a notification on my watch.
🚨time to get down to business...

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